Sony is known for giving immersive and exclusive experiences for your entertainment. Technology is evolving and finding suitable entertainment has become inevitable. So, If you want a device that can support your gaming craze, Sony LED is the best choice. Because you can watch your favorite TV shows in 4K and play your PS5 games on this latest LED.

Sony Bravia LED


LEDs are the latest evolution of the TVs in our home. Sony has one of the latest models in LEDs such as the Sony Bravia XR OLED. Besides, It is the latest model in Sony which supports gaming and movies simultaneously. These LEDs are designed to be compatible with PlayStations so when you open PS5, it automatically switches to gaming mode. 

However, it stays in normal picture mode where you can enjoy high-quality images and videos. To add more, the best thing about the auto genre picture mode is that you do not have to select anything as it automatically switches between both modes of display. 

Whereas, this specific feature is not available in other local LEDs. As a result, buying Sony LEDs is more worthy than other brands. However, you can get OLEDs from various other brands, 


Auto HDR tone mapping is another exciting feature of Sony LEDs. This feature automatically adjusts the tone of mapping and displays high-quality content. As a result, it improves the overall quality of HDR by displaying correct and saturated colors. 

However, you do not have to worry about the oversaturation and underexposure of colors. Sony is known for producing LEDs that are equipped to enhance your viewing experience with HDR content. Therefore, it is the best choice for professional gamers in Pakistan. 

First of all, the price is affordable and Leyjao is offering the best price online. You can get the cheapest sony led 50 inch price in pakistan from leyjao at a discounted price. 

Secondly, Leyjao offers different discount deals during the festive season. In addition to this, you can get discounts on specific months such as Blessed Friday. Lastly, there is a special sale offer during the wedding season where you can buy LEDs at different discount deals.


Suppose you are playing a high-graphics game on your PS5 and want to hear the action that matches the scene. For instance, when playing a fighting game, you want to hear the punch after hitting your opponent. 

Furthermore, the screen technology in Sony 4K LEDs makes the screen the speaker. This ultimately means that the sound you hear comes from the right place in the scene. So when you are watching a movie it enhances your overall cinematic experience.

Whereas the acoustic sound enhances you entertainment experience. XR sound creates sound vertically and from surroundings. However, it is a unique feature that is only available 

As far as the Sony led 4k price is concerned, it is the best suitable TV device for your home entertainment. Moreover, Sony provides you with a thrilling gaming experience with high-quality images at a reasonable price. Therefore, you can buy Sony LED TVs from leyjao with exclusive discounts. However, different models have different prices. Here are some specifications of these models. 


Sony’s cognitive processor is designed to take vision and sound to another level. In addition to this, the advanced processor reproduces content how you see and hear for an incredibly real-time experience. Whereas, it has an understanding of how the human eye focuses and presents extraordinary pictures with vivid colors. 

Whereas, you can get other apps on this smart TV. Sony LEDs have a video chatting option that allows you to use Google Chat and Zoom online. Furthermore, you can also install your favorite apps on this LED.

The other important highlight of this model is it has a high spectrum of colors. Whereas, if you compare it with other LEDs, it has high XR vision. You can position this LED in different ways. 

  • A bright, natural, and broad spectrum of colors
  • Enjoy movies with the new BRAVIA XR Cam 
  • Front and back position styles 
  • Intelligent and smooth Picture Motion 
  • Proximity Alert
  • Auto Power Saving Mode 

Every model from Sony is full of advanced features. Whereas, these features are designed not only to enhance your video quality experience but also to ensure that you enjoy the TV with the latest technology. However, the salient features of the Sony mini LED are 

  • XR Backlight Master drive 
  • Acoustic Multi Sound 
  • Voice control with Google Search 
  • X-Wide angel 
  • X- Anti-reflection 
  • Video Chatting 

However, Sony has all these exclusive features which make it a perfect choice for every gaming person. In addition to this, the best thing about these devices is that although they are expensive, you can easily get them on easy monthly installments from leyjao. Whereas, Leyjao offers different models at reasonable prices. You can get the cheapest sony led 32 inch price in pakistan from us with exclusive discounts.

Whereas, various other brands are available at leyjao. You can get Samsung LED TV, TCL Smart LED, Orient HD LED, Panasonic LED TV, and other branded LEDs at a reasonable price from us. Whereas, leyjao is the best place to buy the best LED for your entertainment. 


Sony Bravia is the world’s first cognitive intelligence TV. Further, It optimizes images according to the human eye and transforms your overall viewing experience. Similarly, the XR sound turns a sound source into an immersive experience with the cognitive processor. As a result, you can hear sounds more accurately and clearly, whatever you are watching on this TV. Moreover, It gives a perfect harmony to sound and picture and makes your experience more exciting and thrilling.

Similarly, if you are looking for a cheaper and advanced version in Sony LEDs, it should be your choice. So enhance your overall cinematic experience with this model. 

The salient features of this model are 

  • High Picture 
  • Vivid Clarity 
  • XR Contrast 
  • XR Motion 
  • Smart TV Features

The smart TV features allow you to access your favorite apps with one go on your Sony TV. Besides, You can enjoy voice search on Google TV and search for anything with this smart feature. Whereas, Various other things make Sony devices a must-have option at your home. Let's say you can control all of your Sony devices with one smart remote.

Whereas, this smart remote has a direct button for Netflix and other OTT apps. These buttons allow you to conveniently tune into your favorite apps. Similarly, it has a user-friendly interface that is easily understandable for everyone. 


Sony Bravia LED is the world’s first smart intelligent TV that gives you an immersive sound experience automatically according to your position. However, it is the best device for Playstations as it has an auto genre picture mode that automatically adjusts between games and movies. In addition to this, The auto HDR mapping and Dolby surround sound make you feel like the voice is coming from LED. Leyjao is known for providing high-quality products at reasonable prices to its customers. Lastly, you can get the best sony bravia led tv 43 inch price in pakistan from leyjao. So what are you waiting for, go and buy the latest Sony devices at easy monthly installments now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is Sony Led Tv Better Than Other LED TVs?

Yes, sony LED TV is the best LED tv than other because of its smart features, sleek design, and affordable prices.

Where Can I Get Affordable LED TV Online?

Leyjao.Pk is the best e-commerce store offering cheap prices on branded LED TVs.

Do Sony Smart TVs Support High-definition Picture Quality?

Yes, sony 4k smart TV and other models support high-definition picture quality by providing you with a realistic experience.

Can I Connect Gaming Consoles And Other Devices With A Sony Android Tv?

Yes, you can connect gaming consoles and other devices with a sony android tv because of the multiple port options available.