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Even in a world where smartphones dominate the personal handheld device market, feature phone options are still being bought. These devices still offer some advantages that make them attractive to many consumers. Although not many, there are still a few companies that have dedicated feature phone lines that they sell.

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Buying a Feature Phone in 2024

The first and most obvious question that comes to mind is why would someone buy a feature phone in Pakistan in 2024. Believe it or not, there are significant benefits that make them a viable option even in today’s day and age.

Cost Effectiveness

The first and most obvious of these is, of course, affordability and cost-effectiveness. Even a brand-new feature phone will probably not cost you more than 8 to 15k, regardless of brand. Compared to smartphones, where even the cheapest options usually cost double that.

This happens mainly in two ways: Firstly, the upfront cost, as stated, is much less. However, a second way they are affordable in the long term is that phone plans tend to cost less as well. Simple call and SMS plans allow you to save money on things like a large amount of data.


The latest feature mobile phones are also great at offering you an unparalleled level of reliability. The way these phones are able to do this is twofold: First, these phones are durable, especially when compared to smartphones. Whether it be bumps, falls or water, these phones tend to fare much better than their smart brethren. The other way is the amazing and incomparable battery. While smartphones are hardly able to last a full day, a smart feature phone can easily last you multiple days. This means you can rely on them to be usable when you need them.


A smart feature phone provides you with a level of simplicity that holds many benefits. The obvious one, of course, is that they are quick and easy to use and function. The other is also that they are distraction-free. This means that they can help you detach from the constantly online world we live in. The latest feature mobile phones are also often either given to or generally used by working people as a secondary phone. The ability to keep work and personal lives separate and distinct from each other is a great benefit of them. 

The Top 10 Feature Phones in Pakistan

While it is difficult to mention the single best feature phone in Pakistan, there are some options that could be contenders for the top spot.

So, here are the current top 10 feature phones available in Pakistan at the moment in no specific order:


Price (est.)

Nokia 105 (2018)

Rs. 2,990/-

Faywa E2000 Music

Rs. 5,125/-

MeMobile L787

Rs. 4,200/-

MeMobile M6310

Rs. 4,200/-

Faywa Dabang

Rs. 4,750/-

Itel Value 110

Rs. 3,520/-

MeMobile L106 Lite

Rs. 4,225/-

Nokia 105 (2019)

Rs. 6,500/-

Itel Power 700

Rs. 4,250/-

Itel Muzik 400

Rs. 4,699/-

As we said, which of these is the best feature phone in Pakistan will really depend on your specific needs. But any one of these phones should be able to suit you well as a secondary or even primary device.

Major Feature Phone Brands in Pakistan

These are the major brands, including both local and international phone makers, from whom you can purchase a new feature phone right now.

GFive Keypad Mobile

GFive mobile phones were quite popular during the beginning of the popularity of smartphones. They are not as popular today, but they still offer quite high-quality new feature phone options. GFive keypad mobile phones are some of the best quality options available right now. Some of the highlights of their phones are that they have great battery life and durability. These phones should be able to handle rough use easily.

The Gfive keypad mobile options also come with some unique features; notably, some models can operate 4 SIM cards at the same time. Other models hold batteries as large as 3000mAh. This makes them interesting feature phone options to consider.

Itel Keypad Mobile

Itel is a Chinese company known for offering some of the cheapest devices available on the market. This extends to the Itel keypad mobile price in Pakistan and smartphone prices. There may be no other company with a cheaper feature phone in Pakistan. Some other interesting features that Itel keypad mobile phones have include things like larger-sized buttons. This makes them easier to use for people with less dexterity. Otherwise, the simplicity of these devices allows the company to sell them at minimal prices. 

These features, combined with the Itel keypad mobile price in Pakistan, as stated, make them a good option to consider if you are on the absolute smallest of budgets and want a phone.

Nokia Keypad Mobile

If there is one phone company that every single person in Pakistan knows about, it is Nokia. What’s more, it is the Nokia keypad mobile options that they are known for most. The number one thing that Nokia keypad mobile options are, of course, known for is their almost trademark durability. These devices are able to withstand wear and tear better than most devices on the market.

In addition, these devices also last for years and years. It is normal for these devices, if well taken care of, to last you a decade or more easily. All of this durability and reliability comes at a surprisingly affordable price point. This has made them a popular option throughout the years.

Q Mobile Keypad Mobile

Q Mobile was maybe the most popular phone company when smartphones really started to take off in Pakistan. They offered previously very expensive hardware at an affordable price point. The Q Mobile keypad mobile phone options are similarly affordably priced and high-quality options. The highlights of these phones include having the connectivity features of smartphones, such as 4G and Wifi. Great batteries that last you many days on a single charge and more.

Otherwise, the Q Mobile keypad mobile phones are very reliable and durable devices. These devices should be able to withstand everyday wear and tear without issues.

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