Getiit Smart Watch

Getiit is one of the few local Pakistani brands trying to make their name in the smart watch market. The many Getiit Smart Watch options on the market right now cater to different kinds of users.

Getiit Smart Watch

Major Features and Attractions

  • Fitness Measurement: Getiit smart watches measure all of the major health metrics that you need to take care of your health. These include heart rate, blood oxygen sensor, blood pressure, and sleep quality.
  • Calls and Messages: Getiit watches allow you to make and receive calls and messages directly on your watch via connecting to your phone or with a SIM card.
  • Affordability: All of the watches made by Getiit are at a very affordable price point. So no matter what your budget is, you will be able to get a smart watch and enjoy the benefits.

Popular Getiit Watches

Getiit has made many different smart watches that are popular. Each of them is slightly different in their use cases, including the Mate, Tesla, Razer, Trender, and others.

Getiit Mate Smart Watch

The Getiit Mate Smart Watch is a square design smart watch that comes with a leather strap. In this way it emulates a more traditional watch design. The watch has the option for a SIM card. So you can take and dial calls and send and receive messages directly on the watch. In addition, the Getiit Mate Smartwatch also has Bluetooth to connect to your phone.

Getiit Trender Smart Watch

The Getiit Trender Smart Watch is a watch that very closely emulates the look of a vintage rectangular watch. The watch allows you to dial or receive calls on the watch. It also allows you to read and compose messages, notifying you about both SMS and WhatsApp notifications. The watch also has a remote camera and music control option. The Getiit Trender Smart Watch watch also monitors your health, with a heart rate sensor, pedometer, and even detects rest periods.

Getiit Lunio Smart Watch

The Getiit Lunio Smart Watch is the everyday use watch that Getiit makes. The watch allows you not only to take calls but also dial a number from the watch itself. The watch does this by connecting with Bluetooth to your watch. The watch also comes with an AI assistant built-in. So, you can control your watch with your voice without touching it. The watch looks closest to a traditional circular watch, coming with a leather strap instead of a smart band to add to that traditional look.

Getting a Getiit Watch from Leyjao

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What are the features of a Getiit Smartwatch?

Taking calls to pictures, and counting steps to connecting with devices, they have all set.

What Is the Average Price of the Getiit Smartwatch?

The average price of the Getiit smartwatch ranges from 6000 PKR to 8000 PKR.

Which Smartwatch is Best in Pakistan?

The Getiit smartwatch is one of the best watches in Pakistan which are full of specs and feature-packed.

Can My Getiit Smartwatch Work Without a Phone?

You may face some issues without connecting to a phone. However, it allows limited usage.

Are There Any Hidden Charges When I Purchase the Getiit Smartwatch?

It is not our policy to charge extra for any of our products. We have mentioned the price of the Getiit smartwatch which is full and final.

Can I Answer Calls on My GetIIt Smartwatch?

If you have a Vortex or other Getiit smartwatch that is compatible with calling then you will be able to make calls.

Can I Use My Smartwatch a Phone Near Me?

Connectivity always depends on the distance between two devices. When your phone is too far, you will not be able to connect. 30 feet is the distance limit.

Can I Pair My Getiit Smartwatch with Two Phones?

Getiit smartwatch can only be connected to a single phone at a time. If you want to connect the second one, disconnect the first.

Is the Getiit smartwatch worth it?

As compared to other smartwatches in the same price range, Getiit smart watch comes with more specs and features. That’s why you should go for it.

Which Getiit Smartwatch is the Best?

It depends on the requirements, Getiit has a variety of products like Xtend, sports and Lunio.

Is Getiit Smartwatch Waterproof?

Almost all Getiit smartwatches are waterproof. Some of them can’t be used during swimming.

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