Mobile Stand

A mobile stand helps to hold your mobile phone for you while you perform some other activity. In a world where mobile phones have become essential, these tools help you to stay connected while on the move.

Mobile stand and holders

Types of Mobile Stands

A Mobile holder stand falls into one of three categories based on where it’s meant to be used:

  • Home Mobile Phone Stand
  • Car Mobile Holder
  • Mobile Holder for Bike

Home Mobile Phone Stands

This kind of phone holder stand is mainly attached to a stationary piece of furniture. They thus usually have more room for variety in both aesthetics and functionality. For example, a unique variety of stands found in this category are flexible stands. The stands adjust and move their bodies without detaching. This makes this mobile phone stand great for use in places like beds, where you might change positions frequently. There are also stands for use on walls, tables and more. There are even some stands that you can use the phone without having to hold it. An example of this is a stand that wraps around your neck to support the weight of your mobile phone.

Car Mobile Holder

This kind of mobile holder stand attaches to your car dashboard. This allows you to use your phone for things like navigation and music listening while driving. These pieces of equipment are essential for people who drive a car daily. The main feature of a car mobile holder is that they hold your phone in a more secure position. This is important as you are in a moving vehicle, and thus there is a chance for the phone to fall during things like sudden brakes. These stands normally attach to one of two places on your dashboard. They either attach via a clip to your fan vent, which tends to be more secure. The other kind usually attaches via a suction mount to the bottom of your windshield.

Mobile Holder for Bike

This kind of phone holder stand is the most secure out of all stands. The reason is that in addition to being attached to a moving vehicle, it is also exposed to the wind. A Mobile holder for bike is usually only needed when the rider needs map navigation to travel. Even though they are the most secure, they still are some of the highest risk because of their exposed nature.

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