Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Smart watches have become the hottest tech product of the last few years, especially with the increase in the range of smart watch price in Pakistan.  The convenience that these products add to everyday life, combined with the increased productivity, make them quite popular devices. In addition, the fashion aspect of these products, and you get a very attractive and alluring purchase.

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The Top 10 Smart Watches in Pakistan

The best smart watches in Pakistan will have a combination of the most well-rounded features, price, battery life, and even comfort.  These are the current top 10 smart watches in Pakistan with price and release date mentioned.

Watch Release Date Price
Apple Watch Series 9 September, 2023 Starting from Rs. 119,000/-
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 August, 2023 Starting from Rs. 52,999/-
Apple Watch SE 2 September, 2022 Starting from Rs. 94,499/-
Huawei Watch GT 4 October, 2023 Starting from Rs. 57,999/-
Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro August, 2022 Starting from Rs. 59,499/-
Google Pixel Watch 2 October, 2023 Starting from Rs. 89,999/-
Garmin Venu 3 August, 2023 Starting from Rs. 164,800/-
Mibro Smart Watch GS September, 2022 Starting from Rs. 19,999/-
Redmi Watch 4 November, 2023 Starting from Rs. 27,999/-
Amazfit Bip 5 August, 2023 Starting from Rs. 10,999/-

If you were to ask us about the single best smart watch in Pakistan, we would probably not be able to give you an answer. There is no such thing as an objective ‘best’, after all. But these watches are the closest that one can come to the best one, in our opinion. We also made sure to add one or two somewhat affordable options in addition to the top-of-the-line. Because in our opinion, a cheap smart watch for sale that provides decent features is as important as the flagships.

Major Brands of Smart Watches

These are the major smartwatches brands, both international and local, that are currently available for purchase in Pakistan.

Amazfit Smart Watch

Amazfit Smart Watches

Amazfit and Xiaomi share the same OEM, Huami, which is ultimately funded by Xiaomi themselves. Consequently you can expect the same level of quality in an Amazfit watch that you would in a Xiaomi smart watch. The Amazfit watch price in Pakistan is one of the more varied ranges among watch manufacturers. This is possibly due to its close link with Xiaomi, as they are also known for making a very diverse line of watches. So if you are looking for a smart watch at a cheap price option, or a more expensive flagship level watch, they probably make a product for you.

Apple Smart Watches

Apple Smart Watch

One of the best watch brands in Pakistan and the rest of the world, Apple is as well known for its watches as it is for its phones. This is because they provide possibly the best combination of communication and productivity features out there, along with fitness and health tracking. The Apple smart watch price in Pakistan is also easily the highest out of any and all other options that are on the market right now. Apple does make multiple different lines of watches for different kinds of buyers, though, at this point. The ‘SE’ line of watches is meant to be the (relatively) affordable line, the ‘Series’ line is the standard while the ‘Ultra’ line is the most expensive watch they make.

Asus Smart Watch

Asus Smart Watches

Asus is known mostly for its computers, parts, and accessories rather than its phone tech. But that does not mean An Asus watch is something to ignore. Asus’s watch catalog, although limited, contains products that are high quality and feature-filled. Their watch products are known for offering premium quality at a low price. Their watches are made from materials like stainless steel along with the usual aluminum. Stainless steel is usually only found at highest end. The Asus watch price ranges from 15k all the way up to 55k. So, depending on your needs, you will find a watch that fits your budget.

Fitbit Smart Watches

Fitbit Smart Watches

Fitbit is thought to be one of the best watch brands for fitness enthusiasts. Certainly they market themselves as the ultimate fitness wearable companion. As such, a Fitbit smart watch is, for the most part, focused on the fitness features that they have. Even though they were bought by Google a few years ago, their watches are still widely available on the market. This does mean though that the majority of Fitbit technology now comes integrated into Google’s watches. The Fitbit smart watch price in Pakistan ranges from 15k all the way up to 60k on the top end. The lower end mostly consists of pure fitness bands, while the higher-end models do have some everyday convenience features as well.

Garmin Smart Watches

Garmin Smart Watches

If there is any other brand whose mobile watch price is comparable to Apple, it is easily Garmin. This is because Garmin is known for its extremely high-grade outdoor GPS and navigation products. And they have likewise extended this to making smart watches as well. The Garmin watches price in Pakistan easily crosses the six-figure mark for the majority of watches. What’s interesting is even with the sheer number of Garmin watches available, it’s still rare for one to be under this figure.

