Affordable Garment Steamer Price in Pakistan 2024

The average garment streamer price in Pakistan is around Rs. 20,000. Leyjao has the best collection of garment steamers. We have the lowest discounted price of a Handheld steamer at Rs. 2,399. You can buy garment steamer at easy monthly installments with zero markup. The installments can be as low as Rs. 1,218

Leyjao Has The Best Garment Steamer Price Online 

Leyjao believes in providing high-quality products to the customers. We have a wide range of products in the iron press. You can buy conventional garment steamers at a low price from us. However, people in Pakistan are shifting towards garment steamer for various reasons. 

First of all, it is energy efficient. Electricity is a major issue in Pakistan. So when you buy home appliances online in pakistan, you must pay attention to this important factor. It consumes less electricity than a conventional steamer. Because it uses hot water to make your clothes wrinkle-free it is the best option for pressing all types of clothes. However, it would be best if you kept these factors in mind when you buy a garment steamer 

Steam Flow Rate

Steam flow rate is a crucial factor in the anti-creasing of your clothes. You can determine it through grams per minute. The higher flow rate gives you more efficient wrinkle-free results. However, the most powerful garment steamer is the one that has a high steam flow rate.

Heat-up Time 

Buying a garment steamer is all about bringing convenience to your life. You invest money in the garment steamer because you want wrinkle-free clothes without wasting your time. The time should be 60 sec for the standing garment steamer. It is less than 30 sec for handheld garment streamers. Moreover, the price matters a lot. The best garment steamer in Pakistan is available at leyjao at a reasonable price.

Water Tank And Autonomy 

Capacity is a major thing when you are looking for a standing steamer price in Pakistan. The cost varies with the size of the water tanks. For example, the MRM Phillips standing steamer has a capacity of 85ml. Moreover, the autonomy time is up to 8 minutes. It means that you can easily press clothes for a long time. 

Furthermore, this best Philips garment steamer gets ready within 35 sec. It means you do not have to wait long to steam-press your clothes. When you buy a garment steamer, you do not have to worry about germs and bacteria. It sanitizes your clothes. It also removes odor for them. You feel fresh after wearing clothes. 

Power (Watt)

Power consumption of home appliances has an important role in your electricity bill. For instance, if you have a home appliance with an older version it can consume more energy. However, the latest models are designed in a way that they can save electricity. The garment steamer price varies according to the watts. You can get branded garment steamers from leyjao with different watt capacities. Moreover, different types of garment steamers are available online. 

Different Types of Garment Steamers

The cloth steamer price in Pakistan also changes with its type. Leyjao offers the best prices for different garment steamers online. For instance, the best handheld garment steamer is available at as low as Rs. 3431. There are two main types of garment steamers. First is a standing or upright garment steamer. It is usually expensive compared to the handheld garment steamers. 

And the other type of garment steamer is handheld. It is the best choice for you to carry with you at business meetings and social gatherings. It is the best travel garment steamer. Let us suppose, you are traveling to a wedding ceremony out of your city. 

Relatives usually attend weddings by staying at the wedding homes in Pakistan. The handled steamer is portable and easy to carry. You can easily adjust it with your other accessories. So that you would avoid inconvenience.

Buy the Best Garment Steamer price in Pakistan 

Leyjao is the best shopping online platform with thousands of brands and products from various sellers. Leyjao offers a wide range of products in the garment steamers. You can choose them according to your convenience and use. You can buy upright and handheld garment steamers at a special price from leyjao. At leyjao, you can save up to 52% on the steamers shopping from us. Moreover, we offer free shipping of garment steamers. You can also give payment to garment steamers in easy monthly installments. So, do not wait and grab your garment steamer now.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which Is The Best Garment Steamer In Pakistan?

A handheld garment steamer is handy. You can use it on different occasions with ease and convenience.

Does Garment Steamer Consume More Electricity?

The electricity consumption of the garment steamer depends on its watts. Leyjao offers garment steamers in different watt capacities. You can buy the best suitable garment steamer from leyjao.

How Handheld Garment Steamer Is More Convenient?

It depends upon your use. Upright garment steamers have a large capacity. It can press more clothes. However, a handled garment steamer is more convenient to use. You can easily carry it anywhere.

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