The Best Smart Watches Under 3000

The best smart watches under 3000 are a great option for those looking to buy an ultra-affordable smart watch. They are also great if you want to try out using a smart watch in your everyday life before spending a large amount of money.

Common Features of Smart Watches Under 3000

Getting a smart watch under 3000 in Pakistan does mean limiting the number of things that are possible with your wearable. But there are some fundamental features that these watches do normally have.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: All smart watches regardless of their price, tend to have Bluetooth connectivity as a basic feature. This is what allows them to connect to your phone, make calls, and receive notifications on your wristwatch.
  • LCD Display: Considering these are cheap devices, it makes sense that most of them come with an LCD TFT display. But that does not mean they are bad displays to look at. They can be quite decent-quality displays.
  • Great Battery: Interestingly, the battery is one category where cheap watches often excel over even flagships. The majority of these watches have at least a week’s worth of battery life or more.
  • Build Quality: Nearly every single watch that falls in this category will have a plastic construction. There’s usually some form of water resistance advertised, but it’s probably still not the best idea to take them around water.
  • Health Monitoring: Although not full fitness trackers, these watches usually do have some basic health and fitness monitoring functions. Usually, it is limited to a heart rate sensor and step counter, but sometimes, they have additional functions as well.

Popular Smart Watches under 3000

Because of the very limited price margin, the differences in the watches in this category are very limited. So it is usually quite difficult to decide on the single best smart watch under 3000 in Pakistan. But all of these are very good options.

I8 Pro Max Series 7 Smart Watch

The name itself tells what watch this wearable is trying to emulate. And at least in terms of looks, it gets close enough for the category.

The I8 Pro Max Series 7 is a budget smartwatch that has both a speaker and a microphone, which means that you can take calls directly from the watch itself. 

The watch has many fitness and health-related features. It can measure your heart rate, blood pressure and ECG. It also has a pedometer and a built-in sedentary reminder to remind you to be more active. There are also multiple sleep modes to track your physical activities.

D20 Ultra Smart Watch

The D20 Ultra is a high-quality rectangular-shaped smart watch with a bright LCD screen.

You can receive notifications for not only messages but also calls, emails, and even social media apps directly on the watch. You can also get notifications from your favorite apps and control the music playback on your phone.

In terms of fitness tracking, the watch, in addition to a heart rate sensor, has sleep tracking and a step counter. It also has a calorie counter along with blood pressure and oxygen level measurements. This is an addition to the many sports modes to track your physical activities.

D18 Smart Bracelet

The third contender for the best smart watch under 3000 in Pakistan is the D18 Smart Bracelet. This watch is one of the few circular-shaped watches that are in this category. This gives it a unique appeal over other similar watches.

The watch not only has the option to receive calls and control music but also control your phone’s camera. You can also use the watch to search for your phone as well. You can also view the weather forecast.

The watch is able to measure your body temperature in addition to the usual health monitoring. It has a sedentary reminder and a reminder to drink water as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which Smart Watch is Best Under 3000 in Pakistan?

I7 Pro Max (PKR 2,361) is the most popular Smart watch under 3,000 in Pakistan. There are several other options that can compete to this watch features and specs wise, but this watch stands out because of some extra features.

Are Smart Watches under 3000 in Pakistan Waterproof?

Most of the watches under this price range are not waterproof. Some of them are waterproof, but they lack in some other features. That’s why they are priced fewer than 3k in Pakistan.

Can You Take Calls with Smart Watches in Pakistan under 3k?

There is no option to take direct calls; you can connect the watch with your phone via Bluetooth to take calls.

Which is the Best Fitness Watch Under 3000 Rupees in Pakistan?

T55 smart watch is the best option for fitness smart watch users fewer than 3000 rupees.

Is Budget Series Smart Watches Made of Good Quality Material?

All smart watches under 3000 are created with medium quality material like plastic. Despite these are low-priced smart watches, the material used to create them is reasonable.