Realme Smartwatch

One of the biggest names in recent years in the Pakistani smartphone space is Realme. The smartwatch options, although limited, should not be ignored either.

Realme Smartwatch

Major Features

  • Great Screens: Getting a Realme watch means that you get a large and vibrant display that tells you all of your relevant information in vivid colors.
  • Health Metrics: Realme watches have multiple sensors that measure your heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep quality and calories on a constant basis. The sensors also send out alerts for irregularities in things like heart rate and hydration levels.
  • Productivity Tools: Realme smartwatches have many features that increase your daily productivity. Features like the ability to control your camera and music straight from the watch make your daily activities faster.
  • Fitness Tracking: The watches track sports activities and show them directly on the watch itself or on the Realme Link App on your phone.

Most Popular Realme Watches

Although their watch catalog is limited, there are some great watch options by Realme to look at.

Realme Watch

Price: Starting from Rs. 13,999/-

This is the most basic watch model that Realme offers in Pakistan. This watch is the only watch on this list that follows the Apple-famous rectangular design language. The edges of the watch are curved for a more premium appearance. The watch allows you to receive notifications from all the major social media apps that you can think of. In addition, the watch supports call rejection, weather forecasts and more. Fourteen different sports modes mean that the watch can also track major sports activities. The watch will automatically identify walking and running and will also give you an accurate measure of the number of steps that you have taken.

Realme Watch S

Price: Starting from Rs. 16,999/-

The Realme Watch S, in contrast to the regular Realme watch, comes in a circular shape more reminiscent of traditional watches. This, combined with two dials on the side and the silicon band, combine to make an overall very sleek look. This watch also comes in an aluminum body compared to the plastic of the previous watch, and the resolution also gets an upgrade. What this means is that it is overall a very good quality experience to use. The watch connects to your phone via Bluetooth to give you notifications from your apps directly on your watch. The watch battery is a place where it really excels. Even with heavy use, the watch gives you around a week’s worth of battery. While regular use should get you somewhere around 14 days.

Realme Watch S Pro

Price: Starting from Rs. 25,499/-

The Realme Watch S Pro is the upgraded version of the Watch S. 

One of the biggest upgrades is the display, which is now a full AMOLED screen that is bright and vibrant. There is now always-on technology on the display as well. You can customize the watch face with more than a hundred different options to make the watch really your own. This combines with a stainless steel case to make for an extremely premium watch. There is also 5ATM water resistance, which means that the watch should be completely fine for swimming. The built-in GPS this watch has means you can go on and track your runs completely independently from your phone. Fifteen different sports modes that not only track your sports but coach you as well mean the watch provides you with a premium fitness experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Can Realme smartwatch make calls?

As was just mentioned, the watch can make and take calls via Bluetooth, making it a truly convenient accessory. More than a hundred different watch faces are included with the Realme Watch3, and it can be used with both iOS and Android.

2. Is Realme smartwatch good?

Even though Bluetooth calling isn't always standard on smartwatches in this price range, the Realme Watch 3 still manages to provide sufficient health and fitness monitoring. You can't beat the price-to-quality ratio of the Realme Watch 3.

3. Does Xiaomi own Realme?

It was formed in May 4, 2018 by Li Bingzhong (also known as Sky Li), a former vice president of Oppo. Realme, which began as a sub-brand of Oppo, later became its own brand. Realme became the fastest-growing brand in the third quarter of 2021.

4. Is Realme watch better than Apple watch?

The Realme watch has more storage space than the Apple smart watches. The Realme watch’s display resolution of is lower than that of the Apple watch. If we compare both of them price wise, realme is the favorite among them under a budget.

5. Does realme smartwatch have WhatsApp?

If you use the messaging app Whatsapp, you can now receive notifications on your Realme Watch. Get the Notify app going on your gadget, and then head to the app's Applications section to set up notifications on your wristwatch.

6. Why is realme so famous?

Realme's smartphones were among the first to feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 5G central processing units. realme's first high-end smartphone supports 5G speeds, and it's called the X50 Pro 5G. realme declared that it has completed its transition into the 5G era. The realme X50 5G is the first smartphone in the world with 5G connectivity.

7. Is realme watch waterproof?

The IP68 rating for water resistance means that you can wash your hands without taking off your realme Watch.

8. How long does realme smartwatch last?

With the screen brightness set to 20%, the vibration intensity at its highest, and more than a hundred notifications per day, the Realme Watch lasted for an average of four days in my tests. The smartwatch will vibrate whenever you receive a notification, but this uses extra power whenever it does so.

9. Does realme watch have WIFI?

By connecting your device to another WiFi device or to the mobile hotspot on your phone, you can use WiFi, so the answer is yes. Furthermore, the connection is incredibly fast.

10. How is Realme so cheap?

Realme is able to offer more affordable prices because it deals directly with suppliers like leyjao. CCS Insights' head of research, Ben Woods, raises the issue that the company is not eligible to sell to most mobile network carriers because its devices have not been authorized by the GCF.

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