Microsoft Tablet Price in Pakistan

Microsoft is known for making tablet computers that work great as work and personal use devices. The Microsoft tablet price in Pakistan, although high, is justified by the quality and features of their devices.

Microsoft Tablet Price in Pakistan

Big Attractions of Microsoft Tablets

  • Versatility: Microsoft Windows tablet options are highly versatile devices when it comes to using them. You can run desktop software on them. In addition, you can attach a keyboard and use it like a laptop, or you can use the touchscreen to draw or take notes.
  • Performance: Microsoft tablets for sale have powerful processors and large amounts of storage in them. They are great for demanding tasks and workloads and for being great work devices.
  • Windows OS: Another great benefit of getting a Microsoft Windows tablet is, of course, that it comes pre-installed with Windows. This means that you get the most recognizable and familiar UI, making them easy devices to use.
  • Design and Build: Microsoft tablets for sale have some of the most sleek and stylish designs in the space. These devices are often made of premium materials like aluminum and built well.
  • Displays: Most Microsoft tablets for sale will have very high-quality and high-resolution displays. Things like excellent clarity and great color accuracy make them great to use for things like photo editing and other creative work.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Microsoft’s tablet line falls under the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet line of devices. The Surface Pro 8 is the Microsoft new tablet under this line and is also one of the best tablets in Pakistan.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is one of the better-looking 2-in-1 tablet options currently available on the market. Smaller bezels than ever before mean that you get an 11% larger screen, with rounded corners making it easier to use for longer periods of time. The device comes with a 13-inch display that has a resolution of 2880 x 1920 pixels. For the size of the display, this resolution is more than enough to make content on the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 look crisp and clear. This Microsoft new tablet also comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate. This means that you get the best in terms of screen smoothness in your everyday device usage. While it is not strictly meant for gaming, outcomes in that department will be better as well.


This Microsoft new tablet is great when it comes to performance. It, of course, will not be able to compete with dedicated workstations. But, considering most tablet device capabilities, it works very well. In addition, Microsoft claims that the device is twice as fast as the previous Surface Pro. While not completely accurate, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is still a major bump over previous generations. It should be noted, however, that if you are looking for pure graphical performance, it might fall short. This device uses integrated Xe graphics rather than a proper GPU, after all. But for most office-based work, this device is more than enough.


Another great thing about this device is that it should be able to last you throughout your day easily. You should be able to get around 8 hours of battery life from this Microsoft Surface Pro tablet on a single charge. Being a tablet, having a decent battery is one of the most important features that the device can have. Thus, it is great to see that this device has one of the best batteries in a Surface device yet.

Microsoft Tablet Price

Surface Pro 8 Price in Pakistan: Starting from Rs. 225,000/-

As you can see, the Microsoft tablet price in Pakistan is quite high-end compared to many other competitors. But, when you consider the fact that you get a full-fledged computer rather than something like an Android device, the price ends up being worth it. It might be worth considering what you are going to be using your tablet for. For most home-based entertainment consumption, the Microsoft tablet price might be too high. However, for heavy office work or similar workloads, this device might be worth considering.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can a Microsoft Tablet replace a laptop?

Whether a tablet can replace a laptop will depend on your specific workflow and personal preference. While these devices are great for light tasks, like Microsoft Office, they might not be the best for graphics-heavy workloads. In addition, whether or not these devices can replace your laptop will also depend on how you feel about using a touchscreen device as your main computer. While they do have detachable keyboards, these devices are still mainly meant to majorly be used as touchscreen devices.