Samsung is one of the renowned and trusted smart TV brands in Pakistan serving for 17 years. It enhances its smart TVs yearly with innovative features to enhance your entertainment. The Samsung Smart LCD TV is not only your entertainment partner but also enhances your living space. Whenever you discover an ideal smart TV for your home Samsung will always be your priority.

Samsung Smart LCD TV

One of the best things about Samsung TVs is that you can also buy them online. There are plenty of e-commerce stores available in Pakistan. is a leading online marketplace in Lahore. It is a one-stop solution for everyone. You can get any size and type of Samsung smart TV on Leyjao at budget-friendly prices. Besides that, Leyjao is also offering up to 12% discount on Samsung LED TVs.

You can find the most amazing and advanced features in a Samsung LCD. In this article, you will explore different features, sizes, and much more in an LED that meets your requirements. After getting complete information only then you can make the right decision. So let’s discuss deeply why choose a Samsung LED, what innovative features it has, and how it enhances your home. 



Picture quality is the main priority of every person when choosing an LED TV. Samsung has worked a lot on the resolution of their smart TV screens. People prefer to have an LED to enjoy a cinematic experience in their living space. With the help of a Samsung smart TV, you can create a mini theatre at your home. So that you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and games in a comfortable environment. 

Different types of resolution screens used in a Samsung TV are:


If you want to enjoy a high-definition display then choose a 4K TV. This will give a more detailed picture with vivid features. LEDs are only famous because of the HD picture quality. This is the main reason people prefer LEDs over traditional televisions. The pixels of the screen are enhanced to an extent level because of the 4K resolution. 


An 8K smart TV has four times more resolution than a 4k lcd tv Samsung has launched previously. The word 8K stands for 8,000 pixels that a Samsung TV has. This means you can enjoy more deep details on your TV screen. If you want a sharper and more detailed quality of the picture on screen then choose a Samsung 8K TV. This ensures the transformation of highly detailed pictures into reality. It can never be distinguished even from the closest distance. 


The word HDR means High Dynamic Range which means you can enjoy detailed content both in light and dark scenes. Samsung LEDs have innovative features that show deep details with amazing textures. For instance, if the movie contains a dark cave scene the HDR features shows its wall's appearance and texture details. Similarly, in a yacht scene, you can see clear and individual sunbeams rather than the bright sunlight in the background.


QLED TVs use quantum dot technology feature that enhances the picture quality rather than other types of resolutions. Samsung QLED TV provides rich and crisp images that increase the picture quality of the LED. The contrast ratio depends on the brightness level and adjusts automatically. If you want to enjoy a more realistic picture quality then choose a Samsung QLED TV. 


If you want to have the best display experience on a Samsung LED you can select modes according to requirements. This is the best feature of Samsung smart TVs that distinguishes it from others. It is most probably used in Samsung latest led smart tv. Different modes included are:

  • Dynamic mode
  • Standard mode
  • Natural mode
  • Movie mode
  • Filmmaker mode

You can easily choose any of the above modes and double up your entertainment with enhanced picture quality. Furthermore, the TCL smart LED TV also has almost the same features as a Samsung LED. You can also buy it at a wallet-friendly price range from


The size of the TV matters a lot because it not only elevates the entertainment but also enhances your home. It is important to choose the size according to the required space. The Samsung LEDs come in various sizes starting from 65 inches and ending at 32 inches. Each size has a different price range. You can choose according to your budget and your required space.

People usually prefer a 65-inch Samsung LED for the living room and a 32-inch Samsung LED for their bedroom. The bigger the size of the LED the bigger will be the entertainment. Most people prefer bigger size LEDs because they also want to play games. Games give a better experience on bigger screens. 


The design of the LED plays a vital role in every household. If you want to enhance the look of your living space always choose a minimalist design of the LED. However, you can even transform your home into an aesthetic art gallery with a Samsung smart TV. The Samsung TV has a “Matte Display” feature that elevates your home design in seconds. You can set a display theme and its matte design gives a beautifully painted picture look to your wall.

