Are you looking to buy an affordable LED for your living space? Leyjao is here to satisfy your entertainment needs with various TCL LED options. Besides that, you can also avail of a 12% discount on a TCL LED Price in Pakistan on our e-commerce store. A TCL LED is budget-friendly you can check its size and specifications according to your required budget.

TCL LED Tv Price in Pakistan

TCL is a Chinese brand that has recently gained so much popularity in Pakistan. People now prefer to buy a TCL smart TV for a variety of purposes including movie nights, gaming purposes, unlimited entertainment and so much more. Investing in TCL LEDs is the best option with advanced features and design. It will elevate your living area with its sleek design and smart features. 


There are plenty of categories of TCL LEDs revolving around the market. You can easily choose to buy TCL LED TV from Leyjao with the availability of different categories. We have different categories for TCL LED that will fulfill your requirements. You can also get discounts for a tcl 32 inch LED price in Pakistan after selecting your desired LED from Leyjao.

A TCL LED has basically 5 categories available up till now. We have listed their names in this article to make you decide easily. We also offer an exclusive discount on a tcl 55 inch led price in Pakistan to make it affordable for you. The 5 main categories of TCL LED TVs are:

  • Smart LED TV
  • Standard LED TV
  • Smart QLED TV
  • Smart mini QLED TV
  • Smart UHD LED TV

You can get all these categories on our webpage. Besides that, we have an affordable range for a  tcl 43 inch 4k smart TV price in Pakistan. All these categories have different price ranges but provide you with unlimited entertainment with almost the same advanced features. So, we offer you a variety of choices for endless entertainment. 


As we have mentioned the categories above so according to the categories there are also different models available. With a tcl 40 inch led price in Pakistan, you can also explore updated prices for other models on Leyjao. Some of the exceptional features according to different models are explained below:


This model in TCL LED is the most basic type of model having a slightly lower price than other LEDs. A TCL LED 32 inch price in Pakistan is lower because it is the most simple HD LED without Android and wifi features. The display of this model can be connected to a cable or dish. Although it has fine sound quality with 10W built-in speakers. You can also connect a USB and HDMI to this model.


It is similar to a simple LED but what makes it different from it is the inclusion of Android features. Leyjao is offering discounted deals on Tcl smart TV 32 inch price online. The presence of Android features in an LED doubles up your entertainment. This means in a TCL Android TV 32 inch you can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Chrome Cast, and other applications. 


This model of LED usually has a 40-inch display and it is slightly better than a 32-inch display. The best thing about this TCL Android TV is that it has a 2K FHD display. It also has a 10W built-in speaker like a simple LED. It has the same connectivity options that are also available in a 32-inch TCL LED.


It is one the best models of an android smart led tv available in TCL. What makes this model distinct from the previous is its 16W built-in speakers with a refresh rate of 60Hz. People prefer this FHS Android LED because it is very comfortable for the eyes. Its brightness level can be automatically adjusted so that does not irritate your eyes. It is also available in bigger screen sizes like 43-inch.


It is one of the smallest LEDs available in the same TCL android TV 32 inch price in Pakistan. The speaker range is upgraded in this UHD LED model for up to 18W. It also has a 4K UHD display quality that enhances its picture quality. This UHD smart TCL LED is powered by Android R. What makes it unique from the previous is its micro dimming and dynamic color enhancement. Thus you can enjoy better picture quality and amazing sound on this TCL LED model. 


A QLED is usually available in a 43-inch LED size. tcl qled is widely preferable among Pakistani people. What makes this LED most advanced is the availability of Quantum dot technology and color gamut. It has dual 20W built-in speakers that elevate its sound quality to a wider extent. 

This QLED is perfect for gaming. You can enjoy your leisure gaming time on this advanced TCL LED. Just like a TCL 43 inch smart TV, it has 120Hz DLG technology that makes it appropriate for gaming. So, if your man or children are fond of gaming choose this to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. 


If you want to enjoy smart features in a TCL LED then choose to buy a mini LED TV model. Leyjao offers a 12% discount on the TCL smart TV price in Pakistan to double up your entertainment. This model is usually available in a 55-inch LED size. It is also best for gaming purposes with up to 144Hz refresh rate. 

This mini LED TV is also famous because of its exceptional sound quality. You can enjoy 60W powerful speakers within the same tcl 55 inch smart TV price in Pakistan. It is not only a perfect choice for gaming but with its exceptional sound quality, you can enjoy it a lot. If you want to have an exotic cinematic experience at home then choose a mini LED TV.



