Men are very opinionated about what women should wear before going to bed, as every man has his own different choices. Some men like their women in long t-shirts, and lace lingerie, and some only want their women to wear sexy panties before going to bed. Men would not rather say how they want to see you or they would say wear whatever you like but as a woman, you have to notice what turns him on when you are alone in the room with him.



It always matters what you are wearing and when you are in the mood to seduce him. Make sure that when he enters the room, he sees you in his favorite outfit. For some men wearing their long button shirts drives them crazy about you. Seducing him will not be a difficult thing for you if you will wear nothing under his shirt. The most important thing about relationships is to have an understanding of the likings and dislikings of each other. It is essential to note that if you roam around in a room with your undies, he will definitely be attracted to you. During the night make sure you wear his favorite color.


Wearing anight gown is a common thing. He sees you in the gown every night and it might not be a turn-on for him. But if you keep changing yourself and bring more exciting things for him, you never know what magic it can cause. For example, you know the taste of your partner and you know very well when his eyes have that excitement and seduction for you. When you wear his favorite panty color and design it throws a new spark in him. That is the perfect panty for you. Memorize it for future intimate moments and use it when you feel like the spark is missing. That panty shows your perfect curves and he adores your body in this panty. Whereas, you can wear different types of panties according to your body type that looks good on you.


When it comes to wearing undergarments and specifically panties, everyone has their own choice. The body structure and shape of every person are different. And, it also depends on the choice of the person how and what she wants to feel about. If you want to feel sexy and pretty, your choice of panty will be different from someone who wants a comfy and relaxed look with full coverage. Not every woman likes to show her body. And, it makes no difference in the selection of the panties. There are some common issues that women faced when they are buying ladies panty for their daily use. When it comes to choosing your hot panties, make sure that it does not roll down. If you have planned the special moment with your partner and your panty is either slipping down off of your hip or not fitting well. Your sexy dress night wear can turn into a spoiler if you do not take the measurements of your panty accurately.

There are other several issues faced while buying panties for womens which include size, color, style, and comfort. The main reason behind choosing the wrong woman panty is not trying it on before buying it. In the hustle of buying usually we forget to take a trial, and it remains in the drawer for months. And, when we try it after weeks, it is either loose or not according to our size. Since we are wearing it after weeks so we fail to avail of the exchange policy. Anyhow, some womens panties online stores like leyjao.pk are providing the best exchange policy. Not everyone is worth buying, so choose a trustworthy source like leyjao. There are many other things that should be kept in mind before buying your panties.


Comfort is the foremost thing before buying your panties. The definition of comfort is different for everyone. Some women like to wear stretchy panties while others prefer wearing a panty that fits best on their waist. Whereas you can also have the comfort definition like wearing loose panties because you do not like when your panty clings to your skin. The best thing you can do about it is to check the size before ordering it. After confirming the size the next important thing is the color. Many women opt for panties white and black in color. However, you can also wear panties that complement your skin color. If your complexion is fair, you can wear darker shades like red and pink. It will look good on your skin. But if you have a skin tone a little warmer then try wearing ladys pantys with lighter shades and color. However, you can wish to go with any color if you are comfortable carrying yourself in it. Every color will be your color if you will wear it confidently and your skin color is merely a temporary thing. After color selection, the style of the panty is the most important thing, Styling is like do or die for many women. They can live without necessities but they cannot abandon their style. You can wear lace panties or printed panties if you want to give space to the wildness inside you. It can have some cheetah print or any other print that makes you go wild when you see it. Besides alluring your partner you can also wear lady panties to boost your confidence.


Behavioral psychologists say that it is not mandatory that panties are only meant to make us look sexier. The real purpose of wearing quality womens pantys is to boost our self-esteem and confidence. It helps us have a positive and healthy impact on our emotional state. And undoubtedly when we are in a good emotional state we can have a better assessment of the people around us. When our confidence is touching new heights we tend to speak, walk, talk, and gesticulate with others in a confident and persuasive way. There can be many reasons behind our success but the greater one is how we carry ourselves in the outer world.

In today's world lingerie has either become a utility or intimate wear but it is not about both. The womens panties are all about how we carry our bodies and how we perceive them in self-expression.