Getiit Smart Watches

Getiit Smart Watches

If you’re looking for a smart watch cheap price option that’s also made locally, this brand is a great option.Getiit Smart Watch is one of the newer names in the local Pakistani watch space. They make watches that have all of the essentials. For example they are able to measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels and sleep quality. Their products also allow you to make and receive calls directly on the smart watch itself. All of this is available at a price point that is affordable for virtually every kind of budget in Pakistan. All of this is provided at a very affordable price point. This means that no matter what your budget is, you should be able to enjoy the many benefits of a smart watch.

Honor Smart Watches

Honor Smart Watches

Most people are not aware that what used to be a part of Huawei until a few years ago is now an independent enterprise. Because of this, Honor’s smart watches often go unseen or otherwise ignored compared to Huawei’s. But these are not products that should be ignored. Honor makes some very high quality products that come at a reasonable price. Honor smart watch price in Pakistan is actually quite affordable. All of the best Honor smartwatch options cost under 40k maximum.

Huawei Smart Watches

Huawei Smart Watches

If there is any brand that comes close to competing with the two top dogs that are Apple and Samsung in the domain of smart watches, it is Huawei.  From great quality GPS to some of the most accurate fitness tracking that you will find in the entire space, Huawei has shown that it is not someone to be ignored. Interestingly, they are the only company as large that doesn’t use Android and instead relies on their own proprietary software. The Huawei smart watch price in Pakistan also varies quite a bit depending on the product that you look at. For instance, you can find a Huawei watch for as little as 15k, and you will also find one at the top end that costs nearly 225k.

Motorola Smart Watches

Motorola Smart Watches

Some of the most innovative and creative tech products in the space are made by Motorola. They tend to keep their product diversity limited and would much rather focus on making fewer but more unique products. Motorola Smart Watches meanwhile, while may not be completely innovative, do what they do very well. In addition, these high-quality products that can mostly be found at a reasonable price point, making them a decent option. These watches come with features like over a 100 different tracking modes. They are also great in terms of navigation functions, with additional features like voice navigation and even an SOS feature for emergencies. These features make it safer to workout outdoors.

Realme Smart Watches

Realme Smart Watches

One of the most prominent brands to explode into the phone space in Pakistan in the last few years has been Realme. They make phones that have features that are comparable with flagship products at affordable prices. Realme smartwatch options are similarly affordably priced and provide all of the features that you would want from a watch. Even the most expensive option that they make at the moment costs under 30k. Even with the low price, the highest-end model is made with a stainless steel construction. And also comes with a built-in GPS. This shows that they have continued the trend of flagship specs at reasonable prices in their smart watch line.

Samsung Smart Watches

Samsung Smart Watches

If you are looking for branded watches in Pakistan, Samsung is probably one of the best, if not the best, company out there. Samsung is and has been at the top of the Android watch and phone for many years at this point and continues to do so. It can very easily be argued, and many people argue that the best smartwatch options out there are made by Samsung. The Samsung smart watch price in Pakistan easily hovers above the 50k mark for its latest watches. They are among the most costly when it comes to mobile watch price, but they also offer some of the best features.

Xiaomi Smart Watches

Xiamo Mi Smart Watches

Xiaomi smart watches are some of the most diverse when it comes to the sheer variety of options that are available. This is because there are many products from brands that are affiliated with Xiaomi along with their own products. Because of this reason, this company also has the most varied options of smart watch price in Pakistan out there. Some of the brands that are affiliated with Xiaomi include Haylou, Kieslect, POCO and many others. Xiaomi is known for making products that don’t compromise quality even if you buy one of the more affordable options. Even the lowest end watches will maintain a level of quality that will be satisfying for you as a consumer.

Yolo Smart Watches

Yolo Smart Watches

Yolo Smart Watches are one of the few local brands of smart watches in Pakistan. They provide affordable watch products that are inspired by some of the biggest players in the market. In addition they try to provide products that are tailor-made for the Pakistani public. From watches with a traditional circular design, to those emulating the more modern trend of rectangular design, Yolo makes it. There is the Yolo Watch Pro that comes in the familiar rectangular design, as well as the Yolo Fortuner that is circular. Yolo even has a watch called the Yolex that tries to emulate a luxury designer watch in its appearance. And yet it maintains a reasonable price that is within the affordability of the average person.

Other Brands Smart Watches

Branded Smart Watches

This is a more broad category that includes all other watches that are not a part of or affiliated with any major brand. In other words, all products that are not branded smart watches. The number of options for a smart watch for sale in Pakistan that does fit neatly into one of the above-mentioned brands is endless. These watches are usually cheap Chinese-made products that are made on a smaller scale. These watches tend to be cheaper but are also limited in the number of features that you will find in them compared to branded smart watches. Additionally, the build quality of these products will also generally be much lower than that of branded watches. Buyers of this category usually are people that don’t really know if they will like wearing a smart watch everyday. Thus, they would like to try them out first before spending the cash on one of the big brands.

