LG is known for enhancing your home entertainment and cinematic experience with the latest TV models. With a reasonable LG LED TV Price, you can install a thrilling entertainment system at your place. Leyjao offers LG TVs at a discounted price with easy payment options. However, you can easily convert your purchase to easy monthly installments from 3 to 18 months. 

Lg LED Tv Price in Pakistan


Leyjao believes in providing high-quality and the latest electronic devices to customers. It has the latest OLED to nano cell TVs at a discounted price. Every LG TV has unique specification and features that distinguish it from the other models of the LG TV’s. 

If you are looking for the right match for your entertainment time, LG has all types of TVs for you. Whether you are looking for an LED with a high refresh rate or you want a TV with smart features, LG has every type of LED that suits your specific needs. Here are the different types of LEDs offered by LG in 2024. 


LG’s Organic Ligh Emitting Diode (OLED) is the latest technology available in LEDs in today’s world. Whereas, the OLED LEDs from LG are known for their self-emitting technology which means that each pixel on the screen emits its light. This brings a more lifelike feel to the screen of Lg television with deeper blacks and rich colors. 

The lg oled tv 32 inch is the best choice if you are looking for a small LED with high picture quality. You can now enjoy the best cinematic experience at home with high sound quality as well. Just tune in to your favorite OTT app and enjoy your favorite movie.

Lg oled TVs have a wide color gamut that brings life to the entertainment at home. The brighter blacks make the color more vivid and visible enough. You can see the clear difference in colors between OLEDs and 4k. 

Leyjao has the best lg oled tv price in Pakistan. However, You do not need to go anywhere as the product will be directly delivered to your place without any shipping charges. 


QNED TVs are one of the advanced technology in the LEDs. Just like LCD TVs use liquid crystals to display pictures, QNEDs use quantum dots. Whereas, these dots are tiny little particles that emit light when current passes through them. However, lg lcd price in pakistan is relatively lower than the latest QNEDs. 


Talking about the LG smart tv, QNEDs are equipped with the latest apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, the latest smart TV sets have these features but you cannot go there directly from your remote.

Lg smart tv android operating system is the best way to enjoy your favorite shows online. So, you can also browse various online apps on your TV, whether it is a sports app or gaming app, you can enjoy it online. 


The led 4k ultra hd smart tv is usually installed at home to enhance the cinematic experience. You can spend quality time with your family by enjoying movies with them. Or you can enjoy your favorite game with your friends. 

As far as lg led tv price in pakistan are concerned, you can get the best discounts at leyjao. Leyjao is offering LG LEDs at a reasonable price. However, The prices may vary according to the type and size of the LED. 

For instance, lg 32 inch led price in pakistan starts from 38000/= Pkr. It is the most convenient and budget-friendly option for small households in Pakistan. However, it is also suitable for playing games on your PlayStations. 

Similarly, if you want to enjoy a complete cinematic experience at home, a 75-inch LED is the perfect choice. It might be expensive for one time but it will enhance your movie experience. Whereas if you buy lg 75-inch led tv from leyjao, it starts from 400000=/PKR.


4K is the resolution of 4000 pixels which takes your cinematic experience to another level. The lg oled tv 4k 65 inches is the best possible choice to enjoy movies at your home. High picture quality with the latest display takes your cinematic experience to another level.

An Android LED TV with smart features is the best thing to enjoy your favorite TV shows online. So, you can install your favorite sports apps and other entertainment apps directly to your LED.

The lg led tv gives you the HDR viewing experience elevating your overall experience. This technology offers much better detailing and contrast in images. However, LEDs have a bright light and high contrast, which is ideal for HDR.


The lg led 3d smart tv models bring reality to your 3D movies. You can enjoy animated movies on your LED TV with pictures and videos coming out of the screen. You can give a theater experience to children at home.

Watching movies without superior sound quality is worthless with high OLED displays. You can enjoy your favorite series on lg 90 inch tv with Dolby sounds. You can build a home theater at home with the help of a 90-inch LED.

The 4K LEDs are perfect for enjoying your favorite sports events and playing games. With exceptional graphics and resolution, you can entertain yourself with a 65-inch LED. The lg 65 inch led tv price in pakistan is around 218000=/Pkr. 


