Best Sewing Machine Price in Pakistan 2024

The average sewing machine price in Pakistan is Rs.13,999. You can buy portable silai machines from leyjao for Rs.1179. Leyjao has the best collection of portable sewing machines in Pakistan. You can save up to 63% and get a silai machine to mend and sew fabrics at home.

silai machine price in pakistan

Buying An Affordable Sewing Machine Price In Pakistan

The sewing machine is known as a silai machine in Pakistan. Becoming a seamstress is one of the basic skills. Every woman acquires it in Pakistan. They learn to do different kinds of crafting with sewing machines. Moreover, It includes sewing women unstitched clothes, cushions, Bedsheets, and various other daily-use items.

Similarly, Learning seamstress is part of Pakistani culture. Different sewing centers teach women the art of sewing. For this reason, every woman needs a silai machine. Women need a low silai machine price in pakistan. They want to practice their skills on these machines. So they can nourish and master these skills. Different types of stitching machines are available at leyjao.

Mechanical Sewing Machine

Mechanical stitching machine is the best sewing machine in pakistan. It is best for village towns. Women use this machine when they face electricity supply issues. Singer and Milat provide Silai machines in Pakistan. These machines have old designs. These silai machines also give you a nostalgic feel.

Women operate mechanical stitching machines with handles. Seamstresses in village areas across Pakistan sew men unstitched clothing with these machines. Moreover, Women use it to make covers for sofas and sitting chairs. Women like to sew various items such as hand-made fans on these silai machines.

Electrical Sewing Machine

An electrical sewing machine is one of the essential home appliances in every household. A sewing machine is part of every modern household. Women can easily mend torn clothes within no time. Moreover, they can also sew different things to keep daily use items of their kids on these silai machines.

However, the best brother sewing machine is the first option for sewers in Pakistan. Men Kurtas and Salwar kameez are also stitched on this machine. It gives premium sewing quality. It is made in Japan.

However, leyjao offers all types of sewing machines in Pakistan. We have the best japanese sewing machine prices in Pakistan. Leyjao is the best place to buy sewing machines online in Pakistan. Furthermore, we offer the best discounts online. You can get different products on sale price.

Handheld Sewing Machine

A handheld sewing machine is a portable silai machine. It is easy to operate. You can carry it anywhere with you. For example, it is a lightweight handy stitching machine to carry to your stitching classes. You can craft different types of patterns and designs for your clothes. You can make small bags to carry books and other stuff with you on this machine. 

It is the best automatic sewing machine that can mend tears, larger rips, and holes. Pakistani women often have to keep Women Dupattas aside due to small holes. They can mend these small holes efficiently with the help of this portable machine. So, it is the most efficient tool for them.

Moreover, this machine requires little space in your home. You can easily put this silai machine anywhere around your home. Furthermore, it has the lowest price in the sewing machines category. Leyjao has the cheapest mini sewing machine price in Pakistan with special discounts.

Leyjao Has The Best Sewing Machine Price In Pakistan

We at Leyjao, understand the needs of its customers. Although electrical silai machines are the best, portable machines are the most suitable option. You do not have to wait for the electricity to operate them. They are rechargeable. However, if you still face electricity issues, we have the best quality ups in Pakistan. You do not have to wait for the electricity supply to run the sewing machine. We have the best prices for every product. You can purchase your silai machines and products at a reasonable price. So, go and get your appliances now!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which Sewing Machine Is Best For Home?

A handheld sewing machine is for stitching and mending things at home.

What Is The Best Price For A Sewing Machine In Pakistan?

The lowest price for a sewing machine is Rs. 1179. Leyjao offers this price with a 63% discount.

Which Sewing Machine Is Perfect For Stitching And Designing Clothes?

Japanese brother sewing machine is perfect for stitching and designing clothes.

What Is The Cost Of A Mechanical Sewing Machine In Pakistan?

The average price of a mechanical sewing machine in Pakistan is Rs. 13,999.

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