Rays is a local brand in Pakistan that provides high-quality products across Pakistan. Rays Smart LEDs have the latest features such as Web browsing, HDMI ports, and various other features. However, various other features highlight the Rays LED price in Pakistan online. 

Cheapest Rays LED price in Pakistan


Technology is evolving and it has become necessary to keep devices that are compatible with your smartphone. In addition, Rays LED keeps up your pace with the evolution. However, if you want to buy an LED, Rays should be your first choice.

You can easily scroll your favorite apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on your LED by mirroring it with your phone. Similarly, you can also choose to watch your favorite movies, shows, and serials at your Rays 32-inch LED with smart features. 

Furthermore, it is not just an LED that can be used for watching movies and shows. You can use the web browser to scroll things on the internet. It will work perfectly for both research and fun. 


Modern households have home appliances that fit perfectly with the interior of their home. Whereas, Rays LEDs have simple, slim, and stylish designs that enhance the beauty of your home interior. Whether you are looking to place it in your living room or you want a compact-size LED for your bedroom, it is the best choice. 


Video quality has a great impact on your overall viewing experience. In addition to this, the world of TVs has been evolving at a rapid pace. The latest LEDS have high-quality displays like HDR, 4K, QLED, and OLED. Consequently, Videos and pictures are produced with high quality to enhance the viewing experience of the consumers. 

Rays LEDs have different sizes and display types. You can get an ultra-clear HD display at a reasonable price. However, if you want the best rays LED 32-inch price in Pakistan, you can choose to buy it from Leyjao.

Further, other available sizes in rays LED are 43, and 58 inches which gives you a perfect cinematic experience. Whereas, you can also play games on these HD screens to take your gaming experience to another level. 


Rays LEDs come with multiple HDMI ports which provide you with various audio, video input, and transmission from your PC. Therefore, You can watch your favorite videos directly on your LED by connecting it to your PC. Whereas, the other best thing about the Rays LED is you can also use it for work purposes. 

Furthermore, you can easily use Rays LEDs to view presentations and other documents on your TV. It has different input options for conducting PC-related activities. However, branded LEDs have this built-in feature. Samsung Smart TV and Orient Led TV are some of the latest examples.


It is the most cost-effective option for your home entertainment. Rays LED is the cheapest option as compared to other brands such as Panasonic LED TV and Sony Bravia LCD TV. Moreover, you can get the cheapest prices of Rays LEDs from Leyjao. 

Leyjao is offering LEDs at highly discounted prices. You can easily get these LEDs at easily monthly installments from leyjao. With an easy monthly installment plan from 3 to 18 months, you can conveniently choose a plan that suits your monthly budget. 


Leyjao is offering the best Rays LED price in Pakistan. You do not have to leave your home and comfort. Your LED will be delivered to your doorstep. Rays LEDs are the most cost-effective option for your home entertainment with compatibility with your PC and Smartphone. So, hurry up and book your LED now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is Rays LED Cheaper Than Other Local Brands?

Rays LED is comparatively cheaper than branded LEDs like Samsung and TCL.

What Are Some Unique Features Of Rays LED?

Some unique features of Rays LEDs are web browsing, multi-Hdmi ports, and screen mirroring.

What Is The Price Of Rays 32-inch LED In Pakistan?

Ray 32-inch led price in Pakistan is around 31,999=/ pkr.