Amazfit Watch Price in Pakistan

Amazfit smart watches are some of the lesser-known products in the watch space that we should talk about more. The features, and the Amazfit watch price in Pakistan show that it is not a company that should be ignored.

Prominent Features

  • Versatile Design: Whether you want something more traditional looking, or the height of modern watch aesthetic, you’ll find a product for you.
  • Durability: Another big reason to buy amazfit smartwatch options over many others is the watch materials. They make their watches with stainless steel along with the usual aluminum.
  • Great Battery: Something great about Amazfit watches is how much battery you get for how powerful it is. These watches often last a week or longer on a single charge, depending on usage.
  • Great Fitness Features: Features like personalized guidance on how to train to mean that it's a great option for fitness-focused individuals.
  • Health Monitoring: The watch has different sensors to monitor your health. These include a heart rate sensor, a blood oxygen sensor and many others.
  • Quality Display: Most of Amazfit’s watches come with an AMOLED display, that is great to view in all conditions.

The Best Amazfit Watches

Amazfit GTS Sports Smart Watch

The fourth iteration of the Amazfit GTS Sports Smart Watch is the newest option currently available in Pakistan. It is also more in line with the common rectangular design philosophy.

This touch watch has been made to compete with the flagships from Apple and Samsung. Built-in GPS and solid fitness tracking make for a great watch. While the built-in Alexa gives it a little extra to go along with.

Amazfit GTR Pro Smart Watch

This Amazfit smartwatch is more of a sister to the GTS line of watches. This traditional circular design watch is one of the most attractive options to look at. The newest version of this watch on the market is the GTR 4.

This is the watch that is meant to compete with the Android flagship kings. Two weeks of maximum battery life is one of its biggest features. There are also over 150 sports modes to track virtually whatever activity you want to.

Amazfit T Rex Pro Smart Watch

If you were looking for a highly durable stainless steel construction smart watch, then this is the one to get. The T Rex Pro from Amazfit is the watch meant for the most hardcore outdoor enthusiasts.

The ‘military-grade’ durability along with the large size means that this watch is for pure enthusiast use. This watch can also last for up to 20 days, so extended periods of outdoor use will cause no issues.

Amazfit Bip Smart Watch

The Bip smartwatch from Amazfit is one of the more affordable options that they make. So if you’re worried about the Amazfit smart watch price, this might be the watch for you.

This watch comes with a TFT display instead of AMOLED, but it still looks great. The construction is also polycarbonate rather than aluminum, which makes it lighter as well. It does not compromise on fitness though. There are more than 60 sports modes in this watch.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Are Amazfit smartwatches compatible with Android?

Yes, the Amazfit smartwatch is compatible with Android devices.

2. Can I connect my Amazfit smartwatch with iOS?

Yes, you can connect your Amazfit watch through the Zepp App on iOS.

3. How do I monitor my sleep on Amazfit?

If you wear the watch while sleeping, the watch will automatically record your sleep information.

4. How do I use Screen On mode?

With Screen On mode enabled, the screen stays on during the prescribed time.

5. Are Amazfit smartwatches waterproof?

Yes, Amazfit smartwatches are waterproof and can stand the pressure from 5-20 ATM

6. How do I pair my Amazfit smartwatch with my smartphone?

You can pair your Amazfit smartwatch with your smartphone through the Zepp App.

7. What languages are supported by Amazfit smartwatches?

Amazfit smartwatches support multiple languages including English, Chinese, Latin, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, and French.

8. Can I control music playback on my smartphone using my Amazfit smartwatch?

You can control music playback on your smartphone by using Amazfit smartwatch through the Amazfit App.

9. Can I download and install third-party apps on my Amazfit smartwatch?

You can install a third-party app on your Amazfit smartwatch by Zepp App on your smartphone.

10. Can I use my Amazfit smartwatch without a smartphone?

Yes, you can use your Amazfit smartwatch without a smartphone through the GPS connection.

11. Can I track my heart rate using an Amazfit smartwatch?

Yes, you can track your heart rate using the Amazfit smartwatch by swiping left from the watch face and tapping your heart rate.