As people say, “you cannot judge a book by its cover,” and the same is true for baby mattresses. Although you would not find any difference in baby mattresses from the outside from the inside, they are all made up of different kinds of foams, springs and may be constructed in many different ways.                                                                                                       

A Molty foam is a large, rectangular pad for supporting the reclining body which is designed to use as a bed and on a bed frame as part of a bed. Many mattresses are consist of quilted or fastened with similar cases and some may be filled with air.

Baby mattresses are normally placed on the top of a bed base which may be solid as in the case of a platform bed or elastic ones such as with an upholstered wood and wire box spring or a slatted foundation. Baby mattresses can be filled with air or different kinds of natural fibers i.e. futons. Kapok and Coirin are the common materials that are used in mattresses in South Asia.

All the baby mattresses, at, are strictly meet safety standards so both you and your baby could easily rest every night. Our removable and machine washable baby mattresses covers are designed to provide you good ventilation and your baby has child-safe zippers too.

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