Best Power Bank in Pakistan

With mobile phones and their related accessories becoming a more and more fundamental part of our day to day lives, it is no wonder that everyone is searching for the best power bank in Pakistan.

Best Power Bank in Pakistan

Types of Power Banks

There are two main categories of power banks based on their functionality:

  • Wired Power Bank
  • Wireless Power Bank

Wired Power Bank

Wired power banks are, of course, the more widespread and common power banks that you generally see. These kinds of power banks usually have multiple ports so that you can charge many devices at the same time. The best power bank in this category tends to be a fast-charging power bank. This power bank should be able to charge your phone at speeds comparable to your regular charger. Advancements in charging technology have made it so that a charger and power bank are more or less interchangeable.

Wireless Power Bank

Advancements in modern charging technology have come to power banks as well. Now, your power bank can charge your phone without the need for a cable as well. A wireless power bank offers additional convenience and functionality beyond regular power banks. The added functionality does mean, though, that the power bank price is higher as well. This, as we know, translates to less widespread usage compared to the cheaper option. This will likely continue until these devices come down in price and become comparable to their wired brethren. New advancements do mean that a wireless power bank can also be a fast charging power bank. While capabilities are limited compared to wired fast charging due simply to the nature of wireless charging, they are mostly quite capable when it comes to everyday use.

Power Bank Sizes & Varieties

There are multiple different sizes and/or varieties of power banks available on the market. These are the most common ones.

10000mAh Power Bank

Power Bank 10000mAh Price in Pakistan: ~2000 to 4000 Rs.

The first, most affordable, and subsequently most common size of power bank 10000mAh. This kind of power bank is usually made purely to charge your phone and phone accessories. With the majority of phones now coming with somewhere around 4 to 5000mAh batteries, these are only good for charging your phone once or twice. The power bank 10000mAH is thus mostly meant to be an emergency solution rather than a day-to-day device.

20000mAh Power Bank

Power Bank 20000 mAh Price in Pakistan: ~4000 to 8000 Rs.

The second most common option in this category is the power bank 2000mAh size. This is the most popular option for those looking for a regular day to day device for use outdoors. The benefit here is that being double the capacity, it can charge your phone at least about 4 times. This means that it works great for those people who regularly find themselves in places where a socket isn’t nearby.

30000mAh Power Bank

Power Bank 30000mAh Price in Pakistan: ~8000 to 13000 Rs.

This is where we enter the territory of more niche use, high-powered power banks. The power bank 30000mAh capacity is definitely more than what is required for most people. These power banks are mainly brought for those people that want to charge high power devices like laptops. In addition, they want to have capacity left over for a second charge or for charging their phone. These chargers also tend to have high-power output delivery as standard, as that is usually needed for devices like laptops.

50000mAh Power Bank

Power Bank 50000mAh Price in Pakistan: ~9000 to 18000 Rs.

A power bank 50000mAh option as you can imagine is an absolute powerhouse of charging. This is usually more than the average person will need, but for specific use cases can be a lifesaver. The majority of people buying this size power bank spend long periods of time away from sockets. This could be people going on multi-day long camping or hiking trips. Buyers of this size of power bank could even be people who want a single charging hub for use by many people concurrently, on say a family get together or holiday.

iPhone Power Bank

While just a few years ago, no such thing as an iPhone power bank even existed, that is no longer true. The wireless MagSafe technology that Apple introduced in 2020 with the iPhone 12 gave birth to new accessories. With the ability to magnetically attach devices to the back of your phone came a unique wireless power bank. This iPhone power bank magnetically attaches to the back of the iPhone, charging it wirelessly. In addition, while doing this, it maintains a form factor that makes the combination very palmable.

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