USB Type C Cable

The USB Type C cable is the new and improved version of the basic Type A. This cable is now the premiere cable used in the majority of new smartphones and devices in the world. From smartphones, to computers, and even some displays use it regularly.

Benefits of the Type C Charger Cable

This cable has many benefits, especially compared to the older Type A.

Quick Data Transfers

While the older cables only supported up to USB 3.0 speeds, the Type C charger cable supports USB 3.1 and even thunderbolt depending on the cable. This provides you with benefits beyond just faster file transfers. High transfer rates mean that you can use a USB Type C cable in many cases as a display cable. This is because high resolution image delivery is natively possible with these cables.

Faster Charging

The Type C cable made fast charging capability possible. While the older Type A standard could only support around 15W power delivery maximum, the new connector can get you up to a whole 100W.  What this means is the type c fast charging cable is capable of charging not just phones but laptops, tablets and other large devices. A unique protocol known as PD (Power Delivery) enables this powerful energy transfer. These two factors are the reason that the Type C cable price in Pakistan is higher than USB Type A. Newer technology and better hardware mean these cables cost more.


Possibly the biggest benefit of the Type C charger cable is something we slightly touched on above. As this cable is able to power multiple devices, it can thus be used as a singular universal cable. The great thing is that companies have started to take advantage of the power of this cable. The majority of tech makers implement Type C fast charging cable compatibility in their devices. This means this cable is slowly becoming the universal connector across the tech world. This is beneficial for the user as they will only require a single cable. This singular cable will be able to fulfill all their charging and data transfer needs. It is thought that the cable slowly becoming more standard will help reduce the Type C cable price in Pakistan as well.

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