Landline Phone

It is only in the last decade or so that the landline phone has started to become less common. Before that, it was the main form of communication for most households. Even now, in most office spaces, the landline phone is the main medium of official communication.

Types of Landline Phones

The landline phone mostly has three distinct types based on the function that they perform:

  • Wired or Fixed Landline Phone
  • Wireless or Cordless Landline Phone
  • Multi Line Landline Phones

Fixed Landline Phone

The majority of landline phones for sale that you will find in Pakistan will be of this variety. These are the simplest forms of this device that is available on the market. Thus, fixed landline phone options are also the cheapest.

The main reason for the popularity of these phones in Pakistan is, as stated, their price and their reliability. The landline phone set price in Pakistan is easily the lowest for the fixed option because they work on the most basic technology.

Connection through a wire also means that there is minimal chance of interruption or distortion in the call. This, combined with the low price, often makes people think this is the best quality landline phone option available.

Panasonic KX-TS500

This device is easily one of the most well-known and best-quality landline phone options in Pakistan. They can be found everywhere, from offices to even in people’s homes.

Even for a simple device with one of the lowest prices among landline phones for sale, this phone has some useful features. These include things like electric volume control, timed flash and a redial button.

Cordless Landline Phone

Cordless phones are the next step up in terms of technology from wired landline phones.

The big benefit of this kind is, of course, that you are not bound by a wire when taking calls. This makes it easier to talk to people while sitting or standing in a more convenient position. It is also easier to give the phone to someone else with a wireless landline phone.

One thing to consider with this kind of phone, though, is that, as with any wireless technology, there is the possibility of a spotty connection. But, technology has advanced in wireless landline phone options to the point that for home-based communication, they work perfectly fine.

The main reason that these phones did not gain as much popularity in Pakistan is simply price. The cordless phone price in Pakistan tends to be significantly higher than wired. This means that for simple day-to-day communication, people just do not see enough reason to spend the extra money.

Panasonic KX-TG3611

This device has one of the most affordable cordless phone price in Pakistan. The device has many features that add to the level of convenience that you get when making calls.

The phone has a Backlit LCD that makes it easier to read even when it is dark in the room. The phone has the option to put the call on speaker phone as well. This means that you can take calls while performing other tasks as well.

The phone also has support for both Called ID and Ringer ID. This means you can put in special ringtones for different callers. The phone even has a handset locator so that you will never lose your device.

Multi Line Landline Phones

This kind of phone system, obvious from the name, allows you to have multiple lines active at once. They are thus most often found in businesses and offices that expect to get many calls at once.

Multi line landline phones are more or less an essential requirement in any workspace where there is a public-dealing element. 

The added functionality also makes multi line landline phones more expensive. Depending on the number of lines, the landline phone price in Pakistan for these devices can be the highest.

Panasonic KX-TG9471

This device is a good example of one of these devices for those looking to buy landline phone with 2 lines. The device comes with both a corded and cordless handset. In addition, the device itself has a digital answering system.

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