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Medina Munawra, Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of mabroom khajoor. Its flesh has a texture comparable to that of a raisin, and its skin is dark brown to brownish black. The word "holy date" is used to describe this fruit by Muslims. The date palm tree, from which dates are obtained, may be found in many tropical regions across the world. Relationships between two people have become increasingly common in recent years. In Western countries, dried dates account for nearly all sales of date goods. Also, you can buy online mabroom khajoor from our platform at lower rates.

If their skin has wrinkles, it means they are dry, whereas smooth skin indicates the dates are still young. Recently picked dates can vary in size and color, ranging from small to enormous, and from bright red to bright yellow. Mabroom Dates are sweet and chewy, with a unique flavor. They have a wealth of uses and advantages and are a good source of several important nutrients. If you are looking for your favorite mabroom khajoor at reasonable rates. Let’s begin with an overview of mabroom.  Furthermore, we will discuss each and everything about this amazing type of khajoor.

Benefits of Mabroom Khajoor

Additionally, Mabroom Dates would instantly energise your body. Furthermore, for those who enjoy dessert on a regular basis, dates are bad for you. Moreover, dates contain both fructose and sucrose. In addition, this meal delivers instant energy. Furthermore, dates help many people combat midday drowsiness. Additionally, it replenishes energy after strenuous exercise.

Mabroom dates help to strengthen bones. It alleviates the discomfort associated with osteoporosis. Selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium are all found in dates. Bone-building. Bones deteriorate with age. Dates help to strengthen and extend bones. Dates include boron, which is good for your bones.

Healthy Addition to Your Diet

Dieters are afraid of Dried Fruits . Many believe that dried fruits increase weight. The date influences the situation. Adding dates to your diet may contribute to weight loss. Dates come in helpful throughout the winter coughing season. Add 5 chopped Mabroom dates to a glass of milk if you have a cold. To cure a cough, make a tea with pepper, cardamom powder, and milk and drink it at night.

Mabroom Khajoor can also help with digestion. Pakistani Mabroom Dates are high in soluble fiber. This promotes digestion and alleviates constipation. Soak these overnight in water and chew them in the morning. These dates are beneficial for constipated people.

Mabroom khajoor includes Vitamin A , B, and B2, as well as phosphate, calcium, iron, and magnesium. They make your skin seem radiant. These Dates are high in vitamin C and D. It smoothes the skin. This fruit is very beneficial to the skin. Skin is also softened by nutrients. Free radicals cause accelerated aging of the skin. Dates contain vitamin C, which protects the skin from free radicals. It keeps wrinkles at bay.

Pregnant ladies require 300 more calories than normal. The majority of pregnant women consume high-calorie, low-nutrient meals. Pregnant women require complete nourishment and they should consume fresh dates. Jordanian schooling pregnant women should take it four weeks before giving birth. In the last months of pregnancy, dates may help to strengthen the uterus.

Mabroom Dates Prices in Different Cities in Pakistan

There is a marginal price disparity across the major cities of Pakistan when it comes to the price of Mabroom Khajoor. After this, we will provide you with information on the price of different packs of mabroom khajoor in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Multan.

Mabroom Khajoor Price in Lahore

As there is a greater demand for Mabroom dates in Lahore than in Karachi, the price of this variety of date is kept lower in the provincial capital. In Lahore, the going rate per kilo for mabroom dates is between Rs.3330/- and Rs 3500/-. The dates are cheaper at than physical markets at

Mabroom Khajoor Price in Islamabad

Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, is linked to Rawalpindi, a thriving metropolis in the Punjab province. Additionally, one kilogram of mabroom dates costs between Rs. 3300/- and Rs 3450/- in Islamabad.

Mabroom Dates price in Karachi

Given that Karachi is Pakistan's most populous city, it stands to reason that regular shipments of goods would be made in that direction. Furthermore, Karachi has an unhealthy obsession with dry fruits and nuts, which is a public health issue. Raw cashews imported from Brazil that have not been roasted in particular. You'll have to pay Rs 1,550/- for every 500 grams you buy.

Mabroom Dates price in Multan

Multan has a rich history and places a strong emphasis on dried fruit and nuts. Due to the city's distance from the fruit's origin, dried fruits cost more. A kilogram of standard cashews costs between Rs 3,000 and Rs 3,500 in Pakistan. These tasty and fresh cashews are discounted on the website

Packs of Mabroom Khajoor on Leyjao.Pk. has a lot of different packing options. In addition, they offer 250-gram, 500-gram, and 1-kilogram packages. Furthermore, we'll tell you more about how much these packs cost down below.

250 grams of Mabroom Khajoor price in Pakistan

You can buy a pau of Mabroom khajoor on the site A 250-gram bag of Mabroom khajoor costs Rs 826/- in Pakistan. You may also purchase a 0.5 kilogram or 1 kg pack. When you buy from this platform, you can always get discounts.

500-gram pack of Mabroom khajoor price in pakistan

A bundle of Mabroom khajoor pau can be bought on the website In Pakistan, a 500-gram box of Mabroom dates costs Rs 1666/-. Also, you can order either a 2 kg bundle or a 1 kg bundle. Always buy things from this marketplace to save money.

1kg of Mabroom khajoor price in Pakistan has the lowest prices on every product if you compare with physical markets, but the price of dried fruits and nuts is especially reduced. If you want a 1000-gram pack of Mabroom dates, you can get them from for only Rs.3332/- per kilogram. Some other stores and websites, both online and off, are charging more for Mabroom dates per kilogram.

Where to buy from?

Mabroom khajoor are mostly cultivated in Saudi Arabia, where they originated. Additionally, the standard differs as well. Therefore, this platform provides a genuine Saudi assortment of Mabroom dates at discounted rates. As a result, you will get the original and high quality Mabroom Khajoor from our platform.

Bottom lines

Mabroom khajoor is one of the most popular type of khajoor all over the world, especially in Muslim countries. If you are searching for original Mabroom dates, you can get from our platform at lower rates. We have provided all the information about benefits, prices and different packaging. Get original high quality mabroom dates from here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What are Mabroom Dates?

The mabroom palm date is a popular crop in Saudi Arabia. It is a long, plump date that is similar in size and shape to the Piarom cultivar.

What is the benefit of Mabroom Dates?

Mabroom Dates contain almost all of the twenty essential amino acids, as well as a lot of fiber, carbs, minerals, and vitamin B complex. Furthermore, they contain more potassium than bananas by weight, as well as calcium, iron, and magnesium. They're high in vitality-boosting nutrients like B vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them an excellent snack.

What are the Qualities of Mabroom Dates?

Mabroom dates are sweet and sticky, with a pale red-bronze skin and a toffee-like flavor. They're stiffer than other dates, but they still taste sweet and mellow. Some people may find them difficult to chew.

Do Mabroom Dates Expire?

The storage validity period is 240 days, or 8 months. After opening, store in an airtight container in a cool, dry, clean place away from direct sunlight and strong odors.

Are Mabroom Dates Soft?

Despite their name, mabroom dates are neither sticky nor overly sweet. They were given the name "Medjool" because they are also very lean and long. Mabroom dates, as opposed to Khudri dates, are wrinkled and flake-free.

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