Kenwood AC Price In Pakistan 2024: Latest Features 

Kenwood Ac price at leyjao starts from Rs.199,000. These air conditioners have the latest features. These features include 4D cooling with smart accessibility. Kenwood split units have stylish designs that perfectly match the interior of your home and offices. Moreover, leyjao offers Kenwood air conditioners at 0% markup with up to 12% discount.

Kenwood AC Price In Pakistan

Kenwood Inverter Ac Price In Pakistan

Inverter air conditioners have become a popular choice in Pakistan. They are more energy efficient than non-inverter units. Kenwood inverter ac is the best choice for the summer season in Pakistan. It can save up to 75% energy-efficient. Moreover, it significantly reduces your electricity bill. And provides you comfort in hot weather. 

At leyjao, we offer the cheapest Kenwood inverter ac price in Pakistan. You can get the best Kenwood dc inverter ac price in Pakistan from us. The prices are as low as Rs.167,300. However, Kenwood provides an exclusive range of models with different prices.

  • Exclusive Price Range

Kenwood has one of the best climate control appliances in Pakistan. These appliances keep you cool in the hot summer. It helps you save a lot of money on your electricity bill. Furthermore, The latest series of air conditioners is one of a kind. 

For instance, the E-Comfort Plus series has unique features and price ranges. This series has a t3 compressor with Heat and Cool Functions. Moreover, it has Golden Fins that have high durability. It also gives High Cooling to 50 degrees, RG10 Controller, and Gear Change (50%, 75%, 100%) that saves a lot of electricity. Furthermore, the prices vary for the type of air conditioner and technology. And Split AC units have low prices. 

  • Split Inverter Ac 

Split AC units are highly in demand. They are ideal for rooms and offices with small spaces. Kenwood air conditioner price for split units is a budget-friendly option. However, the split units are available in different sizes and capacities. 

The Kenwood 1.5-ton split air conditioner is a popular choice among large household appliances in Pakistan. However, the Kenwood 1.5 ton ac price in Pakistan for the latest E-Eco series is different. The prices are a bit higher as it is equipped with advanced features. So, you can choose different models according to your price range.

  • Split Non-Inverter Ac

Non-inverter AC units are becoming obsolete because of their power consumption. They are less energy-efficient than inverter units. Non-inverter Kenwood 1 ton ac price in Pakistan is around ₨. 114,999. These units are suitable for homes with solar energy. 

  • Floor Standing Ac 

Floor-standing AC units are commonly used in big spaces such as hall rooms, meeting offices, and event centers. The floor-standing Kenwood air conditioner price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 315,000. The price is for the non-inverter standing air conditioner. 

However, the inverter standing Kenwood 2 ton ac price in Pakistan is around Rs. 367,500. These air conditioners are visually appealing and cool at the same time. Moreover, they perfectly fit with the interior of your working office or gathering halls. Kenwood is known for bringing unique smart features to your home appliances. It brings Innovation with ease. 

Unique And Smart Features

 The latest inverter series has smart features that bring ease to your life. Furthermore, you can control the air conditioner remotely from anywhere. These features are:

  • Voice Control

The voice control feature allows you to control the air conditioner without any remote. You do not have to look out for a remote all the time. Moreover, just stand in front of your air conditioner and command your desired temperature. And you are all set to experience comfort at home.

  • Turbo Cooling

The turbo cooling feature in the Kenwood air conditioner efficiently cools down your room within minutes. Therefore, this feature works faster than standard cooling. In this mode, the air conditioner operates at high efficiency making it a comfortable device for the summer season. 

Furthermore, all the latest DC inverters have this feature. Inverter air conditioners provide cool and comfortable room temperature at a reasonable price. Moreover, Leyjao offers the best Kenwood 1.5 ton DC inverter ac price in Pakistan. So, you can choose the best models in Kenwood from us.

  • Wifi Connectivity

Wifi connectivity is one of the best features of Kenwood air conditioners. Wifi helps you control the temperature remotely from anywhere. However, this smart feature is becoming common among different air conditioner brands in Pakistan. Such as Dawlance 1.5 ton ac is equipped with the same feature. You can turn AC on and off from anywhere.

  • Ampere Lock 

Air conditioners provide comfort in every household. They are designed to keep you cool on the hot summer days. But you have to take care of the electricity bill for AC units. Further, with the ampere lock feature, you can control electricity consumption. So, you can lock amperes. The ampere shift gear feature saves you a lot of energy.


When it comes to choosing a home appliance, it is a long-term investment. A warranty claim gives you the satisfaction that you are investing in a worthy product. Moreover, Kenwood air conditioners offer a combined warranty of 14 years. It ensures that your money is safe for 10 years.

  • 4 years PCB

Kenowwd offers a PCB (Printed circuit board) warranty for 4 years. It simply means that any malfunctioning in the operation of the PCB board will be addressed and repaired by the company. You do not have to pay repair charges. Furthermore, you can stay free from maintenance costs. All the latest variants of Kenwood have this PCB warranty. 

  • 10 Years Compressor

Compressors are one of the most expensive parts in AC Units. The Kenwood ac price in Pakistan has changed with time. The induction of the latest T3 compressors makes AC units an expensive appliance. You cannot bear the loss of the compressor. So, a 10-year compressor warranty assures you that the AC is durable enough. 

High Tech Parts And Accessories 

Innovation in Air conditioners has transformed the functioning of AC units. High-tech air conditioner accessories and parts make them reliable for every season. Moreover, they are equipped with parts that can perform both heat and cool functions. Other parts of Kenwood AC units include: 

  • T3 Compressor

The T3 Compressor from Kenwood works efficiently in hot and humid conditions. It works effectively at 51 degrees. It is the best AC for hot and humid cities like Karachi. The Kenwood 1.5 ton ac price in Karachi is around Rs.172,900. Furthermore, this price varies from model to model in Pakistan. You can choose budget-friendly models from leyjao.

  • 100% Copper Pipes 

Kenwood provides high-durability appliances to consumers. Copper pipes connect the refrigerant indoor and outdoor pipes of the AC unit. Copper pipes are corrosion-resistant. They ensure high performance for the coming years. The Kenwood 1 ton inverter ac price in Pakistan is a suitable investment for a long time. This increases the lifespan of AC. 

Buy Kenwood AC Now And Pay It Later 

Buying Kenwood air conditioners has become easy now. Leyjao offers the buy now pay later option for its reputable customers. Moreover, Leyjao ensures that you get your favorite air conditioners without leaving the comfort of your home. You can also buy haier 2 ton air conditioner from us at a discounted price. Furthermore, with an easy monthly installment facility, you can choose the most suitable installment plan. You can convert the payment into 3 to 18 installments according to your convenience. So, grab the best deals on ACs. Go and get it now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What Are Some Advanced Features Of Kenwood Air Conditioner?

Kenwood air conditioners have voice control, wifi, and ampere lock features.

What Is The Role Of The T3 Compressor In Kenwood Ac Units?

The T3 compressor is highly efficient and works effectively in -7 to 51 degrees.

What Is The EER Rating Of Kenwood Ac?

Kenwood has one of the best EER ratios for ACs. It has a 4.0 score in EER.