Discounted Mist Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

The Mist fan price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 23,500. These fans are the best option to stay cool in the summer season. They work on a simple mechanism. The fan is joined with a water supply system. The supply of water comes from the water tank. Or it can be a direct supply. So, it cools down the room when tiny particles of water are blown by air. 

Mist Fan in Pakistan

Cooling Mist Fan Price in Pakistan

The mist fan price changes with features in Pakistan. When you are buying a misting fan, you should consider the following factors:

Understanding Your Need 

First, you need to identify where you want to use the mist fan in Pakistan. Considering the size of the area for fan placement is crucial. It will ensure the best cooling in the room. Moreover, these fans are available in indoor and outdoor models. Outdoor fans are perfect to withstand sunlight and rain. 

Secondly, the capacity of the fan is a crucial thing. For instance, gfc mist fan has a powerful throw of 1475 RPM. It is the perfect choice for outdoor sitting during the evening time. The gfc mist fan price in pakistan is available around Rs. 23,600. So, it is a cheap and affordable cooling option this summer. 

Energy Consumption 

Electricity is a major concern when you are buying home appliances in Pakistan. Various brands in Pakistan manufacture energy-efficient fans at a reasonable price. Pak fan mist fan energy motors consume less energy. The pak fan mist fan price is a suitable choice with low consumption. Moreover, its motor consumes 70 watts. 

This significantly brings down your electricity bill. It has an excellent throw of air. The pak fan mist fan price in pakistan justifies its features. You can buy it at around Rs. 22,595. So, when you are buying this fan always keep energy consumption in mind.

Quality And Durability 

Mist fans are mostly used in climates like Pakistan. They are not suitable for moist and humid areas. The brand’s name authenticates the durability and quality of fans. For example, super asia mist fan is known for durability. It has the best quality with copper wiring. It has a triple-speed heavy-duty motor. This fan is tested in a computerized laboratory.

Noise Level 

Normal pedestal fans make a lot of noise. Various brands in Pakistan are offering noise-free pedestal mist fans. These companies include Pak fans, GFC fans, Royal fans, Super Asia fans, and many other companies. You can buy noiseless operation is their key feature. You do not have to listen to the hum of running fans in your bedrooms or offices. 

The Royal Mist fan price in pakistan is the cheapest option for middle-class families in Pakistan. It keeps you cool throughout the night. It costs around Rs. 23,595. However, you can also use it as a disinfection station according to your convenience. Moreover, there are several other benefits of this fan such as: 


Pedestal fans are portable to carry anywhere unlike ceiling mounted misting fans. You can operate them at outdoor events, parties, and get-togethers in the summer season. Moreover, they are the perfect choice to enjoy evening tea in your garden. These mist fans can be placed anywhere with ease. 

Instant Cooling 

The best feature of these fans is their instant cooling feature. The pedestal mist fan price in pakistan is the cheapest option for cooling in summer. For instance, they are available at a reasonably low price than air conditioners. Moreover, the mist fan price in Karachi is relatively lower than in other parts of the country. Karachi has a humid climate, so they are not the first choice for cooling in the summer season. 

The Best Mist Fan Price in Pakistan 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can Mist Fans Work At Any Place?

No, Mist fans do not work in humid climates, if you live in a dry hot place, they will work efficiently.

Do Mist Fans Create Noise?

Yes, they do make a noise depending on the motor used in the fans.

Do Mist Fans Consume Less Energy?

Yes, they can be the most energy-efficient option as they can be operated at 70 watts.