Affordable Android Smart Watch Price In Pakistan

Everybody in Pakistan strives to live a high-quality life. However, Rates are always related to quality. It seems impossible to find a high-quality smart watch at a reasonable price. The only website in Pakistan that is keeping high-quality smart watch price in Pakistan reasonable. With the lowest price ranges in Pakistan, offers a range of smart watches including mobile watches, touch watches, and android watches.You have come to the right place if you're looking for a touch watch to use for exercise, gym, or to obtain scheduling experiences that help you be on time. This website offers you affordable Android smart watch price in Pakistan with incredible features that will benefit you in many ways.  Sports smart watches are among the hit items in this category.

There are numerous online marketplaces where low-quality smart watches are sold, they cannot satisfy consumer demand. However, we can provide you the quality with the best price and specifications. The most feature-packed and greatest smart watch ever offered in Pakistan will be unveiled by A feature-packed smart watch price in Pakistan starts from a thousand and goes to a hundred thousand.

Smart watch lovers order their watches from some online marketplaces in Pakistan and are disappointed to see the quality of the product when it is delivered. If we talk about the benefits of android smart watches, sound, health assistance, tracking, and battery life are at the top of the list. The product's quality is carefully examined before it is listed on in any category.

Since the first smart watch was introduced and was a huge success, watch lovers are buying watches in Pakistan. Following then, some lower-priced, low-quality products also appeared in the market. The sports smart watch was being sold there for the same price as a standard watch. The materials and quality were subpar at the time. However, this platform has all the varieties at reasonable quality with the best quality.

The Best Online Smart Watch For Women In Pakistan

Smart watches are evolving beyond the status of high-tech accessories as fashion and technology merge. Android and iOS Smart watches are capable of more than just telling the time, with experiences like smartphone integration and fitness tracking. Men and women who are interested in technology generally appreciate the features and design. Girls can use as a platform to easily and conveniently select and purchase the watch of their dreams.

The best-selling smart watches also have a fashion component. Most of the time, girls search for watches that go with their outfits and shoes. At, This category is assorted to purchasing the best android smart watch online in Pakistan. The features of online smart watches for women are the same for both genders. The colors, size, and design, still vary.You are in the ideal location if you are a girl looking to purchase a smart watch online in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, offers the widest selection of smart watches. In comparison to other markets, we provide branded smart watches at the lowest rates. It is quite easy to purchase any item from Team created this with an easy-to-use design and straightforward listings, prices, and product details.

Cheap Smart Watches For Boys In Pakistan

Boys, particularly those who enjoy athletics and are health-conscious, are smitten with smart watches. They use smart watches to plan their days. In Pakistan, there are two different kinds of smart watches, smart watches for iOS and Android. Both of them essentially perform the same, however, modern android smart watches offer the best features at less expensive costs than their iOS counterparts.

Boys are constantly seeking high quality at reasonable prices, but this is harder than it sounds. On our website,, you can always get a high-quality item at a reasonable price. Boys can browse watches and buy them with a single click. According to feedback, the majority of customers were shocked to find the best goods at such a low price.The best apps in the world have smart watch versions too. This is one of the reasons why people are using smart watches more frequently. The smart watch can function like a watch, a smartphone, a tracker, and a beautiful bracelet. In Pakistan, there is a huge increase in smart watch users over a couple of years.

If you reside in a small town or city, purchasing a watch is usually a difficult chore. offers the ability to buy something with a single click and have it delivered right to your door. Know about an online smart watch price in Pakistan from and share your thoughts.

Sports Smart Watches

If you are a sports person, a traveler or you are one who roughly uses a smart watch as a sportsman does, you should go for a watch with durability and reliability with sports modes and features. You have to look at the battery, and material quality, and that must be a sports watch with sports modes. These kinds of watches are available at at reasonable rates. Their price starts from Rs 2000/- and goes up to Rs30000/-. The price for casual smart touch watches and sports watches is different everywhere.

