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In the world of smartphones, getting just the phone often offers an incomplete experience. Mobile Accessories are nowadays just as integral a part of your phone usage experience as the device itself. This is why nowadays many companies offer high quality accessories for phones.

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Why Buy Mobile Accessories Online?

Now an important question is with the many mobile phone products shops that are out there, why should you purchase your mobile phone accessories online? To understand this, it is important to know that, as we stated above, many third-party companies are making these products. This means that there is a flood of lower-quality mobile phone accessories in the market. If you go to physical mobile accessories shops, there’s a decent chance they’ll sell you these low-quality accessories. With the high level of copying that these products often have, it can be difficult to judge their quality. On the other hand, if you buy mobile accessories online in Pakistan, you have the option of choice. Many companies have their own websites that you can use to buy original products. Online shopping marketplaces like our website provide you with high-quality products. So in this way, you can be more assured that you will get an original product when you buy online.

Popular Mobile Phone Accessories

Now that we have talked about why you should get your accessories online, here are the accessories that you will easily find on our website.

Mobile Phone Stand

A mobile stand makes it possible to use your phone without having to hold it constantly in your hands. This tool can be useful to use your phone while engaged in some other task. You can place a mobile stand in your home, in your car, or even on a motorcycle. They are useful if you need navigation in your vehicle. At home you can use them to watch videos or similar while doing chores or cooking food.

Mobile Phone Covers

Easily the most commonly bought item in a mobile accessories shop, a mobile cover helps to keep your phone protected. At the same time, these products can add a bit of character and aesthetic with their many different designs. The many different options of a mobile cover offer different levels of protection and aesthetics. Bumper cases offer higher protection, usually at the cost of comfort. On the other hand, cases with more complex designs and aesthetics usually compromise on protection.

Data Cables

A data cable is of course one of the most basic accessories to come with a phone. Whether it be for charging your device, or for transferring data, a data cable is an essential tool. While the industry is slowly moving towards adopting a single universal cable, right now, there are still multiple cable options. The most common data cable options are:

Attachable Mobile Lens

Social media platforms like Instagram have made high-quality photos and videos popular among the public. However, the cost of professional cameras and lenses is too much for the average person. This is where a mobile lens comes in. The mobile lens price in Pakistan is cheap and affordable enough to be feasible for the average person. A mobile lens simply attaches to the camera of your phone, increasing its ability beyond normal. This makes them great if you commonly use platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Mobile Phone Chargers

Mobile chargers are of course a basic requirement with any kind of phone. These battery powered devices nowadays need to be charged on a daily basis. This means having a good charge can make or break your phone experience. Mobile chargers usually come in different options based on their capacity for power delivery. Mobile chargers can be found anywhere from 5W to above 100W on the market. In terms of connection type, there are two main kinds of mobile chargers:

Replacement Phone Batteries

As stated, how good your phone battery is forms a major portion of how good your phone use experience is. This is why replacing your phone’s battery when it has really dipped in health can make a huge difference. Phone batteries are not as easy to replace nowadays as they used to be. Nowadays, professionals are required to expertly attach a new phone battery without damaging any internals. Still, if your phone is decently old or your battery’s started to age, it is a good option to consider.

Screen Protector

The other most commonly bought item in a mobile accessories shop is a glass screen protector. This of course works to protect the most important part of any smartphone: the screen. This makes this accessory an essential purchase for any phone user. While screen protectors do come in a few varieties, like plastic (TPU), a glass screen protector is the best option. This kind of protector is the most durable, and offers the smoothest use experience as well.

Ring Light

Another phone accessory that has become popular with visual social media platforms is the ring light. These devices allow people to take photos and make videos from their homes to better light their face or environment. The benefit of these devices is that they are usually much more affordable than proper professional lighting. The ring light price in Pakistan tends to be cheap enough for most people to afford without issue.

GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is a helpful tool to enhance and maintain the security of your devices. Always knowing where things like your backpack that might hold all your devices provides a great peace of mind. In addition, placing these trackers in something likely to be stolen like a car can help to make recovery easier. Being able to track the precise location of your stolen vehicle with a GPS tracker provides unparalleled security.

Power Bank

A power bank is a useful tool for someone who spends long stretches of time away from sockets. These tools also allow you the freedom to charge your devices without having to be stuck to a wall. The best power bank in Pakistan should be able to charge your phone and other accessories concurrently. Some higher capacity options are even able to charge your phone four times or more.

Tripod Stand & Selfie Stick

A Tripod stand or selfie stick is a useful tool for those looking to create content for social media. A selfie stick allows you to take wider angle videos or images than otherwise possible. This is great for vloggers as they are able to capture more of their surroundings. A tripod stand on the other hand allows you to create a stable platform for your phone to take images and videos from. This removes any and all chance of blurry images or shaky videos, enabling you to create higher-quality content.

Other Accessories

All mobile accessories that do not fit neatly into one of the above types fall into this category. These are usually more niche accessories not bought as commonly by the general public. Examples of these products include mobile gaming accessories like fans and triggers. Lamination sheets for the backs of phones, different kinds of adapters and connectors and so on.

Buying Mobile Accessories from Leyjao

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