Glass Screen Protector

In a world where most personal tech consists of large screens, protecting these screens is of course extremely important. A Glass screen protector helps to make sure that the main mode of interaction with your device stays safe.

Glass Screen Protector

Types of Screen Protectors

As stated previously most digital devices that come out nowadays come with some form of large screen. So, most screen protectors can be divided into a few types based on the devices they are made for.

Mobile Phone Screen Protectors

The most common form of screen protector of course is a mobile phone screen protector. Since the advent of smartphones, the main form of input and output on phones has been a single, large screen. Thus protecting this screen is more or less equivalent to protecting the phone itself. There are two main options available for a mobile phone screen protector in Pakistan. The first is a plastic or TPU protector, and the second is a mobile glass protector.

 The plastic TPU screen protector is a flexible plastic protector that was more common near the beginning of smartphones. This protector is usually cheaper, but does add a not that smooth feel to your phone. The mobile glass protector is the more common form of screen protector we see nowadays. Also known as a tempered glass protector, these are the most durable options for keeping your phone safe. They are smooth to the touch on your phone and relatively inexpensive due to being common nowadays.

Laptop Screen Protectors

Possibly the largest screens in modern personal tech (not counting monitors themselves) are on laptops. And, with the advent of touchscreen laptops nowadays, it makes sense that you would want to add additional protection. A laptop screen protector tends to be similar to a glass protector for a phone. They provide both scratch and crash protection for the most important part of your device. Most laptop screen protector options also come with some additional functionality. These include things like anti-glare and matte coatings, which help reduce reflections. Options for privacy glass make it so that other people won’t be able to stare at your screen from the side.

Smart Watch Screen Protectors

Similar to before, smartphone technology being integrated to watches, means they have touchscreens. Subsequently it has become important to protect these screens as well. This is especially significant, considering they are the most exposed device out of all these options. Smartwatch protectors are one of the only kinds of protectors that come in multiple shapes. There is the round watch screen protector that usually applies to most Android watches. Then there is the Apple Watch screen protector, which has a more square shape.

While smartwatch screen protectors tend to be relatively basic, possibly because of their novelty, the best apple watch screen protector options do come with additional features. These include things like matte or anti-glare coatings and the like. A round watch screen protector will usually only have these features if it is made for a major brand like Samsung.

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