Simply speaking when women devote their time to buying panties and trying them on, it means a lot to them because it ignites their feminist side of them. It helps them adore their body more. It affirms the real you and makes things more viable to accept. You realize your self-worth, which is more important than anything. Not only on your mental health but also focuses on hygiene when you are wearing your best pair.


There are two general reasons for wearing woman pantys, the first is obviously about fashion and the second one is taking care of your genital organs. The genital organs are mostly covered with the panties and do not allow the air to regulate down there. The main reason behind the infections and bacteria is not taking care of the moisture due to sweating. It can ignite itching around the vagina, which is hazardous for the health of the organ. In the summer season sweating causes vulva irritation around the vagina which is very annoying because you have to scratch around the pimples. Mostly these pimples are caused when we do not take care of sweating or the panties lady do not change which is causing moisture around the vagina.

Changing your panties is another option to keep the moisture and pimples away around the vagina. Some women do not have the habit of changing their panties, but it depends if you do not sweat too much you can go with the same set of panties for more than two days. It is recommended by the doctors to change your panties after two days. The panties womens are wearing have to be changed if they have a continuous vaginal discharge. That is one of the reasons that women carry an extra pair of indies panties with them. Although, by changing panties ladies can avoid infection and other things like fungi and dirt. It is for your own best that you should change your panties regularly if you sweat too much.


When women are on their periods they have to carry an extra pair of panties because the period can fall at any time if the counted days have started. A panty and period pads are a must for a woman to carry along with her if she is going out of the home. However, if you forget to carry one with you you can order it from an online marketplace like leyjao which has the best period panties in pakistan at a reasonable price. The benefits of carrying extra panties are that sometimes you menstruate too much which causes the panties to get dirty earlier than you expected. However, it is also useful in giving you an extra layer of clothing if your pad is leaking due to too much menstruation. You should use a material that can soak the blood when you are menstruating too much. Cotton is the best fabric which helps in every case.


Cotton is the best fabric for panties in the summer season. The weather conditions can become severe when it comes to surviving the heat in the summer days. And for the summer season, you have to wear new or washed cotton panties every day. It can be challenging to buy a new pair of panties for a whole week, but now. You can buy affordable ladies panties in pakistan at discounted prices from the leyjao marketplace. It also has a variety of designs and colors in cotton panties for women which is making it a popular sensation on the internet. Cotton is a widely used fabric in the summer season because it is breathable and does not trap heat.

Another major reason for the use of cotton in the summer season is that it has a bad odor after sweating. Sweating is the most common thing women have to deal with while working in the office or doing their home chores. Another benefit of using cotton is that it does not cling to the skin after getting dry. And it makes it easiest for women cotton panties to be a reliable product in the hot days of the summer. It is widely used by women across Pakistan because they find the cotton more convenient and breathable as compared to the other products in the world.


The fabric which is called blend is often used as an alternative to cotton in the summer. It is also widely used by women when they go to work out or play games. It is used by athletes and sportswomen. It also does not trap heat and makes the product breathable during exercise or playing games. Other than that Ecowear panties are also gaining popularity among women who are facing excessive sweating. It has 87% bamboo material in it which makes it more breathable than cotton. The reason behind making it more breathable than cotton is that it allows sweat and moisture to evaporate faster which helps it dry faster than cotton.

Irrespective of the weather, panties are worn by women to look comfortable, confident, sexy alluring, panties are different for every occasion and body type. Basically, women use undergarments like panties, lingerie, ladies tights, and body shapers to look elegant and attractive for their spouse. Comfort is the most essential thing when it comes to choosing your panty. And choosing the right panty under the right dress is the most important thing.


The right panty that you decide to wear under the dress plays a critical role in making you look adorable and avoiding a wardrobe malfunction. Panties can be the most embarrassing factor in your overall appearance if it is visible to others. And, it can make you more anxious if you have not chosen the right panty set according to your body shape to avoid panty lines. However, choosing the right panty set can enhance your appearance.

Seamless panties are a great option to wear under your form-fitting dress. If you are looking to avoid your panty lines because they are visible enough, seamless panties are designed to make them invisible under the clothing and they are available in all types of panties including, panty shorts, boyshorts, thongs, and briefs.