If you are a person who believes in buying smart watches online in Pakistan, then you must have to check the category page at There are so many online smart watches in that category for sports people. The T500 smart watch is considered to be the cheapest smart watch in Pakistan for sports persons. This smart watch price in Pakistan depends on the strap material, the strap price in Pakistan.

Online Market Vs Physical Market

You don’t have to go to the physical market for buying a smart watch. Just open with your mobile, tablet, Pc, or laptop and just search for a smart watch. Online smart watch price in Pakistan will be shown, you can order your desired one from here at reasonable rates with huge discounts.When you are at our marketplace, just select the top 15 smart watches price in Pakistan. Then narrow it down and choose the desired one among them.

Kid’s Watches In Pakistan

Kids smart watches are also added to the smart watch category at If you have a child, no matter boy or girl, this platform is providing you with a variety of kids’ smart watches. These watches include a tracking feature with that you can monitor and track where your kid is right now. This feature also can help old people.Your kids will be under your control at any time when you put on a kid’s smart watch in their hands. Connect a watch to your kid’s wrist like a bracelet in no time with the help of Bluetooth. Smart watches for kids boy and girls seem the same because of their design like a bracelet. A smart watch for kids is comparatively cheaper than a watch for seniors and boys.

List Of Smart Watches Brands In Pakistan

On the website, you can find almost every brand, and each of those brands is working hard to produce the best smart watches they can across all price ranges. These brands are competing against one another to offer higher quality products at more affordable prices. In the following, let's take a look at each of the brands that are offered one at a time. You will be able to compare different branded watches to one another after reading the information about mobile watch brands, and then you will be able to purchase the touch watch that you want most that was made by your preferred brand.

Apple Smart Watch

Apple was the first to manufacture mobile phones, PCs, laptops, and other tech gadgets. However, because of customer demand, apple started creating smart watches in every price range and this item got appreciation from the consumer side. Apple watch inc is one of the top smart watch manufacturing brands globally. Apple Watch includes all the features, specifications, and much more in a watch that is not always available in other top brand watches.

Apple smart watch brings top-quality smart watches to the market at competitive prices. If we talk about masterpieces created by apple, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 6. The average apple smart watch price in Pakistan is Rs 40000/-. If you are one who is familiar with iOS, should go for affordable smart watches created by this brand.

Amazfit Smart Watch

Amazfit is a well-known brand of smart wearables that is based in China. This company is known for manufacturing exceptional smart watches and distributing them all over the world. In Pakistan, amazfit smart watches have received a lot of praise as a result of the latest features and specifications that have been added to them. The provision of high-quality smart watches at affordable prices that feature elegant designs, large screen sizes, and enormous batteries is the primary factor that has contributed to the success of this brand.

If we are talking about the top best smart watches that amazfit has produced, then we should talk about the Amazfit T Rex Pro. In first place are the Amazfit GTS 2, the Amazfit GTR 2, and the Amazfit Bip U Pro. And average amazfit smart watch price in Pakistan Starts at Rs 22000/- and going all the way up to Rs 70000. You can choose the one you want from the options up top.

Fitbit Smart Watch

Fitbit is among the top smart watch manufacturing brands. Its parent company is google and was established after healthy metrics research. Fitbit smart watch is always full of features and fitness modes. You can benefit from other features as well, but the company mainly focuses on fitness and sports. This company has created smart touch watches and bands with excellent features, and specifications with reliable materials.

As Fitbit smart watches are created to maintain the fitness and health of the consumer by giving all information, this has no competition in this feature set. If we talk about some best smart watches created by amazfit, Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Inspire 2, Fitbit Luxe, and Fitbit Ace 3 are at the top. Fitbit smart watch price in Pakistan starts from Rs 20000/- and goes up to Rs 40000/- looking at top features and specs.

Huawei Smart Watch

Huawei is essentially a smart phone manufacturing company but in 2014, looking at consumer demand and competing with other brands smart touch watches, Huawei launched the best mobile watches around the world. Now, Huawei is considered to be among the top 5 mobile watch manufacturing brands in Pakistan. These watches have top-quality features, specifications, sensors, trackers, monitors, and much more for health and fitness.

