A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is an electronic device used to supply power when there is a power outage or failure. You can buy an affordable UPS price in Pakistan at leyjao. pk on amazing deals and discounts. These eco-friendly electronic household appliances have replaced harmful generators.

ups price in pakistan

These amazing UPS devices do not make any noise compared to traditional generators. These ups are considered as portable as they are smaller in size than compared to generators. You can also buy ups on installment at leyjao.pk



The main difference between UPS and an inverter is that you can use UPS as an immediate backup of power supply to protect your home appliances from long power outages, meanwhile, an inverter can not be considered a quick fix for these power outages as they take longer time to turn on. UPS is best for computers and TVs while inverters are good for electrical home appliances as they take time to load.


UPS are built so efficiently that they do not need any maintenance. An inverter on the other hand needs regular maintenance. The lifespan of an inverter can be shortened by dirt, large air circulation, and other different factors. Maintaining a UPS can be easier because you just need to change the batteries when your UPS isn't working. The only downside of these UPS is that you must constantly charge them when there is a power outage.UPS price in Lahore may vary from the UPS price in Karachi as both of these have different economic conditions.


UPS are more high priced as compared to inverters. Inverters save energy and provide more backup time as compared to these UPS gadgets. There are so many affordable options available in inverters on leyjao, from solar to hybrid you can get an affordable UPS inverter price in Pakistan under one online platform.


UPS can be used for your home appliances, in your offices, and for industrial purposes meanwhile, inverters can only be used in offices. A solar inverter in Pakistan can provide several hours of backup UPS on the other hand can only provide 15 minutes of backup. You can extend the supply of power through UPS when you are only using a few lights and fans in your house, you do not have to worry about inverters because their performance depends on their capacity.



  • UPS is very safe and easy to use. All you have to do is make a connection in the required space. A mini ups price in Pakistan is budget-friendly and also safe for your utility bills. 
  • Continuous flow of power is necessary in every household and office. With a budget-friendly home ups price in Pakistan on Leyjao, you will also understand the importance of data protection. Sensitive data is stored in our office laptops and computers that do not require any breakage. 
  • Long-lasting equipment performance is maintained by UPS. UPS for sale in Lahore is perfect for our household. When there is unnecessary fluctuation in voltage the UPS protects our electronic equipment.
  • 5kva ups price in Pakistan is reliable and also helps in continuity of operations. When you have a proper backup plan for electricity you can easily do all your tasks. 
  • Peace of mind is very important and depends on the UPS kit price in Pakistan. The lower the price the lower the stress is. If you know that UPS is affordable for you, you will feel relaxed.


  • Battery maintenance is a very difficult task. ags ups battery price in Pakistan is quite expensive and thus you can not change batteries every year. For efficient working battery must be replaced after a year. 
  • UPS usually has a limited power backup with an expensive price range. 1 kw ups price in Pakistan is very expensive and also gives limited power backup. 
  • UPS is always costly because you do not need only a UPS but also a battery with connection charges separately. With a UPS battery price Karachi, you can also search for its price in Lahore to know the difference. 
  • Negative Impact On Environment



  • Inverters are easily portable you can place them anywhere you want. Leyjao offers a reasonable ups solar inverter price in Pakistan that does not require much effort to place. 
  • Inverters are always energy-efficient besides a 2kva ups price in Pakistan. They require less energy and do not affect your utility bills like a UPS does.
  • With a 1000 watt inverter price in Pakistan, you will get a regulated and stable power supply. A stable power supply is always essential to maintain your electronic equipment's performance.
  • Inverters are always noise efficient in a lower price range as compared to an ups 2000 watt price in Pakistan. 


  • A power inverter price in Pakistan is very expensive. Most Pakistani people cannot afford expensive inverters. 
  • Inverters produce dangerous heat. inverter for home is not an easy choice. You need to check its heat production value. 


Leyjao is the best stop for affordable home appliances in Pakistan. You can get the best ups in Pakistan under one roof. As technology has advanced there are so many affordable variations in UPS such as hybrid ups, digital ups, luminous, and solar ups. You can purchase all of these on leyjao at very reasonable and affordable prices.

There are the following types given below


Hybrid UPS are manufactured to produce electricity in a controlled manner through solar energy and battery. The Hybrid UPS Pakistan is extremely affordable and reasonable as it is energy efficient and helps you save large amounts of money on utility bills. The hybrid UPS battery price in Pakistan is far more affordable than the traditional generator.

