High-Quality Mobile Chargers

Mobile phones are an essential tool in today's world. Modern life would be practically impossible to navigate without having these devices. So, having great mobile chargers to keep your phone filled with juice throughout the day is extremely important.

Types of Mobile Chargers

Modern technology has made it so that there are many different kinds of chargers available. But at the most broad level, there are two kinds of options for a phone charger:

  • Wired Charger
  • Wireless Charger

Wired Chargers

Wired phone chargers are of course the more common and prevalent kind of charger. The main reason for this is that they are more affordable and have been around for longer. This means there is also more variety available in this category. A wired charger consists of two parts: a charger adapter and a charging cable. These kinds of chargers are further divided into three different categories:

Type A Charger

This is the kind of charger that has been around for the longest. These chargers became popular around the advent of the Android smartphone, which used them as their main charging mechanism. This phone charger consists of a full-sized USB port on an end. It is meant to connect to a Type-A cable with a Male USB connector on one end and a unidirectional mini-USB connector on the other.

Type C Charger

This is the recently emerged upgraded technology that has come out for chargers in recent years. For most new Android smartphones, this is the charger that comes standard with them. Although, most older devices still come with the older mechanism. A Type C charger adapter is defined by the new bidirectional port that is capable of much faster charging. This kind of charger is thus also what popularized the concept of a fast charger. Added convenience plus fast speeds make them better than Type A Chargers in every way.

Lightning Charger

The designers at Apple created their own proprietary charging hardware, which they named ‘Lightning’ chargers. These chargers are not as fast or efficient as the newer Type C charger but are still very reliable. While not really a fast charger in the same sense as a Type C charger, this charger is capable of faster speeds than the normal Type-A. They support up to 20W of power output, which is not an insignificant speed.

Wireless Chargers

This is the newer emergent charging technology that is becoming more and more common every year. But since a wireless charger is still much more novel and has more advanced technology, they tend to be more expensive as well. For example, easily the most well known wireless charger is the iPhone wireless charger. They are the company that really brought wireless charging to the mainstream. The iPhone wireless charger price in Pakistan is currently above 15k rupees.

Original vs. Third-Party Chargers

A common debate when it comes to phone chargers is whether you should get an ‘original’ brand charger, or if any common third party charger is fine. The first aspect of this debate is the price. When it comes to the two big ‘brands’, those being Apple and Samsung, their chargers are of course more expensive than third party options. The Samsung charger price in Pakistan, for example, varies around Rs 3 to 5 thousand for just the adapter. Similarly, the iPhone charger price in Pakistan also falls around the 5 thousand mark. Compare that to most third-party chargers that you can find for usually under 2k. The other side of the argument is that ‘original’ chargers are more reliable. These original chargers also have less of a chance of causing problems for your phone’s battery. An iPhone charger or Samsung charger is thus usually a safer option especially for those with newer phones.

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