Buy Dog Food Pakistan

Searching for perfect dog food that remains in your budget can often be difficult. However, these simple steps can give you a better handle on a complicated task.

Consider your dog’s age, breed, activity, and reproductive status

The right dog based must be purchased keeping the dog’s physical traits, behavior and overall health in mind. Puppies require more calories than senior pets. Likewise, highly active breeds have a different requirement and their calorie intake will vary too. The amount and type of dog food given will help your dog avoid health issues. You can speak to a certified vet and find out how much calories your pet needs as this will save you from the unnecessary hassle and confusion.

Get to know the ‘buzz words’ on food packaging

Before you buy dog food online in Pakistan, do research to understand that chicken dog food or beef for dogs comprises 95% of protein and that doesn’t include water content. When water is added, it results to a required 70%. is the most reliable online marketplace to buy dog food online in Pakistan. If you are still unsure of which food is the right for your pet, contact our representative and they will have all your questions answered. You can buy beds and mats for dogs, bowls and feeders, carriers and travel for dogs, dogs grooming accessories and much more from only. 

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