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GETIIT was started in November 2014 by a group of passionate experts who wanted to use modern technology to make people's lives easier and more fulfilling. The GETIIT team started with a smart collection of wearable smart watches and is now hard at work making new products and adding to what it already has. The expedition, which started in New York City, is now in Karachi, which is on Pakistan's coast. When it comes to GETIIT smart watch price in Pakistan, it’s lower than other brands

Here, you can see how excited the crowd was about GETIIT. A lot of people use GETIIT fit band, and they are really happy with how well they work. GETIIT mostly designs and manufactures round-shaped watches because they are beautiful and screens are more reliable because of dials. If you are one who is looking for a hard and reliable touch watch to use while playing outdoor games, traveling, hill climbing, or anything like that. You should prefer a smart watch from this brand.

You should consider purchasing a GETIIT Watch online because it can withstand a variety of elements, including dust, precipitation, water splashes, and accidental submersion. Likewise, you can now engage in activities like jogging, speed walking, cycling, climbing, indoor running, spinning, yoga, spinning, the gym, free training, basketball, football, and boating with the GETIIT Watch. It is compatible with Android versions greater than 4.4 and iOS versions greater than 8.0

How Many GETIIT Smart Watches are Available?

This particular watch manufacturing company produces a plethora of different varieties of high-tech wristwatches. You have arrived at the right place if you are one of those people looking for a mobile watch that fits your budget, dream design, desired specifications, and features. Choose the option that best suits your needs down below. On the website, you can find almost every model of android watches produced by GETIIT. Getiit smart watch price in Pakistan starts from Rs 6750/- and goes up to Rs 8950/-.

You will find the best mobile watches here, complete with a variety of features, technical specifications, enormous displays, batteries that last a long time, various sports modes, the highest quality band and screen material, and much more. You can get all of this in a single watch at rates that are significantly lower than those offered by other watches. Let’s discuss the features and specifications of one of these watches contain.

Features and Specifications in GETIIT Smart Watches

There are so many specifications and features that are first introduced in GETIIT vision smart watch. This watch can be purchased online without any hurdle. Let’s discuss them one by one.


The battery is the main thing that people look at when buying a smart touch watch. GETIIT provides huge long-lasting batteries that can last up to months on standby time, and you can use the watch on a daily basis with a single charge. If you often travel or are a hill climber, you may disregard all the characteristics. You should only inspect the watch's battery. There are several GETIIT Smart Watches with 120mah to 380mah batteries. You should choose a battery that can last for at least one month. And it should be a wireless or rapid charger. Priority number one should be the battery, particularly for tourists.


If you are a woman or work in the fashion business, the design, screen display, and screen size should be your top considerations when purchasing a new smartphone. When purchasing a watch, choose the hue that best suits your own taste. Examine the larger screen size as well as the display with a high resolution. There are certain watches made by GETIIT that feature IPS screens measuring either 1.54 or 1.75 inches and have decent proportions. If you are young and desire a stylish touch watch, you should think about the items that have been listed here.


If you choose to acquire a watch for use as a fitness trainer, you should look for a GETIIT smart touch watch with the ability to count the number of steps taken and the calories consumed. In addition to examining the features that monitor your heart rate and blood pressure, you should investigate any additional features that may be present. You should be able to rely on the watch to offer alarms, reminders, and alerts to help you stay on schedule. Men and women who care about their physical health must possess these qualities.

Reliability and Durability

Each and every purchaser has to place a high focus on dependability and longevity. Regardless of whichever social strata you consider yourself to be a part of. GETIIT is concerned about the mentalities of its customers. The watches that GETIIT has released so far have all been of a very good grade. Even in the more affordable series, the band material, sensors, straps, and watch material were all amazing and of high quality.


Every imaginable hue is available for the GETIIT line of smartwatches. We stock Android touch watches in a variety of colors, including red, black, yellow, brown, and blue. You may even place an order for a hue that is uniquely yours, albeit this may be more expensive. Before placing an order for a touch watch, choose the color of your choice. Brown and black are the colors that sell the most and are the most popular among guys, while pink and yellow are the colors that are most popular among girls.

Bluetooth and FM Connection

When one piece of hardware links directly to another piece of hardware, the significance of both pieces of hardware grows. The quickest Bluetooth connection possible, as well as high-quality radio sound, are two of the most compelling reasons why sales of GETIIT smart watches have been on the rise recently. These functions are also available in the more affordable series of smart watches produced by this firm.