A hybrid UPS is bound to provide a continuous power supply so that your data can not be affected. You can get an affordable UPS and battery price in Pakistan from Leyjao. These types of UPS ensure to provide rapid electricity backup in case of blackout. If you want to purchase the best quality UPS in Pakistan then you have to research different online websites and look into features and price ranges that match your preferences.

A hybrid UPS does not function on any fuel or any other thing. You don't have to spend a lot of money on an ups price in Lahore as they are low on maintenance. You don't have to spend a lot of time, energy, and resources on these energy-efficient ups.

Hybrid UPS comes with a battery that uses solar energy to recharge when the weather is bright and sunny. Batteries connected to a hybrid UPS can store large amounts of energy when the weather is pleasant. You can also get an affordable solar ups price in Pakistan from Leyjao. Investing in a solar UPS inverter can be considered an affordable and wise decision.


A standby UPS is a type of uninterruptible power supply known as offline UPS. The purpose of these standby-ups is to provide basic protection to electronic devices from low and high fluctuations in power. These ups function by supplying power continuously to the linked devices in case of any blackout. You can get cheap ups Pakistan rates from Leyjao when compared to other brands.

A standby UPS is cost-effective and affordable compared to other UPS types. These are also known as computer Ups as they provide immediate supply and help in protecting your important data. Usually, a computer UPS price in Pakistan falls between 16,000 - 49,000 Rs. These price ranges vary from capacity to features of a UPS. If you want a piece of information on a  2000 watt ups price in Pakistan or 500 watt ups price in Pakistan, then checking the Leyjao website can be a good decision.

Standby UPS is relatively easy to install as compared to generators. One of the main benefits is the budget-friendly price range of these ups and their batteries. You can purchase a reasonable ups battery price in Lahore on different online platforms. Leyjao provides affordable and the best ups price in Pakistan with amazing discounts and sales.

One of the attractive features of standby ups is their noise reduction quality. These types of UPS work silently without making a lot of noise. This feature of Standby UPS is beneficial for creating a healthy and noise-free environment. These types of UPS fall in different price ranges, for example, standby 1000 watt ups price in Lahore is approximately very affordable and reasonable for everyone to buy.


Online double conversion UPS is one of the best types of UPS used in offices, especially software houses. This is because offices completely operate on the Information Technology system so require a strong backup plan. With a 5000 watt ups price in Pakistan you will get exponential results at affordable rates to get complete backup for your important data.

This type of UPS is also called an online UPS because it works on the principle of AC-DC/DC-AC. This means that these UPS do not require power transfer switches to operate. A 3000 watt ups price in Pakistan falls best under this category of UPS. It does not matter whether the AC input fails or not the battery and the UPS still work efficiently. A max power ups price in Pakistan is affordable and perfect for handling critical loads to maintain IT infrastructure.

These UPS are perfect for 100% power conditioning and provide continuous flow to the battery. A luminous UPS 900va price in Pakistan is a reasonable and perfect fit for such types of UPS. You can easily purchase them from Leyjao at budget-friendly prices. No matter how much load you have these UPS work efficiently without any disturbance. They can also be used for backup generator systems with a 1 kg watt inverter and noise reduction properties. 


It is a type of UPS that has a complete hold on power conditioning as well as battery backup. You can also rely on digital home ups inverter to protect your essential things from any inconvenience. These UPS are usually used in certain areas where there is so much power fluctuation issue.

Continuous power fluctuation damages your electronic equipment therefore a backup is always necessary. A 1500 watt ups price in Pakistan is relatively lower because it has the feature of voltage boost circuitry. If you want to have complete protection then a wider range line-interactive UPS is good to go.

A line-interactive UPS for sale in Pakistan is preferred because it can track voltage levels. So, when the connection detects under and lower voltage it fixes immediately because of line-interactive UPS. A UPS and inverter price is different from one another, you can check both on Leyjao’s website. But always choose the one that perfectly meets your all needs.


UPS for sale in Pakistan

Leyjao is one of the best e-commerce stores that has a wide variety of home appliances, especially UPS. Different brands are available in which homage ups are running at the top. Along with that, you can also find plenty of budget-friendly brands on Leyjao with greater reliability and durability. Some of the leading brands are:

Apollo Home UPS HDX Series

Apollo is a leading brand in Pakistan served for many years giving an amazing UPS range. Leyjao is giving 9% OFF on Apollo home UPS HDX series 800 watts. Similarly, you can also search for a homage ups 800 watt price in Pakistan on Leyjao at discounted rates. Apollo UPS has plenty of advanced features that make their UPS worth buying. 

