Nokia Keypad Mobile Phones

At the absolute height of the popularity of keypad phones, Nokia made the best keypad mobile phones available on the market. Nowadays, Nokia keypad mobile phones aren’t as common, with the wide range of options available, but they are still great phones.

Nokia keypad mobile phones

Attractions of Nokia Button Phone Options

  • Durability: Possibly the thing Nokia button phone options are known for the most. These phones are durability beasts, able to take a beating without much significant damage.
  • Ease of Use: Another major reason for the popularity of these devices is how easy to use they are. The best Nokia feature phone options gained popularity because people of all kinds could navigate them easily without issues.
  • Long Batteries: Another thing Nokia button phone options are famous for is how long their batteries last. These phones can last multiple days to a week without needing to charge.
  • Affordability: A benefit of feature phones but especially something the best Nokia feature phone options are known for. These phones have always been affordable enough for most people to enjoy their benefits.
  • Longevity: Another thing that the best Nokia feature phone options are known for is how long they last. These devices will last you for years and years if you take care of them and still run like new.

Popular Nokia Feature Phones

Nokia has, of course, made practically countless keypad mobile devices over the years. Here are some of the popular Nokia keypad mobile phones right now, along with their prices.

Nokia 105

Nokia 105 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 4,499/-

This Nokia dual SIM mobile option is a great and stylish-looking phone. The company advertises the signature Nokia  durability on the Nokia 105. The phone undergoes rigorous product testing to handle most k  nocks effectively. The phone features a 25% percent larger battery than its predecessor. Nokia advertises that this allows you to get 22 days of standby and 12 hours of talk time. When you run out of battery, a simple Micro USB charger should charge it quickly and efficiently. This Nokia dual SIM mobile phone also advertises a wireless FM radio capability. You can listen to music or the news while engaged in other activities, be it work or chores.

Nokia 3310 3G

Nokia 3310 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 7,999/-

This Nokia 3G feature phone is the new and updated version of what is probably Nokia’s most well-known model. The overwhelming popularity of this Nokia small phone long after it became obsolete made them decide to release a revamped version. The biggest, most advertised feature of this Nokia small phone is, of course, that it comes with 3G connectivity. This allows for a faster connection, which is especially useful with the built-in Facebook and Twitter apps. This Nokia 3G feature phone also has much more in terms of color variety than the old phone. The new model comes with four different color options. These options are Azure (which is a light blue), Yellow, Warm Red and Charcoal.

Nokia 105 Plus

Nokia 105 Plus Price in Pakistan: Rs. 5,650/-

This phone is, of course, the upgraded version of the previous phone. The Nokia 105 Plus is a Nokia mobile without camera but many other features that you will love. The design of the phone is comfortable and modern, easy to grip, and has a color that hides any marks. The phone also comes with the option of wireless FM radio, but there is also the addition of an MP3 player. This MP3 player, combined with the 32 GB of storage you can get with an SD card, means you can carry all of your songs with you. And the battery is big enough so you won’t have to worry about running out when listening to your tunes on this Nokia mobile without a camera.

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