Best Smart Refrigerator Price in Pakistan 2024

The refrigerator price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 42,900 at leyjao. Leyjao offers refrigerators from renowned brands at 0% EMI of up to 18 months. So, you can buy the latest refrigerators without worrying about budget. You can also choose inverter refrigerators to save on electricity bills. Moreover, we provide free home delivery to your doorstep. So, you can sit and relax. Just place your order. And we are there for you.

Refrigerator in Pakistan 2024 Online

Fridge Price in Pakistan 2024 Online

Fridge price in Pakistan ranges between Rs. 20,000 to 280,000. The demand for fridges rises in the summer season. It is an essential household appliance. So, it is used to store food. Moreover, it is available in different sizes and capacities.

The mini fridge price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 42,100. The best thing about these fridges is their size. You can keep them anywhere around. So, you can adjust them in your bedroom. Their small size is a big plus. They have a low weight. It makes it easy to move anywhere. And It has a stylish finish.

Furthermore, It is a small size fridge. You can store your snacks in this fridge. The lowest price of a small fridge starts from Rs. 41, 000 at Leyjao. So, you can choose from different brands working across Pakistan from us.

Bedroom Refrigerator Price In Pakistan

The home decor has evolved. Every appliance in your house has a connection with your home decor. Even a mini refrigerator is an appliance that matches your home's interior. PEL Life Pro Refrigerator Room Series perfectly fits the need for a fridge in your room. The room fridge price in Pakistan is Rs. 49,500. So, you can choose different designs for these fridges.

However, if you are looking for the easiest monthly installment option for a room refrigerator price in Pakistan, we have you covered. Leyjao also offers the best deals and discounts on new refrigerator prices in Pakistan. We have refrigerators in different sizes and capacities.

Furthermore, we offer double door refrigerators for modern households. These refrigerators have large sizes. The size of the fridge is measured with the CFT (Cubic Feet). Moreover, It tells you what is the capacity of the fridge. For instance, you can buy refrigerators according to the size of your room or kitchen. There are certain factors to consider when you are buying refrigerators for your home.

The Layout Of Your Room And Kitchen

Modern households in Pakistan have pre-made space for the kitchen. This space does not allow you to choose a full-size refrigerator in Pakistan. So, you have to adjust according to the design of your kitchen or room. Those who customize and build their own houses leave enough space for refrigerators in their kitchen. Most often they prefer full-size refrigerators in their kitchen. The full-size fridge price in Pakistan varies with the brand name. The local brands are cheaper.

Secondly, it depends on what you want to store in the fridge. Kitchens are usually small so there is not enough space for big refrigerators. So, small refrigerators with one door are the best choice for small kitchens. Small refrigerator price in pakistan gives you a budgeted option for your home.

Similarly, leyjao offers the lowest mini refrigerator price in pakistan. So, you can compare the prices of refrigerator companies in Pakistan at leyjao. The best thing about leyjao is that you can explore a variety of models from the same brand with one click.

Choose A Refrigerator According To Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle has a huge impact on choosing the right household appliances. For example, if you live in a nuclear-extended family, a single-door refrigerator won’t be enough for you. However, the single-door fridge price in pakistan is cheap. And it is affordable for everyone. You can choose different designs that match your needs.

Furthermore, there is no major difference in small and medium size fridge prices in Pakistan. Refrigerators are expensive and they are a time investment. So, you always want to choose a fridge that can meet your needs for a long time. Room size or small refrigerators are kept for personal convenience in rooms. That is why room size fridge prices in Pakistan are low. They are suitable for storing small food items in your room. So, you can store chocolates, juices, and cold drinks during the summer season.

However, a one-door fridge is available in different sizes. This size is usually measured in liters. The small one-door fridge price in Pakistan matches the size. It has a 50-80 liters capacity. Leyjao offers the cheapest fridge price in Pakistan. So, we offer up to 12% off on different brands. Moreover, you also get free home delivery by ordering from leyjao.

Keep The Energy Efficiency in Mind

Inverter appliances are the best choice for people in Pakistan. They consume less energy as compared to conventional appliances. Similarly, inverter refrigerators are the best kitchen appliances in Pakistan. They are available in different price ranges. The small-size inverter refrigerator price in Pakistan changes with the capacity. Further, the capacity varies from brand to brand. You can choose different capacities at a low price.