Other Major Categorizations of Smart Watches

There are a few other major ways that smart watches are categorized, mainly based on the purchaser’s intent. These are as follows:

Smart Watches for Men

This and the category after are based on the fact that, like their predecessors, smart watches have become fashion accessories. Consequently Smart watches for men are the watches that, whether intentionally or unintentionally, look great on men. The majority of watches in this category tend to be bigger and chunkier in size. They also tend to have a much more rugged aesthetic comparatively, emulating a more stereotypically ‘manly’ look.

Smart Watches for Women

Smart watches for women are those watches which, continuing the idea from before, would look the best on women. These kinds of watches usually tend to be slimmer in design and smaller in size so that they look better on smaller wrists. Otherwise, these watches tend to have a sleeker, classier, and even understated look rather than showcasing ‘toughness’ like men’s watches. Although they do tend to sometimes have brighter and more vibrant colors, particularly gold and rose gold.

Smart Watches Under 3000 & Under 5000

The Best Smart Watches Under 3000 are quite self-evident in what they are. That is to say this is the ultra-affordable category of smart watches. Watches in this category tend to be able to perform only the basic functions of a smart watch. This for example includes things like giving you notifications of your messages and measuring your heart rate.

Watches in this category will sometimes have some ‘extra’ features that would be normal in any other category but feel like a special addition here. This can be something like a blood oxygen sensor or sometimes a voice assistant. The Best Smart watches In Pakistan Under 5000 will usually have these extra features as standard. At this price range, watches start to become more common, but otherwise, the differences are minor.

Smart Watches Based on OS

Another way smart watches are often divided is based on the operating system they run. Based on this, they can roughly be divided into two major categories:

Android Smart Watches

Easily the biggest category based on OS, if you want an Android smart watch, there are literally hundreds of options. These watches run the Wear OS platform that Android has developed, with the intention of working seamlessly with Android phones. The Android smart watch price in Pakistan tends to start off a level above the absolute cheap side and goes all the way up to flagship prices. So there is probably some Android watch for you out there. For reference, Samsung, who is probably the top seller in this category, has all of its latest watches priced above the 50k mark.

Non-Android Smart Watches

Some people might categorize IOS watches as a separate category. But that would make for a very small and limited category compared to Android watches. So, it makes sense to bundle it up with other non-android watches for reference. But, it cannot be denied that Apple is single-handedly the biggest player in this category. It is also by far the most expensive, as stated before.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the main purpose of a smartwatch?

Smartwatches provide location and health data that cell phones can't. Other smartwatches are purpose-built. Some smartwatches track the wearer's heart rate.

Can I smartwatch without carrying mobile phone?

If your watch has Wi-Fi capabilities, it will be able to maintain its connection to your phone regardless of the distance between them as long as both devices are online. Turn on the Wi-Fi capability of your watch and ensure that it is linked to your phone before continuing.

Can a smartwatch work without a phone?

Sometimes, but your phone must always be on. Android Wear can do things like track your activity, set alarms, and tell the time without a phone. Your phone can also be set up in many ways.

Can a smartwatch connect to Wi-Fi?

As long as the Wi-Fi function on your watch is turned on, it will automatically connect to any Wi-Fi networks that are stored on your phone.

Are smartwatches safe for radiation?

Wearable RF transmitters provide signals in short bursts or streams at very low power. Thus, wearable technologies gradually expose users to low RF radiation.

Where do you wear a smart watch?

Wearing it such that it is about two fingers above your wrist bone is a good sign. Again, you should ensure that the watch is worn so that it is snug and even on the skin, but you should not wear it so tightly that it restricts blood flow.

Do smart watches have GPS?

GPS-enabled smart watches show you your training progress in real-time. It also displays a map of your running or walking exercise.

Do all smart watches vibrate?

Smart devices vibrate to notify you. Every smart gadget I've seen vibrates. Skin vibration is highly noticeable. If the vibration isn't powerful enough, some gadgets allow you to turn it up.

What is the average life with a smart watch?

Depending on the brand and type, a smart watch might last anywhere from two to five years or even more. However, lifespan must finally be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Do smart watches take pictures?

Instead of racing the timer for your next group shot or selfie, use your wristwatch to manage your phone's camera shutter. Apple Watches have this function. Some need a third-party app.

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