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Nearly all mobile accessories work to make your phone use experience better in one way or another. From giving you more peace of mind to providing additional functionality, there are endless enhancements or changes you can make.

Popular Accessories by Function

The majority of mobile accessories can be grouped together broadly by the kind of function that they provide. These are some of the more popular accessories for mobile phones.


The main purpose of this kind of mobile accessory is of course to provide additional protection for your device. This category includes things like protective covers and cases, screen protectors and even a lamination sheet for mobile.

Lamination Sheet for Mobile

While most people know about back covers or screen protectors, not many are still aware of this product. In a world where many new phones are coming with glass or shiny plastic backs, it is that much more important to protect them as well. For this purpose you can attach a Lamination sheet for mobile to the backside of your phone. This works in more or less the same way as a screen protector would, protecting it from scratches and marks.


This group of accessories mostly focuses on making the gaming experience on mobile phones better. This includes products like extra triggers and buttons, a cooling fan, game controllers and more.

Cooling Fan for Mobile

The purpose of a cooling fan for mobile is obvious from the name. Like computers, phones tend to get hot when you perform power demanding tasks like gaming on them. This can have two negative effects. Firstly, the hardware of the phone going above optimal temperatures can throttle your phone’s performance. Secondly, using a phone while hot can generally be an uncomfortable experience. A cooling fan for mobile phone can help to keep your phone within its optimal running temperatures. So, you can play games on your phone without worrying about any issues.

PUBG Trigger

A PUBG Trigger is a beneficial tool for those who like to play shooting games like PUBG. This device allows you to have an additional, more ergonomic input for shooting in the games. Much like a controller’s triggers, you can use a PUBG trigger on your phone to aim and fire while keeping your thumbs free for other tasks. That they attach on top of the phone instead of on the screen also means your view remains clear.


As audio is a fundamental part of any entertainment experience, there are countless products made to enhance this aspect of your phone.

Type C to Handsfree

This kind of device is for those phones that come with a Type C port but no jack for earphones. The accessory provides you with a handsfree jack so that you can connect wired headphones to your device. The handsfree connector has a USB C connector on one end, and a 3.5 mm jack on the other. So by attaching the device to your phone’s USB port, you can get a handsfree jack to use.

iPhone Hand free Connector

iPhone has been historically known for not providing an audio jack on their devices since the iPhone 7. So, it is no shocking thing that a iPhone handsfree connector is a very popular accessory. The only difference between this device and the last one is that the connector is lightning instead of USB C. Otherwise it connects to the lightning port in the same way and provides you with a jack for your audio.

Power & Data

The power and data transfer category has just as many if not more accessories as audio. Both being fundamental parts of the day to day use of a phone.

Power Bank

Possibly the single most common mobile phone accessory bar headphones themselves. A power bank allows you to keep on using your phone beyond its normal limits. This device provides you with an additional battery to use when your phone’s own runs out. Modern versions allow you to charge wirelessly, while a conventional power bank will require a wire to connect.

OTG Connector

This kind of device allows you to connect a full-size USB device to your phone. A mobile USB connector consists of a full size USB port on one end and a mini connector on the other. This allows you to connect things like USBs, keyboards and mice.

Type C OTG

This mobile USB connector is the newer option made for phones that have Type C ports. A USB to Type C converter allows for faster speed data transfers from USB drives. On some phones, a USB to Type C converter might even allow you to connect additional devices that were not possible previously. This might include things like high power microphones etc.

USB C Magnetic Adapter

The Baseus USB C Magnetic Adapter provides a tool to charge your phone and use it at the same time. Oftentimes using a phone in landscape mode while charging is difficult because of the cable that’s jutting out. The Baseus USB C Magnetic Adapter attaches to your phone so you can connect your charger in an L shape. This allows you to comfortably place your hands on the phone’s sides and use your phone.

Type C Connector 2 in 1

You can use a Type C Connector 2 in 1 to make the single port on your phone into a multipurpose one. This device has a USB C connector at one end and both Type C and headphone jack on the other. So, you can use the Type C Connector 2 in 1 to connect both a charger and headphones together. This is especially useful for gamers who need both power and high quality audio in a game.

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