Furthermore, the inverter fridge price in pakistan starts from Rs. 115,259. This is the best refrigerator with energy-saving features. The DC inverter refrigerator consumes main and solar electricity. It helps you cut down your electricity bill. This exclusive feature of the fridge makes it a reasonable option.

However, inverter appliances are expensive. The dc inverter fridge price in Pakistan is worth spending the money on. At leyjao, we offer top refrigerator brands in Pakistan. These brands include local and international brands. Moreover, These brands have fridges in different energy variants.

Furthermore, the best thing about these brands is simple. These brands have the lowest solar fridge prices in Pakistan. So, you can get the best deals and discounts on these models from us.

Top 10 Refrigerator Brands in Pakistan 2024

Top 10 Refrigerator Brands in Pakistan

The top refrigerator brands in Pakistan are Haier, Pel, Dawlance, Orient, Samsung, Kenwood, Changhong Ruba, Gaba National, LG, Bosch, and GREE. These brands offer budget-friendly single-door and double-door fridge prices in Pakistan. So, these are the best refrigerator brands in Pakistan.

Furthermore, We at leyjao, have famous Pakistani refrigerator brands on board. So, it becomes easier for you to find the best refrigerator company in Pakistan. We have the cheapest refrigerator prices in Lahore. So, you can choose one of the best refrigerator brands in the world from leyjao. We offer, Dawlance, Haier, and various other brands at a discounted price.

Moreover, leyjao offers refrigerators for sale in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan. We have refrigerators for sale in Rawalpindi as well. So, you can get refrigerators from all brands of all sizes from us. Leyjao has the best small size refrigerator price in Pakistan. We offer various brands. These brands include Haier, Dawlance, Orient, Gaba National, and many more.

Get The Latest Haier Refrigerator Prices in Pakistan 2024

Haier is a famous refrigerator brand in Pakistan. Haier refrigerator price starts from Rs. 67,000 at leyjao. You can get up to 12% off on them. We offer these products at 0% markup on easy monthly installments. So, you can choose a 3 to 18-month installment plan. So, Get your favorite refrigerator at the best price from us. And enjoy its cooling process. Store your food with style.

Innovative Home Cooling Haier Refrigerator

Haier is a global home appliances brand. It delivers home cooling appliances. It has one of the best refrigerators in Pakistan. They are equipped with modern features. Moreover, it Includes adjustable glass shelves. The new model haier refrigerator has LED bulbs. So, it provides you with a huge space for groceries. It gives instant cooling to food items. Also, it improves your food quality. This feature keeps food fresh for a long time. So, you can eat your favorite food after a few days.

Moreover, it gives you a stylish finish. It comes with smart features. Also, it comes with high durability. It works well in hot weather. So, it saves your food from bacteria.

Besides this, Haier has the cheapest price. The haier refrigerator prices in pakistan are suitable according to your budget. They have a wide range of models in single-door, and double-door. You can also explore haier two door refrigerator models at leyjao. So, go and get them at a low price.

Further, Leyjao is a premium online shopping platform. We proudly offer the best models of haier refrigerators in Pakistan. The price of these refrigerators changes with capacity and technology. For instance, the cost of a haier refrigerator of 16 cubic feet is Rs. 102,770. So, we offer competitive prices so our customers can enjoy the best experience. These refrigerators are available in all price ranges.

It is a haier inverter refrigerator. It is an energy-efficient appliance. Moreover, this refrigerator has a big capacity. It is suitable for big families. And, it can adjust to any corner of your house. The haier inverter fridge price in pakistan changes with the size of the fridge. So, go and get your favorite size. You can avail of them at special discount prices. So, shop us today for the best experience.

The Best Haier Fridge Price In Pakistan

Leyjao gives you the best refrigerator prices with special discounts. For example, haier small fridge price in pakistan is about Rs. 78,200. But with a 7% discount at leyjao, you get it for Rs. 72,420. It has a capacity of 9 cubic feet. And this fridge is suitable for a small family. So, it will not take longer space. It is your true summer companion. Also, it gives you cooling in minutes. It makes your food hygienic and fresh for a long period. So, don't wait for too long. Get your order now.

However, haier refrigerator inverter price in pakistan is different. The prices fluctuate with the designs. Each design gives unique vibes and style. We offer different range of price. So, you can explore various sizes and designs. It keeps your food long-lasting. Choose Haier for an instant cooling experience now at a low price. Now buy from our ongoing sales at Leyjao.

