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You can get online toys for kids of all kinds and varieties,  especially football toys. We have some categories in our mind to buy all these from any platform or from our online platform: little tike football toys, nerf football, hover soccer balls, foam football, soccer toys, and football action figures.

Here, on our platform Leyjao. pk, are some basketball toys items you can order and get them easily;

basketball toys

New Kid's Desktop Game Mini Basketball Sports Game Educational Toys Interactive Marbles Game Children Creative Toy

Bowling Toys

Deluxe Bowling Set For Kids, New Bowling Game For Kids - 1 Set both are toys for kids for young toddlers at Leyjao. pk

Golf Toys

The golf ball is the best basketball Toy for kids. This May Contain A Mixture Of Different Year Models.

Playground Balls

Magic UFO Frisbee Ball For Kids - Throw Disc And Catch Ball 1 Piece.


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  • 100% Same As Pics
  • Useful
  • Easy To Use 

Racquet Sport Toys

Table Tennis Racket Pair With Net - With 3 Balls, Pair Of Table Tennis Racket With Ball & Cover.


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  • 100% Same As Pics
  • Good Material
  • Very Useful Item For Gift

Football Toys

Here is a variety of football toys on this online planet for kids' amusement.

Nerf football

The nerf football is of durable quality for kids. At our online planet, you can get it in unique and classic-shaped football toys that are very convenient for playing.

Hover soccer ball

At our online roof, you can find hover soccer balls for kids with spume edges and football toys that can save your furniture or other home accessories from any harm.

Foam football

Foam football is also a ball having the same quality as a hover soccer ball.

Soccer toys

Soccer football is also a great quality football toy for kids at the Leyjao online store. 

Football action figures

Football action figures are for kids and toddlers of all ages. Through these football actions figures, a toddler easily can be a productive fellow.

Buy Fantastic & affordable Footballs action Figures Toys - Shop Online Pakistan 

 If you are looking for football toys from an online store, we have an online store, the Leyjao store. If you are not sure where to buy them, you just visit or order these football toys from our online planet. There are many websites that sell football toys for kids. If you're buying a football for your son or daughter, you can shop for the perfect one from a website like Leyjao. pk. The site offers discounts, sales, and savings on a wide variety of football toys,  including modern and unique styles. You'll find the best prices, secure payment, and fast shipping at Leyjao. Pk.

How to Get Best and Imported Football Toys - Appropriate Advantageous Online Planet 

Football toys are an essential part of childhood, but how do these toys get to Pakistan? Leyjao online store is a reasonable and authentic platform that provides you with the best football toys for kids in Pakistan. Despite its name, this platform is a toy factory, producing and selling varieties of soccer balls each year. While many children play with the soccer balls, adults work in the factory, heat-pressing logos on the leather, stitching the soccer balls, and assembling the plastic bags into soccer balls. The balls are shipped all over Pakistan 

Other Variety of toys for kids - Energetic & Gaming, Sports  Activity for Toys for kids 

Our toys for kids and other gaming and activity toys are found on our platform. It's important to keep in mind that these toys are aimed at developing gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination, so make sure to purchase a safe toy for your child. fingerboards toys

basketball toys water toys, bouncy ball toys for kids, car toys golf toys fishing toys bowling toys,  flying discs, activity Toys, Action Toys fitness toys walkie talkie and bath toys walkie talkie, and bath toys

 Our toys for kids and other gaming and activity toys are available at our online store Leyjao. Pk. Here are some of these;

Water toys (Ghosia Store High-Pressure Water Toys For Kids, Cactus Water Toys For Kids - Medium Size 1PCS)

 Water toys like Bubble blowing toys for babies are a great way to entertain kids during a summer day or any other time of the year. Whether you have an outdoor party or a dinner outside, you can use bubbles as a giveaway or a contest prize. While water toys are a great way to entertain kids, they can also help them develop important skills. In addition to creating fun memories, a bubble toy will also help you promote healthy behavior.

Bouncy ball (Dazzling Bouncing Rubber Ball Toys For Kids | Toys Pack Of 12 Pcs)

 Ball pits & Foam Ball Pits are great for toddlers and a great form of bouncy toys. They are a great way to get active with a child. They can also be used for birthday parties, weddings, or other events where the kids can play and have fun. Here are lots of varieties and colors in bouncy toys. The best form ball pits and baby ball pits are also easy to get from our online platform.

Toys for kids(Ludo Matt Carpet - Ludo Game, Magic Ring Decorative Tactile Pun Metal Stainless Steel Ring Interactive Decompression Toys, Plastic Balls For Kids Without Edges)

You will find a wonderful collection of toys for kids in various colors, designs, and styles that will make your kids excited and enthralled at Leyjao. pk. You will easily find your kid's favorite toys for kids from our huge collection of toys including football toys. Riding To, stuffed toys, for kids car toys baby toys girl toys, Baby Doll Toys, activity toys, action toys sports toys. All these toys are available on our online Leyjao website, you can order them anytime, anywhere across the country. These kids’ toys are designed specifically considering the needs and requirements of the kid’s safety. You do not have to be tense as they are super safe and secure for kids. Kids can ride them and explore their surroundings. Hence, Leyjao. pk brings you amazing toys for kids at the most reasonable price. 

