Best Smart Watches in Pakistan Under 5000

With the outburst in popularity of smart watches in the last few years, everyone wants to try one out. But not everyone has the budget for a very high-quality watch. So Leyjao helps you by bringing you the best smart watches in Pakistan under 5000.

Features of Smart Watches under 5000

Even the best smart watch under 5000 in Pakistan will be limited in what’s possible with it. So, here’s some things that you should expect to find, in terms of features and characteristics, in a budget smartwatch.

  • Design: Something to know that is very important is that watches in this category will usually have a plastic body. But that does not mean they are not durable. In addition, their designs will usually follow the rectangular watch design, with minor exceptions.
  • Battery: The batteries of the best smart watch under 5000 options tend to be one place where they do well. A single day of battery life is actually quite rare here. Most of the watches tend to last longer.
  • Display: Unsurprisingly, most of the displays are LCD TFT in the smart watches under 5000 category. The responsiveness of the display is usually decent enough, but the brightness is something to check when purchasing a watch.
  • Durability: The majority of watches that come in this category will have some level of water resistance. They should be fine for use in light rain and similar circumstances. But it is generally advisable to avoid using them for swimming or similar activities.
  • Fitness Tracking: Smart watches under 5000 will tend to have heart rate and blood oxygen sensors by default. This is with some level of sports tracking. Usually, watches will have one or two additional features in this domain to stand out from the crowd.

Popular Smart Watches under 5000

The differences among these watches will naturally be limited due to the limited room for innovation in this category. But still, here are some contenders for the best smartwatch under 5000.

T500 Plus Smart Watch

The T500 Plus smart watch is the first on our list of options for the best smartwatch under 5000.

The watch comes in a rectangular, very elegant-looking design. The black strap and matching case combine to make a classic aesthetic that looks good regardless of the occasion. Makes it one of the best smart watches in Pakistan under 5000 for looks.

The Bluetooth calling functionality allows you to make and answer calls directly from the watch itself. This frees you from having to take out your phone each time you get a call. The watch has the additional functionality to record calls for future reference.

In terms of fitness tracker functions, it tracks your heart rate and number of steps and even records your sleeping patterns. All this comes with a battery that should easily last you through all of your daily activities.

Iw7 Series 7 Smart Watch

The name of the Iw7 Series 7 should tell what watch this device is inspired by. This watch is also on many people’s list of the top 5 smart watches under 5000 rupees.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that, unlike almost all other watches in this category, this watch supports NFC. This means that you can make wireless payments directly from your watch without having to take out your wallet.

Another major reason that it is on people’s best smartwatch under 5000 list is that this watch supports wireless charging. This means that you can use a ‘puck’ charger to charge this watch like many of the flagships.

W26 Plus Smart Watch

Our other watch that is often on lists of the top 5 smart watches under 5000 is the W26 Plus. This watch comes in a Zinc Alloy construction, which means that it has the appearance of a premium watch. 

The screen is also a large 1.75-inch HD IPS display that is decently good to look at. It comes with a 44mm strap that is also replaceable, adding to the customizability.

A thing about this watch that maybe makes it one of the popular smart watches for women under 5000 is the health features. It comes with additional sensors like body temperature, PPG, and ECG in addition to the regular sensors.

Smart Watches under 5000 at Leyjao

So, are you looking for the top smartwatch under 5000? You have come to the right place! is one of the only online platforms that has a dedicated section on its site for this watch category. Here, you will find the best watches in this category at the best rates.

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So look at our collection and buy your favorite watch from Leyjao today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which is Best Smart Watch under 5000 in Pakistan?

Hw21 is one of the best smart watches under 5000 in Pakistan. This watch is full of specifications and features that are often available in midrange or flagship series smart watches.

Are Chinese Smart Watches Cheapest in the world?

China is now manufacturing 80% of the smart watches of the world, covering all ranges. All the budget series smart watches under 5000 rupees in Pakistan are manufactured in China.

Do cheap Smart Watches Drain Your Phone Battery?

A Bluetooth-paired watch or band provides data to the phone occasionally. When the wearable gadget sends data, the phone wakes up, boosting battery usage.

What is the Average Life of a Smart Watch under 5000 in Pakistan?

Depending on the brand and type, a smart watch might last anywhere from two to five years, or even more. However, lifespan must finally be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What is the Cheapest Smart Watch Price in Pakistan?

D18 smart watch is considered to be the cheapest smart watch in Pakistan. Its price at is Rs 1499/-, less than other marketplaces.