The Haier HRF-398 15 cubic feet is a medium-sized fridge. This haier medium size fridge price in pakistan is 132,280. This premium refrigerator series is a combination of stylish design and technology. It has an anti-bacterial technology. Moreover, this feature keeps your food fresh for a long time. Leyjao offers the lowest haier refrigerator price in Pakistan with medium-size at EMIs. So, what are you waiting for? Now Go and shop now.

Stylish Refrigerators For Modern Households

Modern kitchens have stylish refrigerators with sufficient space. Their designs give an elegant look to your kitchen. Moreover, It can uplift the kitchen's overall look. Their unique designs make them a must-have option for every modern kitchen. It will change any corner look. It will look attractive with its sleek design. Also, it has modern design features. It makes your life smarter. So, you can manage it through a smartphone. Moreover, it is the best solution for smart homes.

Side By Side Door Refrigerator

Haier HRF-578 is a side-by-side refrigerator with an elegant finish. This haier side by side refrigerator price in Pakistan is about Rs. 295,000. This refrigerator provides ample storage and access to fresh and frozen food. It has a sleek design door. So, it gives you the best cooling experience. Also, it adds freshness to your food. You can get them at budget-friendly rates.

Moreover, you get an organized storage. There are separate compartments for everything in this fridge. It is also known as 4 door refrigerator in Pakistan. Haier HRF-678 is a stylish appliance for your home. Leyjao offers the lowest haier 4 door refrigerator price in Pakistan, which is Rs. 396,180. We give you a stylish fridge at a discounted price. So, enjoy the best experience of your life with us.

Furthermore, this model offers both style and functionality. It has deep freezer pockets. So, you can easily store meat and other things for your storage needs. Leyjao provides solutions for every household at a reasonable price. So, we have the best haier refrigerator large size prices in pakistan. You can also choose other variants in double doors from Haier at leyjao.

Double Door Refrigerator

Haier HRF-622 is a double-door refrigerator. This haier refrigerator double door model gives you the best performance. It is also called a glass-door refrigerator. The haier refrigerator glass door price in pakistan is around Rs. 310,980. This is a stylish appliance for modern homes. And, it has a supreme finish.

Moreover, It is a twin inverter refrigerator from Haier. However, twin haier inverter refrigerators price in pakistan are a bit expensive. It is an advanced technology. The fan motor and the compressor run at the direct current. This decreases your electricity bill. And helps you save more money. So, you can invest this money to buy other things.

However, the HRF-522 double-door refrigerator has recently arrived on the market. This haier refrigerator double door price in pakistan is around 275,000. It has a capacity of 425 liters. Moreover, the de-frost technology feature maintains the temperature in the refrigerator. It has an integrated temperature display. Leyjao offers the best haier double door fridge prices in pakistan. Moreover, you get free home delivery on these products at leyjao. We ensure you can save money without moving from your house.

Smart and Energy-Efficient Haier Refrigerators

The refrigerators from Haier work on the latest technology. So, it maintains the freshness of food. It means that haier refrigerator price is worth its features. Haier has refrigerators in different sizes and designs.

Furthermore, the small haier room refrigerator prices in Pakistan allow you to choose a compact fridge for your room. The haier room fridge prices in Pakistan start from Rs. 36,500. It is an energy-efficient device. It has an ice box that keeps your drinks chilled. So, you can also store ice cream in this box. It is also suitable for storing meat items.

Moreover, this is a small durable refrigerator for your room. So, you can find the cheapest small refrigerators small size price in Pakistan from leyjao. Leyjao offers gives you special discounts on refrigerators haier prices in Pakistan. We ensure fast-track delivery at your doorstep.

Get Haier Refrigerators On Buy Now Pay Later Policy

Leyjao gives you the convenience of paying later. You can buy refrigerators of any size, and design from us at a discounted price. Haier refrigerator single door E-star series is available at up to 8% off. Moreover, we also have the lowest haier refrigerator medium size price in pakistan. You can buy these refrigerators at Rs. 4818 monthly installment. So Hurry up! And Shop now! To get the best fridge for your home.