If we talk about the top best smart watches Huawei ever produced, Huawei GT 2 Pro, Huawei Watch FIT, HUAWEI Band 6, Huawei Watch GT 3, and Huawei Watch GT 3 pro. These watches include all the features and specifications that should be in a fitness watch, band or watch for daily usageHuawei smart watch price in Pakistan starts from Rs 10000/- and goes up to Rs, 75000/-. Get your desired ones from our platform to get discounts.

Honor Smart Watch

Huawei was the original owner of the company known as Honor. This smart watch manufacturer launches touch-screen smart watches in all price ranges, each one packed with the most features, specifications, and high-quality gadgets possible. If you already have a Huawei or Honor mobile phone, purchasing an Honor watch will be the most advantageous choice for you to make. The reason for this is that the honor watch only connects to Huawei or Honor mobile phones, which both have the fastest Bluetooth connectivity available.

Honor magic Watches takes care of you if you want to monitor your fitness, listen to music, and send and receive text messages, all in one convenient device. These watches make use of Bluetooth to transmit notifications, texts, phone calls, and alarms to the watch of your choice. You can load your Honor Watch with cutting-edge applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Uber, Instagram, and many more with just a tap of your finger. In addition to that, it will function properly for SMS, calls, and calendar events. Honor smart watch price in Pakistan typically begins at Rs 5000 and goes all the way up to Rs, 70000.

Samsung Smart Watch

If you are looking for great smart watches to get all the benefits, Samsung Watches are the best for you. You can communicate without your mobile phone once the watch is connected to it. An LTE-enabled life assistant lets you leave your phone at home with your contacts, messages, and music. Walk or run on the road while connected but unburdened. If you'll be in a low-internet area, download your music ahead of time. The Samsung mobile watch design is an art. Get your dream watch from above at the cheapest rate.

Smart watches can stream music, measure heart rate and sleep, and provide GPS and altimeter directions when paired with a smartphone. An average Samsung smart watch price in Pakistan starts from Rs 1000/- and goes up to Rs, 80000/-. Select your desired one at any time. Top best mobile watches available at are Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 pro, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Getiit Smart Watch

Getiit Company was started in the United States and now reached Karachi, Pakistan. Getiit Almost all smart touch watches created by Getiit are with round shaped. These watches are very rigid because the material used to create them is of high quality. Along with this, these mobile watches have all specifications and features that compete with other branded watches created by Samsung and Apple.

If we talk about some of the best watches Getiit has ever made are Vortex Smart Watch, LUNIO smart watch, and the stone smart watch. These watches have the best Bluetooth connection with all android devices and have an elegant design with a large display. A Getiit smart watch price in Pakistan starts from Rs 1400 and goes up to Rs 8000/-. Buy your desired smart watch from at discount rates.

Realme Smart Watch

Realme is a consumer electronics manufacturing company based in China. Realme mostly manufactures mobile phones and tablets but now, they are creating amazing smart watches at competitive prices. Realme covers all the feature sets and specifications useful for all. No matter whether you are a health-conscious, fitness lover, traveler, sportsperson, student, employee, or patient, these watches are going to help you in so many ways with sensors, trackers, and reminders.

The most popular, feature-packed, low-priced mobile watches by this company are Realme Watch 2 Pro, Realme Watch S Pro, Realme Watch 2, and Realme Watch S. these watches are the best in their price range. No other brand can compete with them. Also, these watches are best fit for Realme or Oppo mobile phones because they connect rapidly with Bluetooth connection. Realme smart watch price in Pakistan starts from Rs 5000/- and ends at Rs 55000/-.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Watch

You should think about buying a MI Smart Watch because it can handle dirt by resisting, rain, water splashes, and even being accidentally submerged in water. You can now do things like jogging, speed walking, cycling, climbing, indoor running, spinning, yoga, gym, free training, basketball, football, and boating with the Xiaomi Watch. If you want to get a Xiaomi watch, all it takes is one tap or click, and you can buy one at a reasonable price. It works with Android versions that are at least 4.4 and iOS versions that are at least 8.0. makes it possible for everyone to enjoy technological advances by selling high-quality products at prices that are both affordable and competitive. A Xiaomi mi smart watch price in Pakistan is lower than other brands providing watches with the same features and specifications.  If we talk about the best mobile watches Xiaomi Mi ever created, the Mi watch, Band 7, and Mi watch 2 are new on the top. These are among the best watches if you want to buy a china smart watch. 