Thongs are designed in a way that they have a narrow strip of fabric at the back which sits between the bum. Thongs are usually worn by women who want less coverage on the body. Athletes and models like to wear thongs as they have smaller hips and body structures. There are a variety of options in thongs which come in low-rise, high-rise, and g-string. But if you feel like wearing a panty that can offer you full coverage, you can wear boyshorts. Boyshorts are usually high-rise and offer a straight cut in the leg. An exciting thing about the boyshorts is that they come in a variety of materials and fabrics. They are available in cotton and silk panties which allows you to wear boyshorts in any season.


Bikini panties

No doubt, Bikini panties are the classic type of panties that offer a low-rise waistline and high-leg cut. Usually, they are worn under moderate waistline dresses. They are also available in various styles and prints which makes them one of the most desirable items in undergarments. In general, a bikini is something liked by women of any age. They feel sexy and adorable when they wear their favorite color and style that empowers them and makes them fall in love with their body. They are available in various styles like basic, lace, and printed.

Bikini is the most common term the undergarments and it is most familiar with women all over Pakistan. Women are going with the waves of modernization and they also love to wear bikinis with all different prints and lace designs which can help them rejuvenate the romance in their married life. It should be noted that normally women in Pakistan are fully covered with clothes and they wear bikinis to amuse themselves. As it does not cover their body properly so they like to wear camisoles womens that give an attractive look to them.

Another similar style of panties is hipsters, they can be used as an alternative to the bikini. They have a low-rise waistline and wide band as compared to bikinis. Hipsters are usually worn if they want more coverage on the back. It will be helpful for you if you have an apple-shaped body. Hipsters help apple-shaped body women to draw attention away from the bust and focus more on the bums.


Similarly, women with a plus-size body find it difficult to wear a fancy panty under a dress because it does not make them comfortable. They always prefer undergarments that can hide their bigger body parts and make them look presentable and adorable. They like wearing long socks for women if they want to wear a skirt or short dress. Stockings can also be an exciting option if you are comfortable with them. However, it is preferable that plus-size women should wear panties that have a higher waistline, for example, boxer briefs and boyshorts. They can provide a smooth look to your bump and make you look much thinner, however, you can opt for these types of panties because they provide a wider waistband and leg opening which keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

Other than that you can also wear body shape clothes which can be worn under dresses and skirts to make yourself comfy. The purpose of body shapers and panties is to boost your confidence in the dress you are wearing over it. It also helps you avoid wardrobe malfunctions in many ways.


Panty lines are the most destructive thing for your whole party if they are very much visible to everyone. And you have to keep hiding from the eyes of everyone so that they would not see your panty lines. The question comes to mind why do these panty lines appear to be too much visible under your dress? The reason behind that is that the loose panties you are wearing under the dress or panty quality are so cheap that they are constructed with poor material that sticks with the dress. But you can avoid panty lines by just wearing the best panty set.

Layer tights and pantyhoses are also a good option if your dress is too revealing and you do not feel like wearing a panty that can spoil the look of your dress. The panty lines are often avoided by professionals by wearing high-rise undies and g-strings. Thongs are your thing if your panty lines are always visible under the dresses. You cannot do anything about it because it has made you embarrassed many times. However, high-waist undies like boyshorts will always remain a useful option for you.


There is debate about going without panties if you are not comfortable or your body shape does not allow you to wear panties. But it can also embarrass you if the dress tears away or something else happened. But keeping things in mind you can avoid the panty line. As a woman, you like wearing silky smooth dresses but that can often make your panty lines visible so you can wear thick and textured fabric over the dress to hide the panty lines. Or another nicer way to hide panty lines is to camouflage with the dress. It will not only hide the lines but also give grace to your look.

Seamless panties are one of the greatest options if you want to hide the panty lines. They help you hide panty lines because they are designed this way so that they do not show up under the dress. Seamless has no visible seams or edges. Moreover, if you want to maximize the impact, wear the same color as the dress.

