Realme Smart Watch Price In Pakistan

In terms of smart watches, Realme is among the best options in Pakistan. Realme did not start producing smart watches until 2020. It was a well-known smartphone manufacturing sub-brand of oppo. When compared to competing brands, the realme smart watch price in Pakistan is lower than other brands. Given that, Realme has cornered a sizable portion of the Pakistani and Indian smartphone markets. In 2019, Realme expanded internationally. When the first commercially available smartwatches debuted, it was released in every significant smart watch market around the world.

Over the course of the last three years, Realme has developed a number of different kinds of watches, such as realme digital watch and realme band watch. They almost universally captured users' attention. People in Pakistan favor the realme watch brand because it offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. The most recent timepiece from realme matches the features and technical specifications of high-end smartphones. To cut a long story short, only realme digital watches offer the full suite of features at such affordable prices.

Realme smartwatch price typically ranges from Rs 2,000 to Rs 30,000. When compared to other devices in its price range, it has amazing display, battery, material, monitoring, sensors, and the quickest Bluetooth connectivity. When it comes to smartwatches, Realme has you covered, even if you're looking to spend less. Read on to learn about the many features and technical details of realme smart watches. We'll fill you in on every nuance of those options. Start with the most notable features and specifications found in a typical realme digital watch.

How Realme Watches Are Better Than Other Brands Smart Watches?

This particular watch manufacturing company creates a vast array of innovative wristwatches using a variety of materials and styles. If you are looking for a mobile watch that matches your budget, ideal design, desired qualities, and features, you have arrived at the right place. On the website, you may find listings for nearly every model of Realme android watch ever produced. In Pakistan, the price range for the Realme smart watch begins at Rs 2000/- and extends to Rs, 28950.

You can find the best mobile watches on this page, complete with a variety of functions, technical specifications, enormous screens, long-lasting batteries, a variety of sports modes, the band and screen material, and much more. All of these specs and features are available in a single watch at significantly lower pricing than those offered by competing watches. Let's discuss the functions and technical aspects that one of these watches possesses.

Features And Specifications Available In Realme Smart Watches

There are so many latest specifications and features in realme smart watches. All of them are according to today’s needs. Some extra features are also included to add value in your lifestyle.


If you are interested in purchasing a watch for use as a fitness trainer, you should search for a Realme smart watch with calorie and step counting capabilities. Also, you should inspect the functions that monitor your heartbeat and blood pressure, as well as any other pertinent functions. You should be able to rely on the watch to offer alarms, reminders, and alerts to help you stay on schedule. Men and women who care about their physical health must possess these qualities.


Realme bands and touch watches let you choose your desired color from an extensive palette. Also, you should evaluate the screen's dimensions and display quality. The majority of Realme's latest smartwatches are available in black, blue, pink, and green. The colors of the watch's strap or band frequently contrast to give a stunning impression.

Health And Fitness Monitors

If you are increasingly concerned about the health of your older family members, their whereabouts, or if they are taking their medications, you should consider purchasing them a watch. Purchasing a smartwatch with location tracking, blood pressure monitoring, message and reminder sending, gyro sensors, and a pedometer can solve all of these problems simultaneously. If you will be gone from home for a significant amount of time, your watch must be connected to your phone. Also, you should assess the band's substance, quality, and durability.

Accessibility, Archiving, And Notifications

If you are a student or an employee, you will likely seek out features that meet your personal requirements. Everyone has a need for constant communications and reminders. In addition to this, you should emphasize having a huge quantity of memory, sufficient storage, and a powerful battery. You can listen to music using both the connection provided by your AirPods and Bluetooth-enabled headphones. Realme watches include the aforementioned functions.

Display And Screen

Looking at whether you are a woman or work in the fashion industry, design, screen resolution, and screen size should be your top objectives. When selecting a watch, choose a tint that complements your personal taste. Inspect the display with the larger screen size and the higher resolution. There are various Realme Pakistan-manufactured timepieces with 1.54- or 1.75-inch IPS displays and acceptable aspect ratios. If you are young and want a fashionable touch watch, you should consider the items listed here.


Any of the advantages might be disregarded if you travel frequently or even only climb hills. Currently, the watch's battery requires your attention. There are numerous Realme smart watches on the market, and their batteries range from 120 mah to 380 mah. You must acquire a battery that is durable and capable of lasting at least one month. In addition, either a quick charger or a wireless charger must be used. Particularly for those who will be traveling, batteries must be your primary priority.

Durability And Lasting Steadiness

Each and every purchaser must prioritize dependability and durability. Regardless of the socioeconomic strata that you perceive yourself to belong to. Realme is concerned with its consumers' mentalities. All of Realme's launched timepieces to date have been of the highest quality. Even in the more budget-friendly series, the band material, sensors, straps, and watch material were all remarkable and of great quality.