Buy The Latest PEL Refrigerator Price In Pakistan 2024

Storing food has become easier due to refrigerators. They help you store food with stylish glass door designs. Pel refrigerator is an elegant choice for your kitchen. So, you can choose different sizes and designs for these refrigerators. These are the best kitchen appliances for your home. They make life easier. These refrigerators are perfect for storing your food for a longer time.

How To Choose The Right Pel Refrigerator

When you purchase a refrigerator for your home, the size of the fridge matters a lot. For instance, if you live alone a 50-80 liter fridge is an ideal choice. However, the price changes with capacity and size. Big refrigerators from 350 liters are the best for big families. So, choose the size accordingly. That matches your household needs.

Size of The Fridge

Pel has a wide range of refrigerators in different capacities and sizes. The price of these refrigerators varies with size. For example, a Pel refrigerator medium size price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 70,900. It is the most affordable price. So, you can get it at discounted prices online.


Refrigerators are not only an appliance at home. They compliment the interior of your home. The pel refrigerator glass door design enhances the appearance of your kitchen. So, you can choose different colors in these designs. Maroon Blaze, Red Blaze, Purple Blaze, and Mercury Mirror glass door colors make them perfect for every home. So, choose the color of the fridge accordingly.


Pel has energy-efficient refrigerators. They are equipped with digital inverter technology. These are more expensive than conventional refrigerators. So, You can buy them at the most affordable price online.

However, an inverter compressor digitally maintains the speed of the compressor. The pel inverter refrigerator price in pakistan is very affordable for everyone. It lowers your electricity bill. So, you can save energy. This makes them an ideal choice.

The pel refrigerator inverter price in pakistan also varies with capacity. The size range starts from 235 liters. The biggest size in Pel inverter refrigerators is 440 liters. The lowest PEL refrigerator full size price in pakistan is around Rs. 120,900. So, choose the fridge that matches your needs. It keeps your food fresh.


Pel Refrigerators come with a 10-year compressor warranty. The PEL refrigerator price in pakistan makes it the best choice for your home. It is the most reliable brand in Pakistan. And this gives you satisfaction about the fridge. So, you can avail of its warranty in case of inconvenience. Pel has the best service without any extra fee.

This makes them the best among others. So, you can choose any fridge design and size in it. Each contains a 10-year warranty. You also get a warranty card. Every model has a special discount. And every model saves you a lot of money.

Get A Stylish Room Fridge At Home

Pel has one of the best stylish refrigerators in Pakistan. They are in different sizes and capacities. The small room-size refrigerators have aesthetic designs. The pel refrigerator small size price in pakistan is available at around Rs. 53,900. So, buy refrigerators from PEL that match the interior of your room. Their appealing designs make them a perfect fit. Shop now!

Explore The Cheapest Dawlance Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

The Dawlance refrigerator price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 41,000 at Leyjao. Dawlance is a popular brand in Pakistan. It manufactures quality products. Leyjao offers Dawlance refrigerators at a reasonable price. Also, it has a big space to keep your fruits and food fresh all day. So, You can get up to 12% off different fridge models at leyjao. Moreover, we provide easy monthly installments on Dawlance refrigerators. So, you can pay in 3 to 18-month installments with zero markup.

Leyjao Offers Best Dawlance Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

Leyjao provides cheap products to the customers. Dawlance refrigerator are durable. Also, they have the best products. You can get refrigerators in different sizes from leyjao. Moreover, We offer discounts on the latest Dawlance bedroom refrigerator models. We have various types of models at leyjao.

Furthermore, we have a variety of models in dawlance single door refrigerator. So, you can choose different colors according to the interior of your room. Moreover, these refrigerators have small sizes. They easily fit any place in your room. These mini fridges are best for storing cold drinks. You can also store other things you might need at night. So, you can freeze ice in these fridges. They are the perfect room solution. You can store cold snacks in it. These snacks include chocolate milk. You can also store fruit juices in it.

Leyjao has the best Dawlance mini fridge price in pakistan. Further, we offer free home delivery on Dawlnace refrigerators. So, you can get the best dawlance refrigerator small size price in Pakistan. We help you save delivery charges. You can get these fridges at your doorstep. So, do not wait. And order your fridge now!

Moreover, leyjao has the lowest dawlance fridge price in pakistan in 2024. Customers can buy these refrigerators at a low price. So, you can get them at 12% off. Do not miss and grab it now!

How Is Dawalance The Name Of Reliability?

