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Life in the 21st century is at best incomplete and at worst impossible without a mobile phone. The level ultra-connected world of today means that most everyday activities involve phones in some way or another.

So, the latest mobile and tablets are always the hottest products of the year. Whether you are interested in a budget device or something on the higher-end, everyone is interested in these devices.

Mobile phones and Tablets

Products for Sale on Leyjao

In today’s day and age, the majority of shopping for devices happens on online websites. And so, Leyjao also has a huge stock of mobile phones and tablets available. Let us tell you the kinds of products we have for sale.

Smart Phones

The first and most important category of course in the domain of mobile and tablet is smartphones. If there is one kind of product out of all the categories on this list that everyone has, or at least has access to, it is a smartphone.

With the massive adoption of these devices, the amount of options that come out every day are also immense. Subsequently the range of smart phone price in Pakistan has become varied enough that most people can afford some form of smartphone.

Nowadays, you can find a smart phone for as little as 15k rupees. The higher end goes well above 100k. Within this range, you will find a vast range of feature combinations and looks. So you will likely find a phone to your liking.

Smart Watches

The number one companion device to the smartphone is the smart watch. These devices have exploded in popularity in the last 5 years. Nowadays, many different companies are making smart watches at many different price points.

This accessory combines ease of access and convenience with aesthetics to make an attractive device. They are known for being favored by people who want to increase their productivity. Some people also just buy them as straight up fashion accessories.

The range of smart watch price in Pakistan has also become quite expansive because of the number of companies making them. You can find extremely cheap options from Chinese companies, but also high quality options from the top brands.


The other side, of course, of the mobile phones and tablets category is tablets. These devices are the more special-purpose versions of a mobile phone. They are basically phones with much larger screens, with all the benefits and caveats that come with that distinction.

These devices usually tend to be more focused on entertainment uses, like watching movies and playing games. But interestingly nowadays, they are being made into productivity devices as well.

Because they have been around since basically the concept of a large phone has existed, the tablet price in Pakistan is also quite diverse. This makes them an attractive option for those looking to get a device for their children.

Feature Phones

Even at a time where most people are looking for a smartphone, there is a space for feature phones. A feature phone in today’s world actually offers some benefits that make them worthwhile purchases.

The biggest benefit is the simplicity. In the ultra-connected and complex world of the internet, these devices are completely detached. Providing only basic features like calls and SMS, they allow you to detach from the hectic world of social media.

In addition, it helps that a feature phone is much cheaper than any other phone. This means that they also work great if you want a secondary device just for work. This allows you to keep your work and personal lives separate, maintaining a better work-life balance.

Landline Phones

A landline phone was the main form of communication for most households until hardly a decade ago. But with the increased speeds and ease of access to modern internet, they have become obsolete.

However, it is still very common to see a landline phone in most office spaces and buildings. This is because they offer a quicker communication mechanism that works even when the internet is down. This is important in an office environment where effective communication is often a fundamental make-or-break factor.

Mobile Phone Accessories

No smartphone experience is complete without some mobile accessories to go along with it. Whether that be a fast charger, a screen protector or earphones, accessories are just as important as the phone itself.

Most people buy mobile and tablet accessories from physical stores. The big problem here is that many stores sell cheap replicas as high quality original accessories. So you can often end up with a low quality device that may not offer a worthwhile experience, or may even damage your phone.

That is why it is useful to buy mobile and tablet accessories online. This way, you can go to an official website or trusted retailer and get your product of choice. This ensures that you get original mobile accessories without worrying about quality.

Why buy Mobile and Tablets from Leyjao

Let us tell you why is the perfect online shopping store for you to purchase mobile phones and tablets.

On our website, we have a massive catalog of products that fall under this category. In addition, we have frequent discounts running on our wide range of devices. This means that we can provide you with the best mobile and tablet price in Pakistan.

When you do buy a product, you get lightning-fast delivery all over Pakistan. So, there is practically no reason to go anywhere else. Buy from Leyjao’s extensive catalog of mobile and tablets today!

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