Realme Mobile Price in Pakistan

One of the biggest brands of Chinese mobile phones to be found in Pakistan in recent years is Realme. The Realme Mobile Price in Pakistan, compared to the flagship-level features, makes it a great option to consider.

Major Features of Realme Phones

  • Stylish Designs: Realme are known for the many unique and stylish designs that their phones often have. A Realme phone tends to be much more stylish compared to most of its competitors.
  • Affordable Prices: When compared to the majority of major brands, Realme phones are very budget-friendly devices. They are known for putting flagship features in low-cost phones.
  • Powerful Phones: A Realme phone usually does not skimp out when it comes to power. Things like Qualcomm processors over Mediatek and lots of RAM mean these phones usually work great for gaming.
  • Great Budget Cameras: While Realme new mobile phones have great cameras as well, Realme focuses especially on bringing you reliable and high-quality cameras even on its lower-end mobile phones.

Top Realme Phone Options

There are a multitude of different options that Realme has available when it comes to Realme new model options. These are some of their most popular models, along with the Realme mobile price.

Realme 11 Pro

Realme 11 Pro Price in Pakistan: Rs. 79,999/-

This phone is often considered the best Realme phone in Pakistan because of its flagship-level features and looks. Continuing the trend of unique design, the back of the Realme 11 Pro is made out of vegan leather. The other big highlight of this Realme new mobile is the 120Hz curved display that it has on the front. The AMOLED display is claimed by Realme to have over 1 billion colors and up to 20k levels of brightness. This means that it should be an excellent viewing experience. The phone has a 100MP ‘OIS ProLight’ Camera that takes high-quality photos, even at a distance. Realme claims that the zoom on their camera is much sharper than other cameras. The built-in stabilizer helps take high-quality videos as well.

Realme C53

Realme C53 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 34,999/-

Although this may not be the best Realme phone in Pakistan, it is certainly one of the most popular. The Realme C53 is one of Realme’s budget options that offers great features at a reasonable price. Realme mobile price often tends to be in contrast with the features, and this phone is no exception. This phone comes with up to 12GB of RAM along with 128GB of ROM, which means that apps will boot and run fast. The phone is one of the only in the price range that offers fast charging capability. The C53 comes with 33W fast charging that claims to get you a 50% charge in just half an hour. The battery itself is also a massive 5000mAh, so no worrying about running out of battery during the day.

Realme 9i

Realme 9i Price in Pakistan: Rs. 77,499/-

Another very high-quality Realme new model is the Realme 9i smartphone. The phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor that is built on a 6nm process. This means that you will get an extremely fast, battery-efficient, and powerful phone experience. In addition, the 6GB of memory that it comes with can be expanded through dynamic ram expansion tech to 11GB. This means that not only do apps run fast, but they also boot fast and run concurrently as well. The screen is a 6.6-inch large 90Hz refresh rate screen that is great for viewing all kinds of content. The dual stereo speakers that come in the phone also help to make for a more cinematic movie and gaming experience.

Realme C21Y

Realme C21Y Price in Pakistan: Rs. 24,999/-

Another popular phone option from the Chinese phone manufacturer is the Realme C21Y. One of the biggest attractions of this phone is the massive 500mAh battery that comes with it. This super long-lasting battery allows you to do all of your regular tasks without ever worrying about the battery. The 13 MP AI triple camera is another highlight of this phone. It combines with a 2 MP macro lens for detailed close-up photography. Features like chroma boost, slo-mo recording and nightscape allow you to take the kind of photo that you want.

Realme C33

Realme C33 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 44,899/-

This phone is another great option from Realme. The design of the phone is made in a unique way. Realme says that it is supposed to resemble the sea, with the effect of a beam of light reflecting in the water. The biggest advertised attraction of the Realme C33 is the 50 MP AI camera that is on the phone. A unique algorithm comes in the phone that Realme claims provides you with clearer backlight photos. Dirac 3.0 technology allows for clearer and more powerful sound quality when you are watching content on the phone. All these features are powered by the large 5000mAh battery found in the phone.

Realme C25Y

Realme C25Y Price in Pakistan: Rs. 27,999/-

This is another great budget option from the developers at Realme. The biggest advertised feature of the Realme C25Y phone is the combination of the battery and the fast charging. The phone comes with a large 5000mAh battery on it, which should easily last you the whole day. When your phone does run out of battery, you can charge it quickly using the 18W quick charge functionality that comes in the phone. The phone is powered by a powerful octa-core processor that allows your apps to run at blazing fast speeds. This combines in addition for 4 GB of RAM. This means not only do apps run fast, they boot quickly as well.

Realme C11

Realme C11 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 22,999/-

Realme C11 is a great budget phone that has some features not usually found in this price range. The biggest of these is that the 5000mAh battery can also be used to reverse charge other devices. Realme advertises a ‘super night camera’ on this phone, which should be good at taking photos in the dark. The phone’s 13 MP and 2 MP AI dual camera also has the ability to use a Bokeh effect for more dramatic photos. The front camera is also able to take high-quality photos. AI technology adjusts your settings to make your photos the best they can be. The phone also supports face unlock, which is highly uncommon in this price category.

Getting a Realme Phone from Leyjao

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is Realme a Pakistani brand?

Realme is a smartphone brand that originated in China. They sell products in many different countries across the world, just one of which is Pakistan.

Are Realme and Redmi the same brand?

Realme and Redmi are two separate brands that are owned and operated by two entirely different companies. The only similarity between them is that they both originate from China.

Are Realme phones good phones?

Realme is considered to be one of the best brands, even among Chinese phone manufacturers, and is usually among the top 5 Chinese sellers. They are known for selling phones with flagship-level specs at affordable prices.

What OS do Realme phones run on?

All Realme phones run on the Android operating system. The company puts its own proprietary UI on top of it to make it their own.

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