Other Brands Smart Watches

Other brands smart watches include some china smart watch manufacturing companies and brands. These watches are listed in this category with prices lower than top branded smart watches because the quality is a bit low. You can use these watches for normal use. China smart watch price in Pakistan depends on the quality, features, and specifications added to that timepiece.In this subcategory, you'll find smart watches with prices ranging from 800 to 10,000 rupees (starting at 800 and going up). You are able to choose the one that best suits your needs. In addition, you can choose from a variety of high-quality straps and attach them to your dial. The dial, band, and strap all contribute to the overall quality of the watch, which in turn affects the price. These watches have the best prices and are loaded with a variety of impressive features. All types of smart watches can now be found in one convenient location thanks to

Features To Consider While Buying A Smart Watch

Locate Your Phone, Car, and Key

Most of the time, people cannot find their smartphones. The best way to find your phone, car, or key is to tap on the watch and activate your phone to ring. This same thing applies to your car and keys. It can tell you where your keys are placed and the car is parked.

Make And Receive Calls

When a watch is connected to your smartphone, you can receive and make calls from the watch. These watches have also an in-built card that can receive and make calls without connecting to a smartphone.

A Smart Compass

A smart compass in the watch can help you with navigation. This compass will not only help you find North, East South, and West. But it can help you to find a fuel station, coffee shop, and even your car location. GPS navigation voices can help you get directions without looking at the watch.

Play Music

You should invest in a watch that can help you listen to music without connecting to a smartphone. Just tap on the watch music and start listening to your favorite song. This feature saves your dongs in playlists and even the most listened-to songs on the top.


Many smart watches are waterproof. Brands understand that their product consumers would like to be able to use their watch at all times. This is a significant element to have if you like to run or swim in the rain or if you simply forget and frequently find yourself wearing watches in the shower.

Run Apps

A decent smartwatch's foundation is built on apps, just like smartphones. The main operating systems that are now supported by watches include Android Wear, Pebble for Pebble devices, iOS for Apple, and Tizen OS for Samsung. Android presently leads the field of smartwatch competitors thanks to its extensive app store. Additionally, a wide range of models is most likely to support Android. A few of the well-known apps for Android Wear include Evernote, a dictation software, Google Maps, and a phone finder feature to assist you in finding your gadgets.

Wireless Charging

The process of wireless charging is a bit different. This process is also known as inductive charging. Through the use of the electromagnetic field to transfer energy from one place to another. You only place a charging dock and it will start charging your watch without using a wire. You can charge your smart watch even while you are traveling.

Alerts And Notifications Feature

Notifications and alerts feature is one of the reasons why smart watches are popular in Pakistan. These notifications come from your smartphone to the connected smart watch. Some of the smart watches work as standalone with connectivity. This connectivity allows you to manage calls and messages even without a phone

Voice Command

There are built-in microphones in some smart watches that give you an option to enter your voice commands. You will be able to compose emails and text messages with a smart watch. As you can see, pressing buttons is a bit difficult on a small screen of your watch, you can perform some functions like typing and texting via voice. This voice control function also enables you to set reminders, alarms and play music.

Heart Rate Monitoring Feature

During exercise, smart watches track your heart rate with the help of in-built heart rate sensors. These sensors are usually on the back of your watch. These sensors are fixed to your skin and can keep track of your heart rate. Some smart watches can automatically record your pulse rate and gives you a daily summary.

Gesture Control Feature

Some smart watches function like a command center of your house. With one gesture, you can control home appliances, lights, fans, and smart TV with only a single gesture. This gesture control functions like a wizard. This is considered to be the most beneficial function for housewives.