The stylish design of a smart TV changes your mood in seconds. If you place an LED on the living room wall, everyone who enters the room has a look at the LED. This will add more beauty to your living space. So when you choose an LCD always consider its design along with its size. Transform your living space into an aesthetically designed smart home with Samsung smart LED. 


What makes a smart TV different from a traditional TV is the built-in internet connection and smart applications. Samsung LEDs also have smart remote control which means you can have direct access to certain applications. These smart features are available in every LED size at affordable rates. Samsung 32 inch led tv with wifi price in Pakistan on is available at a discount. Along with that, you can also get easy installment options on Leyjao.

Every Samsung LED has streaming applications like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and so much more. Besides that, the Samsung smart remote has a direct button for these applications. You do not need to select it on the TV you can open it with a click from the remote. You can also connect your smartphone with your smart TV. Therefore, Samsung TVs are the best type of smart TV for unlimited entertainment. 


Along with picture quality, the sound quality of the TV also matters a lot. With the best picture and increased sound, you can enjoy every kind of entertainment. Most people are game lovers and use gaming consoles on their LEDs. You can only enjoy a game to the fullest when you have a bass sound all around the room. This can only be possible with a Samsung smart LED because of its innovative sound features.

If you want to enjoy a mini theatre at your home always consider the sound quality of the LED. With a bass sound feature, the sound of the movie spreads in the room, and feel yourself in a cinema. With an advanced sound performance, you can have the best audio-visual experience at your home. 


One of the best things about having an LED at your home is you can easily place it anywhere you like. You have multiple options in your living space to set your LED whether on a wall or a table. Some of the most common places to place a Samsung smart TV are:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Entertainment room

All of these places give you different types of comfort to enjoy your leisure time. You can enjoy cooking by playing your favorite songs on the LED. Hence, every above-mentioned place is equally important for enhanced entertainment 24/7. Similarly, a Haier LED TV in Pakistan also has a sleek and stylish design that fits in every household. You can place it anywhere in your house for advanced entertainment. 


You can easily personalize your entertainment with a Samsung smart TV. Different types of accessories are available on Leyjao that customize your entertainment. Hence some of the most important customizable accessories are:

  • Customizable Frame: This is a beautiful bezel color and design frame that can be placed anywhere you want. So, you can select the color according to your choice and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space.
  • Freestyle battery base: it is used for projectors and can be used for up to 3 hours. If you have a movie night plan outside your place you can use these rechargeable freestyle battery bases. Enjoy your favorite movie anytime and anywhere without any interruption.
  • Freestyle case: It is available in different colors and is easy to carry anywhere. If you are camping, or have a rooftop party you can take this freestyle case along with you. Whereas, it has a slim design that makes it perfect for outdoor entertainment. 
  • Freestyle skin: it is used for a freestyle battery base and is available in three different colors. So you will never get bored because of it and can change the color whenever you want. 

Keeping in view the above-mentioned features you can get your ideal Samsung smart TV from We offer multiple discounts, free shipping, and easy installment options on our smart LEDs. So you can easily get your LED within 5-7 working days from us. Build your trust in us with excellent ratings and honest customer reviews. Have the best shopping experience with your favorite Samsung TV for your ideal home.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What Is The Average Price Of A Samsung Smart Tv In Pakistan?

The price of the Samsung smart TV depends on its features, size, and model. A 32-inch Samsung LED is the most affordable in Pakistan.

Are Samsung LEDs Available Online At A Discount Or Installment In Pakistan?

Yes, you can find Samsung lEDs on at discounted rates or on easy installment plans.

Is The Samsung 4K Tv Good For Gaming?

Yes, the Samsung 4k LED tv is the perfect choice for gaming with enhanced display quality and sound features.

Which Smart Features Are Available In A Samsung LED TV?

There are many smart features including streaming apps, Wifi, Bluetooth, Chromecast, Dolby Atmos technology, and so much more.

Does Leyjao Offer A Replacement Warranty Or Free Shipping For Branded LEDs?

Yes, we offer a 7-day replacement warranty on our all branded lEDs along with free shipping.

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