Dawlance is known for its reliability and durability in Pakistan. All refrigerators have a 12-year warranty. Dawlance takes care of the product service after purchase. The dawlance refrigerator price has varied through time. But quality is the same. The high quality of these products makes them the perfect choice. With the best service centers, they are the most reliable brand. So, you can locate a service center in your area. They have the best response time in Pakistan.

It is the first locally manufactured brand in Pakistan. It provides ease to the customers. So they can easily replace parts with one call. Moreover, they have a wide network of service centers. The dawlance refrigerator rate in pakistan is much lower than the other brands. They have the lowest price. The prices start from Rs. 41,000 and go to Rs. 338,000. You can get a suitable refrigerator for your house.

For instance, you can choose a fridge for 2 to 8 family members from Dawlance. It has the latest LVS-Plus feature. It controls the voltage. Moreover, it has stylish designs for your home. You can match the color with your room's paint.

Furthermore, Dawlance is famous for its beautiful designs. It has unique colors. Some of these colors are purple, black, and pearl copper. These refrigerators are available in different materials. These materials are glass and metal. Leyjao gives you a variety of models in dawlance glass door refrigerators. The designs of these refrigerators change your kitchen interior. It makes it more appealing.

Stylish Features of Dawlance Refrigerator

Dawlance feels proud of providing the best features in refrigerators. These features preserve the vitamins in your food. So, your food remains fresh. It saves your food from spoiling. The dawlance refrigerators price in pakistan justifies these features. Such as 55% energy efficiency and more. These features include:

Nature Lock:

The nature lock features keep freshness of fruits and vegetables. The time is up to 20 days. So, you can store vegetables in it for more days. If you have built a form house in a remote area. A full-size fridge is the best choice. Dawlance's full-size fridge is a perfect fit for your house. The dawlance refrigerator full size price in pakistan is around Rs. 101,900. Moreover, It is the best choice for 7-8 family size. You can store more things in this fridge size. This feature enables you to keep food fresh during summer.

Vitamin Fresh:

Minerals and Vitamins are essential diets for health. The latest vitamin technology of Dawlance preserves vitamins A and C in fruits and vegetables. It works by simulating the natural sun cycle with RGB lights. The dawlance refrigerator medium size has a lower compartment for storing these foods. So, you get extra depth for storing food in this section.

Hybrid Cooling:

Dawlance designs refrigerators according to Pakistani conditions. Loadshedding is a common problem in Pakistan. So Dawlance has introduced a specialized foaming technology. So, it provides the longest preservation of up to 5 days.

This fridge ensures the temperature is equal in every corner of the fridge. Medium size fridge is the standard size for refrigerators in Pakistan. Dawlance refrigerator medium size price in pakistan is the best price solution for saving food. So, you can store food in it for many days.

Similarly, the dawlance inverter refrigerator is designed to save energy. It brings down the electricity bill. And, It is a trending company in Pakistan. Dawlance refrigerator inverter price in pakistan is higher than the hybrid cooling system. It saves energy. Moreover, it provides cooling with savings. You can store your favorite foods like cheese for a long time.


The frost-free feature of the fridge stops the frost build-up. So, you do not have to struggle with removing ice. The price of these refrigerators is high. Dawlance side-by-side refrigerator has the no-frost feature. The dawlance side by side refrigerator price in pakistan is around Rs. 260,999. It has a big space for storing food.

Moreover, it has a big design that offers 10% more storage. However, if you are low on budget, dawlance medium size fridge price in pakistan is also a suitable option. The dawlance refrigerator price in pakistan medium size offers storage for 6-7 members.

Dawlance Refrigerators Works In Every Condition

Dawlance refrigerators are designed to work in every environment. They work effectively in severe weather conditions. In Karachi, the weather is mostly hot and humid. Dawlance fridges work well in these conditions. The dawlance refrigerator price in Karachi is the same as in other cities of Pakistan.

Leyjao gives the best options for dawlance fridge prices in pakistan. So, you can get the best dawlance full size fridge price in pakistan from us with a 12% discount. Moreover, you get free home delivery for ordering Dawlance refrigerators from us. So do not hesitate, go and shop now!

Affordable Orient Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

The Orient refrigerator price in pakistan starts from Rs. 35000. Orient has the best energy-saving refrigerators in Pakistan. They assist you lower your electricity bill with high performance. They are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. You can choose spacious designs with a beautiful appearance for your kitchen.

