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Tablets are some of the best personal entertainment devices that a person can buy today. In addition, many people have also made these devices an effective part of their workflow. Nowadays, there are many companies offering a diverse range of tablet price in Pakistan. This, combined with their many benefits, has made them very desirable devices for many households.

Generally speaking, tablets as we know them can roughly be divided into two major categories:

  • Drawing Tablets
  • Smart Tablets

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Drawing Tablets

A Drawing tablet is also sometimes called a digital graphic tablet or other similar terms. The main use of these devices is as a tool for digital artists, graphic designers and other visual designers. As explained by the name, they use these devices to draw in a digital environment or program. These devices are usually LCD writing tablet devices that work much like a touchpad on a laptop. They register input when what is usually a pen moves along its surface. This is why they are also sometimes called a pen tablet. The drawing tablet price in Pakistan does vary quite a bit depending on the quality of the product. But it is not difficult to find at least a decent product in the 15k to 30k range in Pakistan. But the graphic tablet price in Pakistan can go much beyond this.

Some examples of great drawing tablets in this price range are:

  • G20 Master Digital Graphic Drawing and Writing Tablet
  • VEIKK Digital Graphic Tablet A15
  • Huion H610 Pro V2 Digital Graphic Tablet

Smart Tablets

Often referred to simply as a ‘tablet’, this is what most people usually mean when they talk about these devices. The easiest way to think about these devices is that they are simply much larger smartphones. Many of their features and specs are subsequently comparable to smartphones as well. They are more versatile than a graphic tablet in that they run basically the same operating systems as phones. Thus, they are just as good all-around devices, at least in terms of software. But, of course, the size factor limits their use to some extent. They are difficult to carry around without some sort of bag or case. Because of this, they are usually limited to being in one single place, either a household or a workplace.

The price of this category also varies by a large amount. If you go out to buy tablets in Pakistan, you will find devices in a large price range. Everywhere from the lowest end of the spectrum all the way up to six figures for the latest tablet options. The price also depends on what the tablet is designed for. For example, the gaming tablet price in Pakistan will be much higher than those meant for regular everyday work use. However, for a children’s device, it is not difficult to find one at the tablet price in Pakistan under 20000.

Here is a list of some of the companies making the best tablets in Pakistan.

Alcatel Tablets

Alcatel is a company with a lot of quality names behind it. The brand is owned by Nokia and operated by TCL. This means the company’s in the hands of people who know how to make great products at a reasonable price. Subsequently, it is easy to find good devices with tablet price in Pakistan under 20000 from this company. The highlights of these devices include their durability as well as their battery. Alcatel tablet options also offer some unique features, especially for the price. Some examples include tablets with LTE connectivity, something usually not found in the budget category. There is also a device with an additional speaker tablet stand for better audio.

Amazon Tablets

The biggest online retailer has come out with its own line of tablets called the Amazon Fire tablets.  The Amazon tablet price in Pakistan is some of the most affordable in the market. Even the latest tablet only just crosses the tablet price in Pakistan under 20000 mark. This makes them great devices for those looking for basic devices at a lower price. The biggest advantage of these devices is that they come with seamless Amazon services integration. This means that if you use services like Prime Video and Kindle, this is a great way to access them.

Apple Tablets

The Apple iPad is probably the most well-known tablet not just in Pakistan but the world. Like their other devices, iPads are known for being very user-friendly, easy-to-use devices. Their devices are also powerful, and they have some of the best screens on the market. The iPad also works as a great pen tablet for those who don’t want to buy an independent graphics tablet. Its ability to work independently without the need to be connected to a system makes it a popular option among many. The iPad price in Pakistan, for the most part, makes it almost prohibitively expensive for the average person. However, it cannot be denied that these devices offer a level of functionality and features rivaled by almost no one else.

Huawei Tablets

Huawei has become one of the biggest phone companies in Pakistan in recent years. They also make some of the best tablets in Pakistan. These devices come with features like powerful processors, high-quality displays and great cameras. A unique thing about these tablets is they use Huawei’s proprietary OS called HarmonyOS instead of Android. This gives it some unique benefits. The Huawei tablet price in Pakistan depends on the line of devices that you are talking about. The MediaPad line is a very affordable line of products. In contrast, the MatePad series offering flagship features is on the higher end.

Lenovo Tablets

Lenovo is a company known for creating unconventional and innovative devices, and this extends to their tablets as well. From unique features like dedicated speaker bars to massive screens, there is something unique in each product. Another great thing about Lenovo tablets is that you can find options with many different operating systems. This also means that this is where you will find something closest to a gaming tablet. They have Windows, Android, and even Chrome OS options. The Lenovo tablet price in Pakistan varies quite immensely. They have options available at the ultra-affordable end as well as at the absolute upper end. So you can probably find a product that fits your budget.

Microsoft Tablets

Talking about the latest tablet price in Pakistan, the ones from Microsoft are probably going to be the most expensive. The reason for this is the fact their devices are not pure tablets but rather detachable 2 in 1 devices. This means that you basically get a full-fledged computer running Windows like on a desktop. That also makes them some of the most versatile devices in the category. The ability to be used both as a laptop and a tablet makes them a very attractive option. The Microsoft tablet price in Pakistan is above 200k for the newer models. This, as you can tell, is quite expensive. But when you consider that you will get a full Windows computer, the price might not seem unreasonable.

Samsung Tablets

Samsung is known for making some of the best Android phones available in the market. This also definitely extends to their tablets. In fact, some people call them the best tablets in Pakistan overall. These devices are also a great option if you are looking for a pen tablet. The Tab S series, in particular, comes with support for Samsung’s S Pen. This allows for ease in both note-taking and creating digital art. The Samsung tablet price in Pakistan is higher than many of its competitors. But, with the new Tab A series, there are now some relatively more affordable devices to purchase. Because of this, the price can range from around 45k to above 100k for the Tab S series.

Xiaomi Tablets

Xiaomi tablets are a great option for those looking to buy tablets in Pakistan. They are known for providing very high-quality options at surprisingly low prices. The company also offers a somewhat unique product with the Xiaomi Mi Max tablets. This is a smaller mini tablet coming in at just 7 inches. This puts it in between a phone and a tablet. The mini tablet price in Pakistan is also affordable compared to many devices. Xiaomi tablet price in Pakistan, as stated, is on the more affordable side. While not as innovative or extraordinary as some of their phones, they still make great products. Things like powerful processors and even pen support on some devices keep them forward in the tablet game.

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