Car toys(Imitated Toyota Land Cruiser New R/C Car, Plastic Car Toys For Kids | Complete Box Pack Of 4 Pcs, Racer Car Toys Set For Kids)

If you're looking for safe, durable baby car toys, look no further than wooden cars. They're easy to grasp, chemical-free, and completely safe for your child. A wooden toy car can be made with a simple woodworking tool and basic woodworking knowledge. Jaime Costiglio's blog is a great place to start if you're a DIY type. These wooden toys can be a fun way to teach your child to make their first car.

Baby toys (New 15 Hole Shaped Intelligence Box, Giant Tie Knot Fluffy White Teddy Bear Cute Teddy Bear, Dancing Cactus Funny Electronic Shaking Cactus)

The Best Way for Choosing the Right Product Online at an Adorable Platform of baby toys is at our online platform. This platform has various kinds of baby toys having amazing varieties and colors.

Girls' toys Awesome Looking Little Chief Small Gourmet 3 In 1 Kitchen, New 1000 Small Pcs Building Blocks)

If your baby girl toy is a little older, you may want to consider buying her a baby doll toy set that has several interactive features on this platform. The most popular accessories include a bottle and a diaper. Other accessories are a comb and a baby blender. The best parts of a baby doll toy are the various ways you can interact with it. Some dolls even let your child wash and bathe the doll. A baby doll toy is a great gift for any child.

Activity Toys (Archery Set For Kids Toy Bow And Arrow Target Board, Ghost Store 10 Pcs Construction & Educational Tool Set Toys For Kids, Watch S Smartwatch With Heart Rate Sensors)

Fingerboards toys

Basketball toys

Golf toys

Fishing toys

Bowling toys

Flying discs

Action Toys(Water Candle Boat Toy For Kids | Pack Of 2 Pcs, Air Hockey Table Game - Fast-Paced Action Game, Racer Truck Toys For Kids - Car Transporter Truck With 2 Cars )

Sports ToysRacer Truck Toys For Kids - Car Transporter Truck With 2 Cars, Car Transporter Truck With 2 Cars)

Walkie TalkieOur online platform provides you with the best qualities and varieties of walkie talkies products.

At our online store, you will find desirable and best walkie-talkie toys for kids for your little tot of age ranging from 3 to 12 years old. They are available in neutral designs and colors that can be used for both boys and girls to make them happy and provide them amusement. These walkie-talkies, make the kids communicative and productive. 

They have different kinds of materials that are smooth and comfortable to use for kids and amazing musical texture and the best sound volume. They are in different colors such as orange, pink, blue, black, peach, red, yellow, and many other colors with top-notch quality material. As they come with the best possible features and assist your kids to learn and grow while they are having fun using walkie talkies.

bath toys(Baby Bath Bubble Toys Auto Crab Kids Bath Bubble Machine Fun Shower Toy, Car Transporter Truck With 2 Cars)


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when you place your order online at Leyjao. pk because we have included in our services all options including cash on delivery (COD) all across Pakistan no more shipping and delivery headaches. We are committed to delivering at your mentioned home address very soon. You will get your order within 3 to 5 working days. You can also save some bucks if you shop with Leyjao. pk, when we offer huge discounts. Do not wait and avail of remarkable discounts with us and surprise your kids with their favorite toys for kids. You will witness their happy faces all the way. Amazing shopping with us at Leyjao. pk at the most reasonable prices. 

Affordable  Payment Method Online Pakistan

Now you can pay with a variety of options such as cash on delivery (COD), bank transfer, credit card, and many other online payment methods. You can choose the payment method of your priority. Whether you like to pay via card or choose to pay once your order arrives at your doorstep through cash on delivery (COD). You can pick the option according to your feasibility and your choice. If you want to know about our payment method then our team is just a call away. 

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While shopping from the Leyjao platform you feel relaxed. If you want to know the details of the contact in case you come up with some query. Our CSR team is just a call or email away. Our team is super professional and deals with matters professionally. If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to call. We are here to help our customers. 

If you have any questions related to toys for kids like football toys or other toys. Here, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other queries do not hesitate to call or email.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Does Leyjao. Pk Has A Football Toy For Every Age Group?

We, at Leyjao. pk, have a variety of toys footballs for every age group from toddlers to little younger kids. So that all kids can enjoy their time while playing and communicating with others while playing with basketball toys. These basketball toys are super easy to carry and very portable.

Are These Toys For Kids Expensive?

These football toys or other toys for kids are neither expensive nor cheap but they can be bought at economical rates at Leyjao. pk. However, everyone can easily afford them. And,t toys footballs are available in a huge variety of renowned brands, some are from top brands and others are from middle and low tier brands so that different strata of society can get their favorite toys.

Does Leyjao. Pk, Deliver All Across Pakistan?

We, at Leyjao. pk, offer all across Pakistan not just in the limited big cities. You can make your order from anywhere in the whole wide country. You can easily place your order literally 24/7 because our CSR team is available 24/7.

In How Many Days Would One Get Their Product?

Once your order is confirmed by our CSR team then your order will take three to five working days to reach your mentioned address in the specific time frame. However, we make sure that you get the order at the earliest.

Does Leyjao. Pk Have Any Physical Stores Located In Pakistan? is a very authentic and reliable online marketplace. Therefore, it does not have any physical stores located anywhere in the country but you do not have to worry because our e-store has it all covered. You will find everything at at the most reasonable price.

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