Easier Traveling Feature

If you are a traveler or use public transport daily, the real-time update of smart watches can help you in many ways. It will remind you when the next train is coming, how far your cab is, and remind you when you are going out of your travel plan.

Radio And Bluetooth Connection

When devices can connect to a network directly, their importance increases. Although they have their place and hinge on smartphones for network connectivity, accessory devices are much less compelling. When two persons wearing radio bands shake hands, for instance, our radio band should be able to instantly exchange contact information with other devices of a similar nature. Some of the smart watches have Bluetooth V5.0, BT V5.2 , v4.0 & v3.0 that support Bluetooth calls

Programmable Software

Developers can program, and create software and service for it. This is not applicable to apps and games as it is on mobile phones. When screen software has issues, can be solved by developers and programmers.


Top-rated smart watches in this category are affordable. The quality of these watches is shockingly high and the price is lower. As compared to other marketplaces, has some products that are up to 80% off. In Pakistan, a smart watch costs as little as Rs. 91, with an estimated average price of Rs. 18,161.


When you purchase a smart watch from, product material and quality are always written in the product information section. First, check it, and then go for a click.

Variety In Colors

Different Companies and brands provide watches in every color. We have red, yellow, black, brown, and blue smart watches at

Weight & Size

The weight of a product depends on the material used and the devices added inside the watch. Weight of a smart watch. The weight of a watch varies from 42g to 54g.


Smart watch batteries start from 60mah and go up to can use them from 2 days to 30 days with a single charge. It takes almost 1.5 hours to 3 hours for a full charge.

Screen Size And Display

Screen and Display is the first thing that should be seen while buying a smart watch. Sizes of screen vary from 1.25 inches to 1.75 inches and its display varies quality vise. Some of the brands have 3d TFT screens and some have IPS screen 2.5D curved displays.

Band Materials

When you are investing in a watch, you should look for good band material. Every brand uses different band materials for its products. Top-selling smart watches have Silicon, TPU, or Silica Gel used in the band.

Quality And Material

We are covering both imported and local products. The quality of a local product cannot compete with the imported ones because the material used by the international companies is pure and of high quality. They use silicon bands, silica Gel, and TPU.


While purchasing a smart watch, always look for a good ram and rom because you are going to save songs, apps, and other features. Ram of an average smart watch is 128kb and ROM varies from 128MB to 512MB.

Wrapping It Up

If you are someone who wants to know a touch watch price in Pakistan, here, we will list all the smart watches with prices in Pakistan. We have listed so many watches with price tags and different payment options. You can find all of that you want to get above.