Run Apps

The most common operating systems now supported by watches are Android for GETIIT smart touch watches, Pebble for Pebble devices, iOS for Apple, and Tizen OS for Samsung. As a result of the vast app area, GETIIT currently has a commanding lead over its competitors in the wristwatch industry. Some of the most well-known applications available for Android Wear include Evermore, dictation software, Google Maps, and a phone locator utility that may assist you in locating your various electronic gadgets.

Make and Receive Calls

Through the use of any GETIIT smart watch, it is simple to place and take calls. It is the same as having a mobile phone attached to your wrist. You are able to check alerts, messages, and reminders at any time. This includes notifications from social networking apps. Even the most affordable smart watches have all of these features and characteristics built into them.


When purchasing a watch, the customer pays the greatest attention to the watch's random access memory (RAM) and read only memory (ROM). The storage capacity and processing speed of a smart watch may be determined by these two factors. GETIIT is offering smart watches with memory capacities ranging from 128 KB to 1 GB, and storage capacities from 128 MB to 2 GB. There is a wide range of prices and models available.

Play Music

You should look into purchasing a watch that can play music independently of your smart phone, since this will be much more convenient for you. To start listening to your preferred track, all you need to do is hit the button labeled "watch music." Every single one of GETIIT smart watches comes equipped with this capability already pre-installed. Those who like listening to music should choose this option.

Gesture Controls

Some smart watches can be used as a hub for controlling your home. With one move, you can control all the electronics in your home, like the lights, fans, and smart TV. This gesture control gives you an interface that works like a wizard. People say that this feature is the one that helps housewives the most. With a GETIIT smart watch, you can use gestures to control the device without having to touch it.

Where to Buy GETIIT Smart Watch From? sells stylish GETIIT smart watches at low prices. Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, and Multan residents may get the watch at their doorstep. will deliver your purchase. Banks, credit cards, Easy paisa, Jazz Cash, and Qistpay allow online payments on this platform. offers installments for select goods. Band 6 smartwatches with gifts and one-year warranties may be purchased in installments. makes installment payments easy, too. Qistpay is simple and easy to use. Purchasing online is nowadays much easier than going to the physical market.

Final Words

GETIIT usually creates smart touch watches with round faces and displays. These watches are created with high-quality material. If you are the one who is looking for a smart watch that is reliable and durable for a long time and can solve your problems, help you in so many ways, you are exactly at the right place. Above, we have provided you the information regarding GETIIT smart watches and also disclosed their features and specifications. If you want to know more about other smart watches, keep yourself connected with us.

Happy Shopping!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What are the features of a Getiit Smartwatch?

Taking calls to pictures, and counting steps to connecting with devices, they have all set.

What Is the Average Price of the Getiit Smartwatch?

The average price of the Getiit smartwatch ranges from 6000 PKR to 8000 PKR.

Which Smartwatch is Best in Pakistan?

The Getiit smartwatch is one of the best watches in Pakistan which are full of specs and feature-packed.

Can My Getiit Smartwatch Work Without a Phone?

You may face some issues without connecting to a phone. However, it allows limited usage.

Are There Any Hidden Charges When I Purchase the Getiit Smartwatch?

It is not our policy to charge extra for any of our products. We have mentioned the price of the Getiit smartwatch which is full and final.

Can I Answer Calls on My GetIIt Smartwatch?

If you have a Vortex or other Getiit smartwatch that is compatible with calling then you will be able to make calls.

Can I Use My Smartwatch a Phone Near Me?

Connectivity always depends on the distance between two devices. When your phone is too far, you will not be able to connect. 30 feet is the distance limit.

Can I Pair My Getiit Smartwatch with Two Phones?

Getiit smartwatch can only be connected to a single phone at a time. If you want to connect the second one, disconnect the first.

Is the Getiit smartwatch worth it?

As compared to other smartwatches in the same price range, Getiit smart watch comes with more specs and features. That’s why you should go for it.

Which Getiit Smartwatch is the Best?

It depends on the requirements, Getiit has a variety of products like Xtend, sports and Lunio.

Is Getiit Smartwatch Waterproof?

Almost all Getiit smartwatches are waterproof. Some of them can’t be used during swimming.

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