TCL TV is one of the best choice to choose for your living space because of Androif features and Google Assistance. Leyjao offers an affordable tcl 42 inch led price in Pakistan that will not break the bank. Almost every TCL LED has built-in Netflix, YouTube, Chromecast, Bluetooth, and many other Android features. 

The presence of Google Assistant in TCL LEDs makes them the most advanced types of LEDs. This means you can do multiple web browsing tasks on this LED with a budget-friendly tcl 65 inch LED price in Pakistan. These LEDs have built-in features for streaming media, YouTube videos, and so much more. The versatile features as are follows:


The latest TCL LEDs are the smartest and most advanced forms of traditional televisions. The smart features included in these smart LEDs make them a perfect fit for your living room and bedroom. Leyjao has special discounts for TCL led rates in Pakistan. You can get these advanced LEDs from our website without getting out of budget. 

Internet is one of the main fantastic and exceptional features of a TCL LCD. With the help of the internet, you can browse anything on your smart LCD or LED. You can have the best media player, computer access, and television experience in a budget-friendly way on TCL LED. It is an all-in-one solution for every type of entertainment purpose. 


TCL LEDs are available in different sizes. You can choose the size according to your required space. The size of TCL LED is similar to led 4k ultra hd smart tv lg. You have multiple options available for LED TVs. Most minimum sizes available in TCL LED are 32 inches. Most people prefer to have bigger screen entertainment for their living space.

If you are a game lover or usually arrange a movie night then choose a bigger size LED. tcl led 75 inch price in Pakistan is slightly higher but for enhanced gaming and theatre experience it is perfect. The more bigger the size the more clear the picture is. Games and movies look attractive and enjoyable on bigger screens. 


Every electronic gadget has a unique type of built-in panel that will enhance its output result. When you choose an LED always check which panel it has for a wonderful display. Leyjao offers the cheapest tcl 50 inch 4k smart TV price in Pakistan with a free delivery option as well. HD panel is the best type of panel used in LEDs and TCL LEDs has this panel. 


People choose to place LEDs in their homes because they want to enjoy a high display resolution. What makes LEDs different from traditional televisions is their display resolution. You can experience higher display resolution at an affordable tcl 40 inch 4k smart TV price in Pakistan. TCL LEDs have an estimated display resolution of 1366 by 786 pixels. This display resolution makes them perfect for gaming as well as movies. 

The TCL LED TV price in Pakistan depends on the display resolution. The higher the display resolution the higher the price range. You do not need to worry about the price range as Leyjao is offering a 12% discount on TCL LEDs. Along with this discount, you can also enjoy the free delivery service that we are offering.


Electronic gadgets require a lot of electricity consumption but TCL LEDs consume less energy. A TCL LED is an energy-efficient device. Starting from the TCL LCD price in Pakistan, it is a smart choice if you want to reduce electricity consumption. Most TCL LEDs require 45 watts of electricity to operate.

Because of high inflation Pakistani people choose to buy energy-efficient electronic gadgets. Leyjao has the best tcl android led 32 inch price in Pakistan, with lower consumption of electricity. Along with that, it has the most advanced features rather than other branded LEDs. so, you can enjoy all the latest features at a low-cost utility bill. 


One of the best features of a TCL LED is that it has a brightness adjustment feature. This means your eyes will not get irritated when you watch at night with the lights off. You can get this amazing feature with coupon discounts on a TCL smart TV 55 inch price in Pakistan. 

People prefer such LEDs because they are excellent for their kids. 


TCL LEDs are available in a variety of colors. Leyjao LED TV is available in multiple color options and you can choose according to your choice. Most people prefer black color LEDs because they look more elegant and decent in every household. Black is always an attractive color in everything you purchase for your household. 


One of the best things about TCL LEDs is the availability of HDMI and A/V features. These features are similar to a haier curved led tv. According to this feature, you can make a strong connection of HD films and audio to multiple channels. TCL LEDs have multiple USB port options available. 

Whenever you search for a tcl led android 40 inch price in Pakistan always check the availability of these features. A TCL LED has a strong connection between the audio source and the visual source. You can easily find these smart LEDs on Leyjao with exclusive discounted rates.


Always choose an LED that offers various connectivity options. In this way, a TCL LED is a perfect choice to choose. Leyjao offers flat discounts on a tcl 50 inch led price in Pakistan. With multiple connectivity options, you can either connect an ethernet, wifi, USB, and much more. If an LED does not support all these connectivity options it is of no value. Some LEDs also support video game connection. So, you can also enjoy your favorite video games on them. 