Yolo Bluetooth Epic Smart Watch
23% Off
AndroidYes RAM128KB Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Shipment5 - 7 Days
Gucci Apple Watch Smart band  (Black) price in Pakistan
16% Off
Android5.0 RAM128KB Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Strap MaterialSilicon
S8 Ultra Max Bluetooth Smart Watch price in Pakistan (Black)
23% Off
AndroidYes Quantity1 Pack Weight50G Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch
fk100 smartwatch price in Pakistan (black)
33% Off
AndroidYes QualityHigh Quality Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Size40.9*35.7*11.6mm
CW7  Smart Watch Series 7 price in Pakistan  (Black)
23% Off
AndroidYes QualityHigh Quality Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Shipment5 - 7 Days
T500 Plus Bluetooth Smart Watch price in Pakistan  (Black)
39% Off
Android5.0 RAM128KB WifiNo Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch
T100 Plus Smart Watch price in Pakistan  (Black)
31% Off
AndroidYes Quantity1 WifiNo Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch
XS8 Pro Ultra Series 8 Bluetooth Smart Watch
29% Off
AndroidYes QualityHigh Quality Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSamrt Watch Shipment5 - 7 Days
X8 Ultra Series 8 Bluetooth Smart Watch
23% Off
AndroidYes Material Silicone Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Strap Materialsilicone
IW8 Ultra Bluetooth Smart Watch With IPS Screen
31% Off
Android4.4 Quantity1 Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Size49*44*14.4MM
I8 Pro Max 1.75" HD Screen Bluetooth Smart watch For Uinsex
33% Off
AndroidYes Quantity1 Warranty7 Days Replacement Warranty TypeSmart Watch Strap Materialsilicone
i7Pro Max IWO13 PRO Smart Watch 1.8 inch
26% Off
Band MaterialSilicon BluetoothYes BrandOther Brand Charging Time1 - 2 Hours Modeli7Pro
Smart Watch WatchPro Max
15% Off
Band MaterialSilicon BluetoothYes BrandOther Brands Charging Time1 - 2 Hours Color1
Smart Watch Yolo Thunder price in Pakistan
23% Off
Band MaterialSilica Gel BluetoothYes BrandYolo Charging Time1 - 2 Hours Color1
Smart Watch Yolo Fortuner Pro
15% Off
Band MaterialSilicon Battery Capacity300 mAH BluetoothYes BrandYolo Charging Time1 - 2 Hours
Haylou Rt Ls05S Bluetooth Smart Watch - Black
6% Off
AndroidYes Battery Capacity300mAh BluetoothYes Bluetooth Version5.0 BrandHaylou
w22 plus smart watch price in pakistan
11% Off
Android4.4 Battery Capacity180 mAh Bluetooth Version4.0 BrandOther Brand ColorBlack
T500 Plus With Extra Strap Bluetooth Smart Watch - Black
23% Off
AndroidYes Battery Capacity180-220mAh BluetoothYes Bluetooth Version4.0,5.0 BrandOther Brand
Yolo Supreme Smart Watch price in Pakistan
3% Off
Band MaterialSilica Gel BluetoothYes BrandYolo Charging Time1 - 2 Hours Color2
Hw8 Ultra Smart Watch - Black
3% Off
Band MaterialSilicon BluetoothYes Bluetooth Versionv5.2 BrandHuawei Charging Time1 - 2 Hours
X8 Ultra Smart Watch - Black price in Pakistan
3% Off
Band MaterialSilicon BluetoothYes BrandOther Brand Charging Time1 - 2 Hours ColorBlack
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the main purpose of a smartwatch?

Smartwatches provide location and health data that cell phones can't. Other smartwatches are purpose-built. Some smartwatches track the wearer's heart rate.

Can I smartwatch without carrying mobile phone?

If your watch has Wi-Fi capabilities, it will be able to maintain its connection to your phone regardless of the distance between them as long as both devices are online. Turn on the Wi-Fi capability of your watch and ensure that it is linked to your phone before continuing.

Can a smartwatch work without a phone?

Sometimes, but your phone must always be on. Android Wear can do things like track your activity, set alarms, and tell the time without a phone. Your phone can also be set up in many ways.

Can a smartwatch connect to Wi-Fi?

As long as the Wi-Fi function on your watch is turned on, it will automatically connect to any Wi-Fi networks that are stored on your phone.

Are smartwatches safe for radiation?

Wearable RF transmitters provide signals in short bursts or streams at very low power. Thus, wearable technologies gradually expose users to low RF radiation.

Where do you wear a smart watch?

Wearing it such that it is about two fingers above your wrist bone is a good sign. Again, you should ensure that the watch is worn so that it is snug and even on the skin, but you should not wear it so tightly that it restricts blood flow.

Do smart watches have GPS?

GPS-enabled smart watches show you your training progress in real-time. It also displays a map of your running or walking exercise.

Do all smart watches vibrate?

Smart devices vibrate to notify you. Every smart gadget I've seen vibrates. Skin vibration is highly noticeable. If the vibration isn't powerful enough, some gadgets allow you to turn it up.

What is the average life with a smart watch?

Depending on the brand and type, a smart watch might last anywhere from two to five years or even more. However, lifespan must finally be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Do smart watches take pictures?

Instead of racing the timer for your next group shot or selfie, use your wristwatch to manage your phone's camera shutter. Apple Watches have this function. Some need a third-party app.

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