Unique Features of Orient Refrigerator

Orient is the perfect choice for every home. It has the latest features at a reasonable price. The orient fridge price in Pakistan goes well with its features. Here are some of these features:

18 Min Instant Freeze

Orient refrigerators have a rapid cooling system. This feature can freeze items in 18 minutes. For instance, if you want to organize a party, you can give chilled cold drinks to guests within a few minutes. The full-size fridge of Orient is best for organizing a big event. The orient refrigerator full size price in pakistan is the perfect solution to this problem.

Furthermore, you can store extra food in it. And it will stay fresh. The freezer has a big storage too. You can store ice cream and meat in it. You can also store dairy products in it. It has one of the best freezing features. The full-size freezer is also useful to store ice in the summer.

Similarly, You can store other things like juices and fruits in it. This fridge is ample for big families as well. Moreover, it has the best price. And you can store anything in this fridge with convenience.

Moreover, the full-size fridge is available in different materials. Metal and glass doors are one of them. The orient refrigerator glass door price in pakistan is one of the lowest. The glass door designs uplift your interior. It gives a new look to your rooms and kitchens.


Orient has one of the best technologies in deep freezers. The auto-defrost feature gives you relief from getting rid of ice-build-ups. This is a unique feature that is available in almost every refrigerator from Orient. This feature is available makes orient refrigerator price worth it.

Humidity Control

What is better than controlling the moisture of your refrigerator? The humidity control feature allows you to regulate the moisture levels in your fridge. For instance, if you want to keep beverages in it, you can change the moisture level accordingly. Mini refrigerators are used to store cold drinks. The Orient mini refrigerator prices in pakistan allow you to choose the best refrigerator.

Furthermore, you keep your vegetables fresh. It also keeps your fruits fresh. Usually, medium size fridges are used in normal households in Pakistan. The Orient refrigerator medium size price in pakistan is around Rs.73,800. It is the Orient refrigerator prices in pakistan medium size which is convenient to buy.

Anti-Fungal Detachable Gasket

The main purpose of a fridge is to store food. And also to keep it fresh to eat for days. The orient medium size fridge price in pakistan is the best solution to keep your food fresh. The anti-fungal detectable gasket prevents the growth of bacteria. So, It ensures that your food remains hygienic. It provides a bacteria-free environment for it.

Get The Best Orient Small Refrigerator Price In Pakistan

The latest features of Orient refrigerators make them a perfect appliance at home. They are available in different sizes. The Orient full size fridge price in pakistan is affordable. So, You can also get an Orient refrigerator small size price in pakistan in easy monthly installments. It is the best refrigerator for every home.

Smart Samsung Refrigerator Price In Pakistan

Samsung has the latest refrigerator features in Pakistan. Its prices are high. But Samsung gives you a 20-year compressor warranty. It has high durability. It is the best smart appliance for your home. Samsung refrigerator is the perfect choice for smart homes. They bring more comfort to your life. You can control temperature without moving anywhere.

Furthermore, you can easily control them with your phone. You can control your refrigerator from anywhere. It is the best smart Samsung refrigerator in pakistan. Moreover, it has a stylish design. The black Samsung refrigerator matches your interior. It gives a decent look to your kitchen. You can bring ease to your life with this refrigerator.

The Samsung fridge price in Pakistan also varies with the model. The refrigerators are available in single and double doors. The Samsung double-door fridge price in pakistan is around Rs. 535,000. However, Samsung appliances are higher in price. They have a long life span. And they are equally durable.

An Innovative Kenwood Refrigerator For Every Home

Kenwood has the best inverter refrigerators in Pakistan. They save energy. And they keep your food fresh. They have low power consumption. The kenwood refrigerator inverter model helps you save electricity. Leyjao offers the best kenwood refrigerator price in Pakistan. We have different sales campaigns. Moreover, we also give EMI options on Kenwood Products. You can pay in 18 monthly installments.

Furthermore, you can buy other kitchen appliances at a discounted price from us. We offer high-quality products from renowned sellers. has over 25,000+ sellers onboard. The trust of vendors makes us the best platform online.