One of the best things about this HDX series UPS is that it has an LCD+LED indication feature. This feature is similar to a homage inverter because it is also user-friendly just like that. This feature makes this UPS stand out among other branded UPS. You can easily get this UPS at Rs. 31,250 on Leyjao.


A UPS or inverter is always incomplete without a powerful battery. To make the UPS and inverter work appropriately you always need to attach a battery. An Ags ups battery price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 18,150 to Rs. 63,250 which is expensive. But Leyjao offers an additional 9% discount on them. So, you can get an AGS battery starting from Rs. 16,500 and ending at Rs. 57,500. 

This discounted price range mentioned above is similar to ups 2000 watt price in Pakistan. Thus you can get the both at same and reasonable price range. If you want to maintain the continuous flow of electricity choose a powerful ags battery for ups. It saves you a lot of money and maintains the quality of your electronic equipment. 


Beon is another leading brand available on Leyjao. Pk. People are now completely dependent on brands because of their reliability and quality. A homage 700 watt ups price in Pakistan falls under the category of reasonably priced inverters range. Beon UPS Inverter 720 Watts 12 Volts For 5 Fans and 5 LED Bulbs is a complete powerhouse package for your household. 

The discounted price of this UPS Inverter is Rs. 28,500 which is only available on Leyjao. Besides that, a homage ups 600 watt price in Pakistan is also equal to the Beon UPS inverter. Before making any purchase always match the prices of different brands then decide the one. If you want a budget-friendly UPS or inverter Leyjao is always your trustable companion.


Solar UPS inverters are very common in Pakistan because they are energy-efficient. If you want a reasonable homage solar inverter ups price in Pakistan check the entire range of UPS inverter collection on Leyjao. You will find both the least expensive as well as the most expensive.

Bolt Series (Hbs-6016Scc) UPS Solar Supported Inverter price is Rs. 330,000 after discount. And Bolt Series (Hbs-3216Scc) UPS Solar Supported Inverter price is Rs. 183,000 after discount. Both of these are available on Leyjao. These price ranges fall under the category of omega ups price in Pakistan. As both have the same price range and features. You can use these UPS inverters at your office where data protection is an essential thing. 


Homage is the No. 1 brand for UPS and solar inverters in Pakistan. Leyjao is your one-stop solution because we have this brand on our website. A homage ups inverter price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 140,000 and ends at Rs. 51,000 at 9% OFF on Leyjao. Homage HVS-5012-SCC Off Grid Solar Supported Inverter at Rs. 140,000 is also available at a discount at Leyjao. These are the perfect type of solar inverters that consume less electricity.

If you do not want to increase your utility bill always choose an energy-efficient homage ups 5000 watt price in Pakistan. This is a reasonably priced solar inverter UPS that does not cost you a lot. This means you have to invest once and enjoy a continuous flow of electricity for a longer period. 


Leyjao also has Inverex solar inverter a smart choice for your living space and commercial space. inverse ups 1000 watt price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 325,000 to Rs. 95,000. These solar inverters work exponentially in your commercial space. They have built-in advanced features that make them unique among other brands. So, choose wisely as it is a lifetime investment.


Leyjao is the No. 1 marketplace in Lahore delivering nationwide. If you are in search of the best household appliances then Leyjao is your ultimate stop. We have plenty of brands available for UPS and inverters that meet your all requirements. Visit our website and check prices, brand availability, and exclusive features.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Does Leyjao Have Multiple-watt UPS And Inverters Available?

Yes, we have multiple-watt UPS and inverters available ranging from 600-5000 watts.

What Features Should I Look For In A UPS?

You should consider battery backup, surge protection, types of batteries, number of outlets, and voltage fluctuations.

Does Leyjao Offer Budget-friendly UPS And Inverters?

Yes, you can find budget-friendly UPS and inverters on our e-commerce store.

How Can I Find Reliable UPS On Leyjao?

You can check our customer reviews, ratings, and warranty period to ensure the performance and reliability of a UPS from our website.

Are There Any Discounts On Ups At Leyjao.pk?

Yes, we are offering up to 40% discount on our UPS range.

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