The most prominent cornerstone of the LG electronic is the nanocell TV. Lg smart led tv 32 inch has nanoparticles that refine your screen and filter out the pure rich colors so you can enjoy high-quality pictures with the help of this LED TV. 

Pioneer of LG electronics, nano cell lg 43 inch smart led tv ensures you are viewing supreme quality pictures. It filters out the unwanted light waves which ultimately gives you more accurate and vivid picture quality.


If you like to play games on bigger screens, lg 43 inch led smart tv gives you an immersive experience. You can make your gaming experience worth by choosing the right LED for your PlayStation. 

However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, you buy ecostar smart tv 32 inch LED from Leyjao gives up to 12% off on Ecostar LEDs with free shipping to your place.


LG is a renowned brand in electronics that has been operating for decades and providing TVs for entertainment, educational, and work purposes. For example, you can gather LG LEDs for your workplace in various sizes such as 19, 23, and 24 inches.

The LG 19 inch led tv is perfect for small workplaces. If you are looking to establish a new business, 19-inch LEDs are the cheapest option for you. You can easily create a cost-effective workplace with these LEDs.


Similarly, you can install a CCTV monitoring system with lg 23 inch led tv price at a reasonable rate. You can use it to monitor a 4-6 camera CCTV system at your home or workplace. 

So, You can easily move the system without any inconvenience. Lg led tv 20 inch price is the best suitable option if you want to install a small CCTV system. However, you can only see fewer cameras on it, it gives you the best possible pricing option for your system.

To get the best LG 24 inch led tv price in pakistan, you can check prices at leyjao. Leyjao is the best platform to buy LED screens of all sizes online. You can get a wide range of products with special discounts from us. 

There are a variety of models of lg 40 inch led tv. However, Leyjao believes in providing the best suitable devices for your home. You can get the cheapest QNED LG 40 led tv price from leyjao with exclusive offers. 


LEDs have transformed the way we entertain ourselves in our leisure time. People used to go to cinemas to watch and enjoy movies on the big screen. But brands like LG have made it easier for everyone to create a cinematic experience at home. With LG led 55 inch price in pakistan, you easily enjoy a mini theater experience at home. 

The lg 55 inch led tv price in pakistan is the most suitable option for you to enhance your movie time. Other than aesthetic designs, LG smart TVs are equipped with a unique set of features such as a user-friendly interface.

It has a variety of widgets and other apps accessibility in front of your eyes. An LG led tv 42 inch smart TV has a built-in option to give you ad-free entertainment. However, if you are someone who hates advertisements, it is the most reasonable choice for you. 

The other notable features are voice control and a magic remote. LG smart tv price in pakistan starts from 32000=/ pkr. However, This Unique price range with top-notch features makes it a suitable option for your place.

With these unique features, it is the best lg led 42 inch price in pakistan. Similarly, the lg 43 inch led tv price in pakistan is around 78000=/ Pkr which makes it one the most reasonable choices for your home entertainment. 


There was a time when LCD revolutionized the way home entertainment. Lg lcd 32 inch price in pakistan was considered the best option for middle-class families because of its moderate size and price range. 

But now lg led smart tv price in pakistan have made it way easier for you to enjoy your favorite TV shows online. Leyjao has brought convenience in home appliances shopping and you can easily get your favorite branded TV sets from leyjao at EMI. 

You can buy the latest smart TV without disturbing your monthly budget. Whether you want the best haier smart LED price in Pakistan or the LG smart Nanocell TVs everything is available at a reasonable price. Shop Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which Is The Best LED Brand In Pakistan?

LG LED TV is the best TV brand in Pakistan because it has some of the latest technologies like Oled, Qned, and NanoCell LEDs.

What Is The Price Of An LG 4K Smart TV in Pakistan?

The 4k smart LED price in Pakistan depends on the size and type of screen. The cheapest 4K smart LED is 32 inches and you can get it from leyjao at a reasonable price.

What Are The Latest Features Of LG Smart TVs?

LG smart TV has unique features such as a user-friendly interface, voice control, magic remote, and ad-free operations in the operating system.

Where You Can Get The Cheapest LG LED Price In Pakistan Online?

Leyjao is offering exclusive discounts on LG LEDs in Pakistan. You can avail of the latest buy now pay later offer to easily get your favorite LED from leyjao.