iPhone Cable (Lightning) in Pakistan

The iPhone cable for charging and data transfer is referred to as the lightning cable by Apple. This is the main cable that is used across Apple’s line of products, including of course their mobile phones.

Types of iPhone Lightning Cable

There are two main types of iPhone charger cable available:

  • Lightning to Type-A cable
  • Lightning to Type-C cable

Both of these iPhone lightning cable options provide a way to connect with your other devices or power bricks. A pure lightning-to-lightning cable is surprisingly rare, and most iPhone cables are one of these two.

Lightning to Type-A Cable

This is the original cable that was released back in 2012 and is still in use for the majority of Apple devices today. This cable is the standard charging cable that comes with the majority of Apple devices. This iPhone data cable is capable of the same speed of data transfer as a normal USB 2.0 cable. This means that it has a maximum capacity of 480 Mbps.

Lightning to Type-C Cable

The new iPhone lightning cable takes advantage of the extremely fast speeds of USB Type-C. More modern Apple product releases tend to use this iPhone data cable instead of the other standard one. USB Type-C data cable allows for much faster data transfers, closer to USB 3.0 speeds. So, in addition to charging your phone much faster, it also supports transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps. This makes it the best option for speed bar a standalone Type-C capable.

iPhone Charger Cable Price

A very important and significant discussion is the iPhone cable price in Pakistan. Apple's products are historically more expensive than those of their competitors. This also extends directly to the price of the iPhone charger cable. There are some Chinese companies in the market making copies of this cable at cheap prices. But they do not of course have the quality of the iPhone original cable. Thus, the original cable’s price remains significantly higher.

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