Other Branded Smart Watches

Other branded smart watches are also sometimes known in Pakistan as non-branded smart watches. These are all the watches that do not neatly fit into any of the other major categories of brands. The advent of cheap Chinese watches of good quality means there are many options here.

Why Get Non-Branded Smart Watches?

An important question to answer is why there is a non-branded watch category on our site in the first place. With the large number of luxury brand smart watches that are out there, one would think that there would be no need for this category. Yet the reality is that many people living in Pakistan find it difficult to afford these very highly-priced products. This is where this side market emerged. Lesser-known companies started to make affordable smart watch options.

This allowed people who could never previously Affordable Smartwatches to enjoy their benefits now. Thus, a new non-branded category with a cheaper digital watch price in Pakistan came to be. These watches usually use somewhat cheaper parts to make the watches more affordably priced. For example, if you compare the stainless steel watch price in Pakistan to a zinc alloy or plastic one, the difference is very significant for the average buyer.

Popular Other Brand Watches

There are many different watch options that are popular in the other branded smart watch category. These are just a few of the more popular options.

T500 Smart Watch

T500 Smart Watch Price in Pakistan: Around Rs. 2,799/-

A great smart watch cheap price option is the T5000 smart watch. The watch comes with a built-in alarm clock, calendar, camera and stopwatch. These features help to make it a very useful productivity tool. The watch also comes with a number of fitness features, including a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen and blood pressure monitors. The watch also records the number of steps and reminds you to move if you have been stationary for too long.

I8 Pro Max Smart Watch

I8 Pro Max Smartwatch Price in Pakistan: Around Rs. 2,999/-

Those looking for a cheap smart watch will find few better options than the i8 Pro Max Smartwatch. The I8 Pro Max has a built-in microphone and speaker. This means that you can take calls directly on the watch itself without the need to take out your phone. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth to achieve this purpose. The watch contains many different health features not usually found at this price. These include an ECG measurement, body temperature and blood pressure sensors, and the usual heart rate monitor. These combine with the multiple sports modes to make a complete suite.

T500 Plus Smart Watch

T500 Plus Smart Watch Price in Pakistan: Around Rs. 3,750/-

The T500 Plus is the upgraded version of the basic watch with this name. The watch is one of the better-looking options on this list. The black strap that comes with the matching body gives it a very sleek and stylish look that matches with any outfit. You can also buy an additional strap that gives it a more sporty look. The watch gives you notifications from all the common social media apps, including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. It also has a built-in calendar and calculator for added productivity. You can also record calls for reference later on.

D18 Smart Watch

D18 Smart Watch Price in Pakistan: Around Rs. 1,499/-

The D18 is a great smart watch low price option as it comes in at only around 1500 rupees. This is one of the only watches in this category that actually comes in a circular shape rather than rectangular. The watch supports both Android and iOS devices, which adds to its versatility. The watch supports not only Bluetooth calling but music control as well. In addition, you can control your phone’s camera through the watch as well. Along with the usual health monitors are sedentary reminders, which remind you to move around if you have been stationary for a very long time. There is also a hydration reminder that tells you to drink water at intervals.

U8 Smart Watch

U8 Smartwatch Price in Pakistan: Around Rs. 2000/-

Another great other branded smart watch option is the U8 Smart Watch. This watch has a very rugged design to it. The overall look is of a durable sports watch that is square in shape. The watch is made out of steel construction, which means that it should be completely fine for outdoor use. The 230mAh battery that comes with it means that you can engage in all your daily activities without running out of juice. The watch comes with the option of an altimeter along with calorie measurements and distance covered. This, combined with the step counter and stopwatch, makes it a great hiking and running device.

Dany Call Fit 5 Smart Watch

Dany Call Fit 5 Smart Watch Price in Pakistan: Around Rs. 8,499/-

Getting a Dany smart watch means that, in addition to getting a smart watch, you support a local company. Dany is one of the few Pakistani companies that are in the space. The Call Fit 5 is one of the most popular watches available from this brand. And subsequently, it is one of the top affordable smart watches currently in Pakistan. It has a 43mm size case with a full-touch display. The watch has eight sports modes to track your physical activities easily. There are also some additional health features like breathing exercises, heart rate and blood oxygen level tracking, and in-depth sleep tracking.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Are all smart watches made in China?

China makes most electronic wearable. They're popularizing China's electronics manufacturing. China produced 80% of smart watches.

What is the lowest price of a smart watch in Pakistan?

Leyjao.pk is your one-stop shop for purchasing smart watches online. Prices for entry-level smart watches begin at around 1,199 Pakistani rupees, while premium models may cost more than 5,000 Pakistani rupees.

Do smart Watches damage health?

These gadgets are wrist-worn computers. Use determines whether electronic devices are hazardous. Radiation exposure and health concerns remain.

What is the average life with a smart watch?

Depending on the brand and type, a smartwatch might last anywhere from two to five years or even more. However, lifespan must finally be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Can a smart watch drain your phone battery?

A Bluetooth-paired watch or band provides data to the phone occasionally. When the wearable gadget sends data, the phone wakes up, boosting battery usage.

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