REALME smart watches make calling simple. Like a phone on your wrist. Check your notifications, messages, and reminders whenever you want. This includes social media alerts. Even low-cost smart watches have all of these features.


Customers are concerned with RAM and ROM when purchasing a watch (ROM). These two factors have an impact on smart watch storage and processing performance. REALME sells smart watches with memory ranging from 128 KB to 1 GB and storage ranging from 128 MB to 2 GB. Models and prices differ.


Purchasing a watch that can play music without requiring your phone will be more convenient. To listen to your favorite song, click "watch music." This feature is pre-installed on all REALME smart watches. This is for music enthusiasts.

Controlling Gestures

Some smartwatches can manage your home. All of your home electronics lights, fans, and smart TV can be controlled with a single gesture. Gesture control is used in this wizard-like interface. Housewives believe that this function is the most beneficial. Gestures allow you to control your REALME smart watch without touching it.


By shopping online, you can find reasonably priced Realme smart touch watches with features and specifications that are matched to your needs. There is no competition in budget series smart watches if we look at extra features of smart watches.

Where To Buy From? is the place to go for amazing deals on Realme smartwatches, many of which feature stunning designs. If you reside in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, or Multan, you can have the watch delivered directly to your front door. When you are about to make a purchase of the products you have selected from, the payment becomes super easy. This online platform will also accept payments made via Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, and Qistpay, among other online payment methods.

A payment plan is available for select items on It is possible to pay for a band 6 smartwatch in installments if you purchase one that includes a gift and a one-year warranty. also makes it incredibly simple and straightforward to pay in installments. Using Qistpay, you will have no trouble making payments in installments. With any of the above-mentioned entry points, purchasing a realme smart watch online is simple.

Last Words

With most of their smart touch watches, Realme uses rectangular faces and screens. These timepieces are crafted with components of the highest quality. If you are the type of person who is seeking for a smart watch that is dependable and long-lasting for an extended period of time, can help you in a variety of different ways, and can solve your issues, then you have arrived at the correct spot.

You will find the information on Realme smart watches that we have shared with you above, as well as the details regarding their features and characteristics. In addition, you were provided with information on how to buy smart watches online in Pakistan. If you are interested in learning more about smart watches, make sure you stay in contact with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Can Realme smartwatch make calls?

As was just mentioned, the watch can make and take calls via Bluetooth, making it a truly convenient accessory. More than a hundred different watch faces are included with the Realme Watch3, and it can be used with both iOS and Android.

2. Is Realme smartwatch good?

Even though Bluetooth calling isn't always standard on smartwatches in this price range, the Realme Watch 3 still manages to provide sufficient health and fitness monitoring. You can't beat the price-to-quality ratio of the Realme Watch 3.

3. Does Xiaomi own Realme?

It was formed in May 4, 2018 by Li Bingzhong (also known as Sky Li), a former vice president of Oppo. Realme, which began as a sub-brand of Oppo, later became its own brand. Realme became the fastest-growing brand in the third quarter of 2021.

4. Is Realme watch better than Apple watch?

The Realme watch has more storage space than the Apple smart watches. The Realme watch’s display resolution of is lower than that of the Apple watch. If we compare both of them price wise, realme is the favorite among them under a budget.

5. Does realme smartwatch have WhatsApp?

If you use the messaging app Whatsapp, you can now receive notifications on your Realme Watch. Get the Notify app going on your gadget, and then head to the app's Applications section to set up notifications on your wristwatch?

6. Why is realme so famous?

Realme's smartphones were among the first to feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 5G central processing units. realme's first high-end smartphone supports 5G speeds, and it's called the X50 Pro 5G. realme declared that it has completed its transition into the 5G era. The realme X50 5G is the first smartphone in the world with 5G connectivity.

7. Is realme watch waterproof?

The IP68 rating for water resistance means that you can wash your hands without taking off your realme Watch.

8. How long does realme smartwatch last?

With the screen brightness set to 20%, the vibration intensity at its highest, and more than a hundred notifications per day, the Realme Watch lasted for an average of four days in my tests. The smartwatch will vibrate whenever you receive a notification, but this uses extra power whenever it does so.

9. Does realme watch have WIFI?

By connecting your device to another WiFi device or to the mobile hotspot on your phone, you can use WiFi, so the answer is yes. Furthermore, the connection is incredibly fast.

10. How is Realme so cheap?

Realme is able to offer more affordable prices because it deals directly with suppliers like leyjao. CCS Insights' head of research, Ben Woods, raises the issue that the company is not eligible to sell to most mobile network carriers because its devices have not been authorized by the GCF.

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