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A splitter cable is used to transfer audio to two earplugs. Two people at the same time enjoy the same music. They are suitable for all kinds of digital equipment i.e. phones, iPods, and tablets, etc. which carry a 3.5mm earphone plug-in.

The splitter cable is most commonly used for audio or microphone connections of 3.5mm. It is a dual audio line headset earphone splitter that can be used by two best friends while traveling. For all those circumstances where you wanted to share your new favorite music or a funny video with your best buddies but you do not have the luxury to share it with one aux cable or turn on the speakers then splitter cable has you covered. Splitter cables would provide you privacy and let you listen to whatever you want to on an array of devices. Therefore, these splitters have gained so much popularity. These slitters are very easy to use and also very useful at the same time.   

Now you can also buy them easily at at the most reasonable prices and can have fun with friends and family with these splitters. On top of the list, these cables and converters are very high on functionality and do not make a huge dent in your pocket. These splitter cables are very compatible with a wide variety of devices.  

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