Durable National Refrigerator at Low Price

If you want a cheap and durable fridge, GABA National refrigerator is the first choice. It is manufactured in Pakistan. That is why it is affordable. The national refrigerator price in pakistan starts from 41,200. Leyjao offers the best small-size refrigerators for your home. You can get up to 7% at leyjao. Moreover, you can buy other kitchen appliances like a microwave oven from Gaba National at leyjao.

Unique Features of Changhong Ruba Refrigerator

Changhong Ruba has one of the finest refrigerators. These refrigerators have special voltage control capacity. It controls voltage from 120 to 280 V. So, you do not have to worry about electricity supply. The changhong ruba refrigerator price in pakistan starts from Rs. 103,999. So, You can explore a wide range of models from Changhong Ruba. They have the best features at a low cost.

Furthermore, it has an original R600A refrigerator that saves 10% energy. The changhong ruba refrigerator prices in pakistan vary with series. The direct cooling changhong ruba refrigerator prices in pakistan are low. That is why it is the perfect fridge for your home. You do not have to worry about switching off the refrigerator. People generally turn off heavy appliances to electricity. With energy-saving features, it is the best appliance for your home.

Stylish Gree Refrigerator For Every Kitchen

The Gree refrigerators have a stylish design that elevates the ambiance of your kitchen. The gree refrigerator price in pakistan is an affordable choice for households. They can give a new look to the kitchen. It has a huge space area. It has a compact design. You can store a lot of food in this refrigerator.

The gree fridge price in Pakistan is a suitable choice for middle-class homes. It is famous for its high cooling capacity. And its low prices. Moreover, it has a multipurpose rack. You can keep beverages in these racks. It has a deep cooling of -25C. You can store meat for a long time in it.

Reliable Waves Refrigerator With Latest Technology

Waves is one of the oldest electronic appliance brands in Pakistan. It has been famous for its durability and reliability for years. It has budget-friendly models for every social class in Pakistan. The 11CFT waves refrigerator price in pakistan is Rs. 47,999. This is the cheapest waves fridge price in pakistan. It is an affordable option for every small-income family. Waves have been working in Pakistan for a long time. It has a rich history of fridges in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the LG fridge price in pakistan is a premium choice. They have the latest technology with modern designs. The LG double door fridge price in pakistan is high. It is a suitable option for a contemporary house. It has a touch screen.

Moreover, it has a big storage capacity. It is the perfect choice for big households. It allows you to store extra food. And, It has linear cooling. With no frost feature, you can stay free from removing ice build-ups. It also has a water dispenser. So, you can drink chill water anytime. LG fridges have ThinQ smart integration. You can control them with Wifi. It produces slim ice. And it has LED in the freezer. You can easily take things out of the freezer. There is no light in freezers usually.

Get The Best Refrigerators From Leyjao

Leyjao is an online shopping store that has a wide range of refrigerators. You can choose from 4-door commercial refrigerators to small room-size fridges at a discounted price. Leyjao offers a wide range of options in the fridges for everyone. Leyjao has the lowest small room fridge price in Pakistan. You can get these refrigerators at the EMI facility from us. We offer 3 to 18-month payment options. We also offer free home delivery on some of the brands. So, Hurry up and grab your refrigerator now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which Refrigerator Works Well? Frost Or No Frost?

Both refrigerators efficiently fit different households. If you live in an area with load-shedding, frost one is the best. Similarly, no frost fridge is expensive. It prevents the ice buildups.

What Is The No-frost Technology In Refrigerators?

A no-frost refrigerator works by automatically adjusting the temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator.

Does An Inverter Fridge Save Energy?

Yeah, an inverter refrigerator can save up to 55% efficiently.

Can I Control The Fridge With A Smartphone?

Yes, you can control and change the temperature of your refrigerator remotely from anywhere.

How Does Dawlance Vitamin Technology Keep The Vegetables Fresh?

Dawlance vitamin fresh technology keeps the food fresh for 20 days. It combines humidity control, air circulation, and UV rays to prevent bacterial growth.

Which Refrigerator Brand Offers The Maximum Cooling Capacity?

Gree Refrigerators have a maximum cooling capacity of up to -25C.

Can I Refund The Refrigerator After Delivery?

Yes, leyjao has an easy refund policy of 5-7 working days.

Can I Buy A Double-Door Refrigerator On EMI?

Yes, leyjao offers easy monthly installment offers on all designs of refrigerators. You can convert payments into 18 monthly installments.

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