The fabric material can also cause your panty lines to be very visible. Suppose that you like to wear cotton fabric too often as your panties. There is no doubt that cotton is the most breathable fabric and absorbent, but wearing it under your dresses can cause embarrassment sometimes. The problem with cotton is that it has a thick seam and thick seams can make the panty lines visible more. That does not mean you should stop wearing cotton panties, rather you can wear them under your trousers, denim, and shorts that are made of thick fabric. In Pakistan, the online sale of cotton panties is very popular in the summer season.


Online shopping itself has revolutionized the buying behavior of people across the world. And it is breaking records in Pakistan where online stores like leyjao are growing rapidly day by day. The reasons are simple and valid if we see them in the context of Pakistani society. The women do not have to leave their homes to buy their private things. Women's panties pakistan shopping has seen an increase in online orders. Convenience is the biggest factor in online clothes shopping in Pakistan.

Most women in Pakistan are dependent on the male to go shopping and buy things because either they have to travel with their male relatives or have to rent a car or rickshaw to go shopping. Online shopping has ended this reliability and they easily order anything from the sofa at home. And the product will be delivered to their doorstep.

And when it comes to undergarments they are too shy to ask for a bra or panty from the shopkeeper. Moreover, you do not have to go from shop to shop to find your perfect size and design. All you need to do is to go to the leyjao website and scroll through the panty section to find the best panty for yourself.


Privacy is something that is one of the biggest concerns of Pakistani women. Online marketplaces have dealt with this dilemma of panty shopping from physical stores. Online shopping has educated many women about choosing the right panty for their size. Now, they do not have to feel embarrassed after stepping into the physical store and telling him what size of panties they are wearing. The gaze of the shopkeeper down to your bum makes it worse. The privacy factor is the genuine and best solution for women looking to buy panties in Pakistan. They can look at a variety of sizes and designs already published on the site and check what size fits them the best. After confirming their size and buying it, the cash-on-delivery option by stores like leyjao makes it more convenient for women because they can touch and feel the fabric of the product before paying for it.

And, the store also has an exchange policy that is applicable on certain items for return in 7 days. One of the most beneficial things from a customer’s perspective is the variety of options that you get while buying panties online. Different designs and fabric material gives you options that are not feasible in a physical store. Moreover, the discounts and vouchers that are offered by the online marketplace like leyjao are exclusively found on the internet. You can get a pack of 6 cotton panties at the most reasonable price. As described above cotton is the most liked fabric in Pakistan during the summer season. 


Although online shopping is gaining popularity in Pakistan, there are pros and cons associated with everything. There are people in Pakistan who are scamming and are not delivering the right product to their customers. Either they are not getting the product on time or the quality of the product is compromised. Fake reviews and comments are generated by scammers to make the products attractive. The easiest way to keep yourself safe from these scammers is to buy products from an authentic and trustworthy website like leyjao. You can check the reviews given by the people who already did shopping from the marketplace. However, it also gives you an idea about the quality and durability of the products available on the site. It is more convenient to buy when you see a genuine review of the product.


More and more customers are shopping online because it is saving their time and energy. Today life has become so hectic that people prefer to buy products from online sources. Convenience and privacy with a variety of products give the customers satisfaction. Everything from sleepwear pakistan products to daily appliances is just available with a single click. People who are busy going to work and feel tired after a full busy day find it easier to shop while sitting on their couch. Online marketplaces like leyjao already had a variety of items listed on its website and they are continuously adding a new range and exciting varieties for their consumers. To sum up, we will find people shopping only from online stores in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the difference between period panties and normal panties?

The normal women pantys and period panties are different as period panties are designed to absorb moisture and menstrual blood, while the normal panties are made from different materials like silk and nylon.

Can seamless panties hide panty lines?

Yes, seamless panties can hide your panty lines. These panties for women are designed in a way to be invisible under the clothes.

Why black panties are good during periods?

Women like to wear colorful panties for ladies when they are not on period because they have to wear dark panties during periods to hide the blood stains due to menstruation.

Which are the most comfortable panties set for the summer season?

The womens cotton panties are the most comfortable material to use in the summer season. Cotton is breathable and absorbs sweating faster than other materials.

Which panty ladies can wear under short dresses?

The transparent panties are the best option for short dresses. Whereas you can also wear shapewear panties if you are wearing a bodycon dress.

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