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Smart Home appliances are needed in every modern house. Leyjao gives you 63% off on different appliances. Building a smart home is the dream of every household. You want a home that brings convenience to your lifestyle. However, you want these appliances at a low price. Leyjao gives you these appliances at a sale price with exclusive discounts.

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Home Appliances Bring Efficiency In Your Lifestyle 

Smart appliances have become an important part of our lives. We are living in an environment where everything is moving fast. Time is worth more than money. Smart electrical home appliances save you time. They bring comfort and ease to your everyday’s tasks. Furthermore, you can focus on various other things while using these appliances. 

Take the example of an automatic washing machine. Suppose you are busy doing your home chores. And you are preparing meals for your children and family. Similarly, doing laundry is also important at that time. Because you have to leave for your work soon. 

With the help of this washing machine, you can not only wash your clothes but you can also schedule an auto shutdown. These machines can be easily controlled through your smartphone. You can turn them off remotely with the help of your phone. Similarly, you can set a timer that will automatically turn off the machine. 

Small Appliances For Everyday Life

Small appliances might sound small but they are immensely important. They can help you in doing a lot of things. An instant water heater is one of them. When you come home after a tiring working day, all you need is a shower. An instant hot shower can calm down your body. It relieves your body from pain. 

Similarly, if you want instant hot water for the winter season, it is the best option. You can take a shower without worrying about the weather conditions. You just need an electric connection. Just like that electric fan heater is the best choice to stay warm in the winter season. 

Leyjao believes in providing the best types of equipment for your home. We have products from famous home appliance brands in pakistan. We have the best collection of appliances at a discounted price. You can avail exclusive sales on different products. For instance, you can buy a mosquito killer lamp at a lower price from us. Its price is Rs 1050 after 30% off. 

The Best Platform for Home Appliances Shopping Online 

Leyjao is the best platform to buy appliances for your home. We have one of the famous brands onboard. These brands provide high-quality appliances at a reasonable price. Furthermore, Leyjao has more than 25,000 vendors onboard. You do not have to go anywhere to buy necessities for your home. We deliver products to your doorstep. 

Moreover, leyjao has the best home appliances in Pakistan. The quality check department at leyjao makes sure that every product is in working condition. However, if there is any malfunctioning in the operation, you can easily exchange the appliance within 5-7 working days. 

Pakistan is a conventional market. People prefer to buy appliances by physically visiting the markets. Moreover, they believe in buying only after seeing the products. Simply speaking they do not trust online buying. Especially in the case of appliances. E-commerce has emerged after Covid-19. People started buying things online during Covid-19.

Leyjao has become a popular choice for people in Pakistan. The product reviews from our customers validate our authenticity. This trust of customers makes us the best platform to buy home appliances online in Pakistan. Furthermore, you can get exclusive discounts on these home pieces of equipment from leyjao. 

Buy Home Appliances On Easy Monthly Installments 

Leyjao understands that not everyone in Pakistan can buy appliances on a single payment. So, we ensure we offer quality home appliances at easy monthly installments. We make sure that you can conveniently get your favorite products without disturbing your monthly budget. 

Furthermore, leyjao offers the best home appliances instalment plan. You can easily pay the amount in up to 18 installments. It makes it easier for you to buy appliances without disturbing your monthly budget. Moreover, there is no limit on any category. You can choose any product worth more than Rs. 10,000 on easy monthly installments. 

For instance, drying laundry can be a daunting task in big families. A clothes dryer machine can be your savior in this case. You can buy branded clothes dryers from leyjao at a sale price, Moreover, you can pay conveniently according to your financial condition. 

Leyjao gives you the option to pay your installments in a 3 to 18-month span. So, you can easily manage your finances without worrying about the monthly budget. The variety of appliances makes us the best e-commerce platform online.

A Marketplace To Buy Everything You Need 

Online shopping is fun if you do not have to go to another platform to buy your favorite products. For instance, the silai machine is Pakistan's most commonly used appliance. Furthermore, Leyjao has the best home appliance prices in Pakistan. You can get the cheapest silai machine at Rs. 1179. 

Moreover, we offer a wide range of products in other home appliances. You can get different types of products ranging from insect killers to winter heaters. A mini vacuum cleaner is one of the tiniest products and you get your cheapest price from leyjao. It is available at Rs. 1599 with a variety of options. 

Iron is one of the most commonly found appliances at home in Pakistan. Leyjao ensures that you get the cheapest iron price online. However, if you are looking for something advanced for ironing your clothes, we understand your needs. We also have a wide range of standing steam irons for you, if you want to iron your delicate and luxurious fabric materials. 

If you are looking for the best home appliances store near me, leyjao has got you. We deliver products everywhere in Pakistan. However, we are headquartered in Lahore. The delivery charges are minimal and are affordable for everyone.

Shop Your Home Appliances With Trust 

Trust is the core value at leyjao. We make sure that you get the best prices with premium quality. If you are tired of load shedding and want to install a UPS at your home, we have got you covered. We offer exclusive discounts on homage ups inverter prices in pakistan. Other than that, we offer special offers on sales events like 11.11, Blesses Friday, and Eid Festivals. So get your favorite home appliances with free shipping from leyjao. Shop now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Does Leyjao Deliver Home Appliances All Over Pakistan?

Yes, leyjao has the delivery all over the country. However, we offer free shipment of appliances in Lahore city.

Does Leyjao Give Installment Options On Home Appliances?

Yes, you can get your favorite home appliances at easy monthly installments from leyjao. You can pay in 3 to 18 months installments.

What Is The Limit Of Buying Products On Installment?

Anything worth more than rs. 10,000 is available on installment at leyjao.

Does Leyjao Have A Shipment Warranty On Home Appliances?

Yes, we offer a 7-day replacement warranty on all our products.

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