Honor Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Honor was previously a subsidiary of Huawei, but is now an independent company developing both phones and watches. The honor smart watch price in Pakistan makes it a great option for those looking for more affordable smart watches.

Honor Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Major Features

  • Bluetooth Calling: There is a built-in microphone and speaker inside Honor watches. What this means is that you can take calls directly on your watch. You can also get all your notifications directly on the watch.
  • Great Battery: Honor watches have a battery that can extend to up to two weeks using the power-saving mode.
  • Health and Fitness: The Honor smart watch can measure heart rate, blood oxygen, stress sleep, and much more. And they display all of your health information directly on the watch itself.
  • Great GPS: The watches that Honor makes have either built-in or connected GPS technology. This allows you to track not only location but also speed when you are exercising outdoors.

Popular Honor Watches

There are many different options available from Honor in its smart watch collection.

Honor Watch 4

Price: Starting from Rs. 38,000/-

The Honor Watch 4 is the latest version of the rectangular design everyday watch that Honor has available. The watch comes in two different colors of bands, in addition to two different sizes as well. The Watch 4 has a unique feature that gives you guidance on how to maximize calorie burning. Its algorithm thus works to help you burn fat faster. This is in addition to notifying you about calls and messages directly on the watch.

Honor Magic Watch 2

Price: Starting from Rs. 23,000/-

This is the popular traditional circular design Honor smartwatch that is available right now. The Honor Magic Watch 2 3 has 15 different goal-based fitness modes that allow you to track your fitness activities accurately and in detail. The watch also gives you real-time guidance in the form of a voice-over, something not found in other watches. It can also store music so that you are not dependent on your phone for workouts.

Honor Watch GS 3

Price: Starting from Rs. 30,000/-

This is the other major circular design Honor smartwatch option available to purchase. The Honor watch GS 3 comes in three different color options. The strap is made out of leather and will match your choice of color. Options like music playback, alarm, flashlight, and weather reports make it a great watch for everyday use. A big attraction of this watch is the fast charging that allows you to get a full day of battery with just 5 minutes of charge. The watch generally will give you 30 hours of battery even with GPS constantly turned on.

Honor Band 5

Price: Starting from Rs. 4,500/-

The Honor Band 5 smartwatch is a more affordable band-style watch option that Honor makes. Unlike many fitness bands, this band comes with an AMOLED display for clear viewing in outdoor activities. The many options for watch faces also add to a surprising level of customizability for a fitness band. The Honor Band 5 smartwatch has many sports modes that can be tracked including outdoor and indoor running, cycling, and swimming. The watch is also waterproof. So it is a great watch to stay fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is an Honor smartwatch?

An Honor smartwatch is a wearable tech gadget that can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and offers exciting features, including notifications, sleep tracking, long battery life, fitness tracking, and music control.

Which operating system do Honor smartwatches run on?

Honor smartwatches use Huawei's own operating system, called HarmonyOS.

Can I make phone calls with an Honor smartwatch?

Yes, some Honor smartwatches have the ability to make and receive phone calls when connected to a smartphone

Can I track my fitness activities with an Honor smartwatch?

Yes, Honor smartwatches come equipped with a variety of fitness tracking features, including step counting, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking.

How long does the battery last on an Honor smartwatch?

The battery life of an Honor smartwatch varies depending on the model and usage, but most models can last for several days on a single charge.

Is an Honor smartwatch water-resistant?

Yes, many Honor smartwatches are water-resistant, allowing you to wear them while swimming or showering.

Can I use an Honor smartwatch without a smartphone?

Some features of an Honor smartwatch, such as fitness tracking and music control, can be used without a smartphone. However, most features require a smartphone connection.

Can I customize the watch face on an Honor smartwatch?

Yes, Honor smartwatches allow you to choose from a variety of watch faces and customize them to your preference.

How do I connect my Honor smartwatch to my smartphone?

You can connect your Honor smartwatch to your smartphone by downloading the Huawei Health app and following the setup instructions.

Can I use third-party apps on an Honor smartwatch?

Honor smartwatches support a limited number of third-party apps, but most of the functionality is provided through the built-in apps.

How accurate is the heart rate monitoring on an Honor smartwatch?

Honor smartwatches use optical sensors to measure heart rate, which can be accurate under normal conditions. However, the accuracy may be affected by factors such as skin color and body hair.

Can I control my smart home devices with an Honor smartwatch?

Some Honor smartwatches have the ability to control compatible smart home devices, such as lights and thermostats.

What is the warranty period for an Honor smartwatch?

The warranty period for an Honor smartwatch varies depending on the model and region. Typically, the warranty period is one year.

Can I use an Honor smartwatch with an iPhone?

Yes, Honor smartwatches are compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

How do I update the software on my Honor smartwatch?

You can update the software on your Honor smartwatch by opening the Huawei Health app and checking for updates.

Who can use Honor smartwatches?

Honor smartwatches are designed for both men and women.