Most smart LEDs support a voice control feature. This feature is only available in smart LEDs like Tcl LEDs. Leyjao has the best TCL smart led price in Pakistan that is equipped with voice control capability. You can easily command your smart LED TV by saying a few words like “Hey or Google”. 

Some TCL LEDs also have a Google Assistant feature on their remote. You can operate this feature by picking the remote. With affordable tcl 85 inch tv price in Pakistan on Leyjao you can enjoy advanced features. If your LED has a voice control feature your kids or old parents can also operate the LED. They command the desired channel and enjoy their favorite shows.


Chromecast is the most advanced feature that a TCL LED has. If your LED supports this feature you can easily enjoy the big screen while working. It elevates your working experience and gives your tcl oled tv price in Pakistan a drastic change. You can enjoy this advanced feature at the most lowest prices on our website.

Most people work from home so with a Chromecast they can wirelessly connect the LED with their laptop. Besides that, you can also transfer all movies and videos on your LED with this feature. If you are looking for a tcl led price in Pakistan 40 inch with Choremcast your search ends at Leyjao. We are the leading e-commerce store with a variety of smart TCL LEDs in a budget-friendly price range.


TCL LEDs have Google Play Store installed in them which helps you download different games and applications. You can enjoy multiple games in tcl led tv lowest price range available on Leyjao’s e-commerce store. Games are perfect to play on a high-quality screen resolution. Therefore, people prefer to enjoy their leisure time on smart TCL LEDs. 


With the advancement in the technological world, every electronic gadget works smartly. Smart home devices are used everywhere to control everything smartly with your smartphone or smart LED TV. A tcl android tv price in Pakistan varies according to the availability of smart features. Some smart features like smart locks, sensors, and bright lighting are available in TCL LED. You can easily operate your whole household with a strong connection to your smart LED. 


One of the best things about LEDs is that now you can explore the internet and social media on them. For instance, if you want to surf social media, a  tcl led 65 inch price in Pakistan is the best-suited option. Surfing different social media apps on smart LED TVs is a new experience anyone can have.

Similarly, you can also browse the internet on your Android TCL LED. It is one of the most remarkable characteristics of the cheapest tcl android tv price in Pakistan. This feature makes TCL LED different from other branded LEDs available in the market. So, enjoy your social apps and internet browsing on smart LEDs at an affordable price range. 



  • Similar to an ecostar wifi led tv price in pakistan, TCL also has wifi, Google Assistant, and Android TV options. These features make a TCL LED a perfect smart home gadget.
  • A TCL LED TV has an edge-to-edge design. The tcl led 50 inch price in Pakistan gives you a unique design to enhance your living space. The sleek and stylish designs available in TCL LEDs make them stand out among others.
  • A smart TCL LED in the lowest price range on Leyjao is fit for all your entertainment needs. With a tcl 75 inch tv price in Pakistan, you can enjoy your leisure time with multiple options available. 


  • Sometimes a TCL LED operating system requires an upgrade. This upgrade is quite expensive in a tcl led 43 inch price in Pakistan. 
  • With technological advancements 3D TVs are also in trend. The tcl led tv 48 inch price in Pakistan has no compatibility with 3D TVs.
Top 5 TCL LED TV Products Price
TCL 32" D310 HD Led TV 41,500 - Rs
TCL 40" S65A Smart LED TV 77,500 - Rs
TCL 43" S6500 Smart LED TV 85,000 - Rs
TCL 55" P635 UD/4K LED TV 1,49,500 - Rs
TCL 50" P635 UD/4K LED TV 1,27,500 - Rs

Leyjao is the leading online marketplace in Pakistan. You can avail 12% discount on TCL LEDs at Leyjao.pk. Besides that, we are also offering free delivery service to our beloved customers. Be a part of our team and enjoy multiple discounts and coupons on our TCL LED TV range. We have all exclusive options available for you to make your leisure time memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can I Get Discounts On TCL LED Tvs In Leyjao?

Yes, currently we are offering a 12% discount on TCL LED TVs.

Is There Any Replacement Warranty On Leyjao?

Yes, we offer a 5-7 day replacement warranty to all our beloved customers.

Can I Get Free Delivery For TCL LED From Leyjao?

Yes, we are offering worldwide free delivery services on TCL LEDs to all our valued customers.

Is There Any Installment Plan For TCL LED On Leyjao?

Yes, we offer a “Buy Now, Pay Later” policy. We have an installment plan of 3-18 months for our valued customers.

In How Many Days I Will Get My TCL LED TV From Leyjao?

Our estimated delivery time is 5-7 working days for TCL LED TV in Pakistan.

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