Raisins (Kishmish) کشمش Price in Pakistan

Raisins are a type of dried fruit that are high in nutrients and are also known as kishmish. Raisins are frequently considered to be the most beloved of a variety of meals and sweets, particularly those that are prepared in the East. Including raisins in your dish is a simple way to enhance both its flavor and appearance. 

Raisins price in Pakistan can vary significantly across cities in Pakistan. The price varies not only based on the quality but also on the type. For instance, there is such a thing as golden raisins, brown raisins, and even black raisins. There is a wide range of prices for each of these varieties, and the costs in other cities, such as Gilgit, Quetta, and Peshawar, vary as well. If we talk about the price of kishmish dry fruit in Pakistan on average, it comes out to be close to one thousand rupees per kilogram.

Types of Raisins (Kishmish) in Pakistan

There are so many types of raisins available in Pakistan. Here, we are discussing Zante Currants, Sultana, Red Raisins, Green Raisins, and Munakka. Following are the features and prices.

Types Of Raisins

Prices Per Kg

Fresh Afghani Raisins

Ranges between PKR 1,800-  PKR 2,000

Dried Irani Raisins

Ranges between PKR 8,00- PKR 1,000

Black Kishmish

Ranges between PKR 1,250- PKR 1,500

Sundar Khani

Ranges between PKR 2,500-  PKR 3,000

Green Raisins

Ranges between PKR 1,500- PKR 1,850

Black Kishmish price in Pakistan

Black raisins are the most prevalent form of raisins, and they are frequently used in household cooking and baking. Grapes are the source of the expensive beverages. As it loses moisture, its color deepens and becomes more opaque. It can range in size from 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm and has a chewy and meaty texture. The price of black Raisins in Pakistan is Rs 300/- for 250 grams, Rs 700/- for 500 grams, and Rs 1400/- per kg.

Zante Currants price in Pakistan

One of the varieties of kishmish that are not very sweet and have a hint of sourness is one that contains black currants. It is on the smaller side when compared to other raisins. We sometimes refer to them as Zante currants, and they are derived from Black Corinth grapes, which are seedless and have a dark colouration. Zante Currants are one of the most expensive raisins in Pakistan. The price varies and is approximately Rs 8500/- in Pakistan.

Sultana Kishmish price in Pakistan

The Sultana raisin gets its name from a type of green grape that is native to Turkey and is cultivated specifically from Thompson seedless grapes. When compared to raisins, they have a lighter color and are significantly smaller in size. In addition, they are known as both sultanas and golden raisins. Sultana raisin's price in Pakistan is more than Rs 4000/- per 500 grams. There are different packs available at leyjao.Pk.

Red Kishmish price in Pakistan

The sweetest and most flavorful variety of raisins, red raisins are the product of drying red grapes. It is extracted from flame-seedless red grapes, which is why they are also referred to as "flame raisins." These grapes are huge in size, have a full and plump appearance, and have a dark color. The Premium quality red raisins are available at leyjao.Pk for just Rs 950/- per kg.

Sundarkhani Kishmish price in Pakistan

Kishmish from Afghanistan, which have a yellowish-green color and are twice as long as other types of raisins are widely considered to be the highest quality. Take note that the name Sunderkhani is also used in the area. Afghanistan is the source of our premium-quality raisins, which are imported from there. We offer the raisins at the most competitive pricing possible, but we compromise on product quality in order to ensure that the raisins we sell to end users are of the highest possible standard.

Medical Benefits of Raisins

Raisins are dried grapes. The drying process concentrates the sugars and nutrients already present in the grapes, turning raisins into a food that is both nutrient-dense and high in calorie content. 

  • A cup of raisin nutrition is 1 gram of protein, zero fats, 29 grams of carbohydrates, 21 grams of sugar and Raisins Calories are 108.
  • In the past, raisins were used as a kind of payment, as prizes in sporting competitions, and as a medicine to alleviate conditions such as food poisoning.
  • Raisins are readily available in supermarkets and can be found in a variety of colors, each of which is determined by the drying method that was employed. 
  • The golden yellow variety of raisins is frequently used in baking, whilst the red and brown variants are typically consumed as snacks. You can get all types from leyjao.Pk.
  • Raisins benefits for men and women are enormous for their mental and physical health.

Raisins are a nutrient-dense food that undergoes very little processing and do not contain any additional additives or preservatives of any kind. However, because of the high levels of sugar and calories that they contain, they should only be consumed in small quantities. 

How to Buy Raisins Online

People used to prefer buying products from physical markets a few years back. But leyjao.pk is one of the trusted online platforms in Pakistan that provides the best quality products at the doorstep. Buy raisins online from us with easy steps and get discounts. We can get the product delivered to your doorstep. We also offer online payments through Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, credit or debit cards, and bank-to-bank transfers. 

Last Words

Raisin fruits are one of the best dry fruits. You can get kishmish benefits to gain weight and get more calories . If you are looking for the best pack of raisins in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar, or Multan, feel free to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What are the Benefits of Eating Raisins?

Raisins provide energy, fiber, vitamins, and minerals despite their modest size. Raisins are delicious and heavy in sugar and calories, yet they're healthy in moderation. Raisins improve digestion, iron levels, and bone health.

How many Raisins Should I eat a day?

Every day, you should eat 30 to 40 grams or 8 to 10 raisins. Raisins might make it hard to absorb vitamins, which could lead to stomach problems. Raisins have a lot of sugar and calories, so eating too many of them could cause you to gain weight.

Are Raisins Good For Weight Loss?

According to some research, eating raisins may aid in the process of weight loss. Raisins, on the other hand, have a high-calorie content per serving, so if you want to prevent unwelcome weight gain, you should limit how often you consume them. The dietary fiber found in raisins has been connected to a variety of health advantages.

Are Raisins Good For the Skin?

Raisins are a great source of vitamin A, which is important for healthy skin at every age. Antioxidants like vitamin A protect the top layer of skin from damage from the sun and keep it moist from the inside out. Raisins are also a great way to get vitamin C, which helps skin tissue heal.

Do Raisins Have Side Effects?

Dietary fiber has the potential to absorb excess fluid from our bodies and assist in the treatment of diarrhea. On the other hand, ingesting an excessive amount of them without also drinking an adequate amount of water might result in dehydration, gastrointestinal distress, and other issues.

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