Unroasted Cashew Price In Pakistan

Cashews are one of the best dry fruits and nuts available in Pakistan. If you are the one who is looking for the best dry fruit and nut that can help you in so many ways like health, taste, and fast digestion, you are exactly at the right place. In Pakistan, people more generally refer to it as "Kaju," and it is used to form a rich, creamy basis for a variety of meals, such as the ever-popular shahi paneer.

It is possible to consume it as a nutritious snack or use it in a broad variety of meals, including salads, desserts, and smoothies, among others. Due to their silky texture and a flavor that combines sweetness and nuttiness, cashews rank among the most frequently consumed types of dried fruits and nuts. In the event that, we want to talk about the cost of cashews in Pakistan.

The price of cashews may vary widely not only based on the location of the store where you buy them but also on the quality, type, and country of origin of the cashews in question. Unroasted Kaju price in Pakistan is near Rs 3000/- per kilogram and goes up to Rs 3400/-. As a result, let's get right down to business and talk about all there is to know about cashews.

Benefits Of Cashew In Pakistan

In the past, cashews have been given a negative reputation due to the fact that they contain saturated fat; however, this may not be as much of an issue as the saturated label indicates. The majority of the fat in cashews originates from stearic acids, which, according to most experts, have no effect on the level of cholesterol in the blood. According to some research, those who consume a little portion of cashews on a daily basis have a slight drop in their LDL "bad" cholesterol levels.

Due to the high magnesium content of cashews, it's possible that eating them might help prevent heart disease. This is in addition to the fact that eating cashews lower LDL cholesterol levels. Inadequate magnesium consumption increases the risk of ischemic heart disease, which often develops when the heart does not receive sufficient blood supply.

Magnesium in cashews has been shown to lower the chance of having a stroke. This connection is especially noticeable for hemorrhagic strokes, which occur when a weakened artery in the brain ruptures and causes blood to leak into the surrounding brain tissue.

Cashews, particularly when compared to other frequent snacks, have a very low amount of carbs. Because of this, they have less of an effect on blood sugar, which makes them an excellent choice not only for those who already have type 2 diabetes but also for those who want to avoid developing the disease.

Unroasted Kaju Price In Different Cities Of Pakistan

Unroasted Cashew Price In Lahore

Lahore, being among the top populated cities in Pakistan, attracts everything produced, manufactured, or grown in any corner of the country. That’s why all the roots are easy and certain. Cashews are imported from different countries, especially from Brazil. Unroasted or plain cashew price in Pakistan is around Rs 2800/- to Rs 3200/- per kilogram.

Unroasted Cashew Price In Islamabad

The populated city of Rawalpindi is attached to Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. If we talk about the unroasted cashew 1kg price in Islamabad, it’s about Rs 3000/- to Rs 3400/- per kilogram. The price varies in every season and there is a different price for different types of cashews available.

Unroasted Cashew Price In Karachi 

Every day, Karachi receives everything as it stands as the most populated city in Pakistan.  People in Karachi consume a significant amount of dry fruits and nuts. Especially Brazilian unroasted cashews. Because of the consumption, rates are higher in Karachi as compared to Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.  Its price is Rs, 3400/- per kilogram.

Unroasted Cashew Price In Multan

Multan is also another old city that has a demand for dry fruits and nuts. There, the price of dry fruits is higher because the city is far from the growing area or the origin. If we talk about plain cashews prices in Pakistan, it’s more than 3k and nearly Rs 3.5k. Get these fresh and plain cashews at lower rates from leyjao.pk.

Cashews Are Available In Different Packs

Unroasted Cashew Price In Pakistan Per 250 Grams

You may also purchase dry Unroasted Cashews in increments of a quarter-kilo packaged in separate bags. This premium package of dried Unroasted Cashews without a shell is available for the affordable price of Rs 850/-. The package does not include a shell. The appealing packs package these nuts, specifically designed for retail sale.

Unroasted Cashew Price In Pakistan Per 500 Grams

There is also the possibility to buy these 100% genuine and premium-quality cashews. This package is available for a total of 1700 rupees. If you are searching for these almonds at a regular market, you will have a tough time locating them. Since leyjao.pk does quality checks on all of their products, you need not be afraid about ordering anything from above.

Unroasted Cashew 1kg Price In Pakistan

In Pakistan, dried unroasted cashews are provided for sale in visually beautiful packaging. The premium pricing of these packets is due to their exceptional quality, thus explaining their high cost. The price per kilogram is Rs, 3400. We will have no issue selling you one kilogram of Kaju at this site. This pricing is exclusive to leyjao.pk. You can buy cheap dry fruits. Go and Shop now!

Wrapping It Up

Leyjao.pk offers the best rates from all other physical; or online marketplaces. That’s why consumers always trust buying from this platform. In the above content, we have tried to deliver all the information regarding plain and roasted cashews. We have told you about cashews, their benefits, the packs available, and prices in different cities in Pakistan. If you want to know more about cashews or any other nut, keep in touch with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Are Unroasted Cashews Healthier?

Raw cashews and roasted cashews are nutritionally equivalent since the techniques used to prepare them do not affect the nuts' other healthful properties. Depending on the roasting procedure, these kinds may also be largely devoid of sugar.

Is it OK to eat Unroasted Nuts?

Raw or roasted, nuts are great for your health. Similar amounts of calories, protein, carbs, and fiber are included in both options. Yet, roasting nuts can damage healthy fat, diminish their nutritional value, and lead to the formation of acrylamide, which is poisonous.

Is Unroasted Cashews the Same as Raw?

Very popular are raw cashews, which may also be roasted. The name "raw cashew" is misleading because the cashew shell and possibly harmful oils are removed before roasting. Frequently, previously roasted cashews are roasted again to alter or enhance their flavor.

How long do Unroasted Nuts last?

Raw nuts have a six- to twelve-month shelf life when stored in a cool, dark, airtight container. The refrigerator or freezer functions flawlessly. Nuts can be refrigerated for up to four months and frozen for up to six months. Almond meal can be stored for up to two weeks in the refrigerator or a cool, dark cabinet.

Are Unroasted Cashews Soft?

Raw cashews, particularly when left whole and large, are creamy and smooth. Adding them to savory recipes or buttery spreads enhances their flavor significantly.

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