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A mouse pad is a surface on which a computer mouse is positioned and pushed, accordingly. It is usually used for the usability of the mouse as compared to while using a mouse directly on a table by offering a surface for perfect and jitter-free movement of a mouse. There are many kinds of mouse pads with various different textured surfaces to match all kinds of latest mouse technologies. The latest mousepads are normally made up of rubber composition with minimum density and also have upper surface bonded fabric.

As soon as mousepads came into the market, they got humongous attention and became a popular and mandatory tool for computers. There is a number of advantages for introducing the mouse pads with higher speed, extreme accuracy, and the comfortable for the users. Another benefit is to keep the desk or table surface from being stretched and worn by constant rubbing motion of hand and mouse. Moreover, it reduces the amalgamation of the debris under the mouse which ends up reducing the jitter of the display pointer. Different kinds of detergents, liquid soaps, hand wash, or dry cleaning would easily clean the mousepads.

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