Jazz Digit 4G Price in Pakistan

Smartphones are getting larger and larger as time goes on. With that, there is a niche developing for having a small keypad phone as a secondary or even primary device. The Jazz Digit 4G price in Pakistan, along with its quality, is making this easier for people to get.

Jazz Digit 4G Price in Pakistan

Biggest Attractions

  • Affordability: The biggest and most obvious benefit of Jazz Digit 4G phones is that they are very affordable devices. Keypads or feature phones, as they are called nowadays, are at much lower price points than your usual smartphones.
  • Long Battery: Another benefit of Jazz Digit 4G mobile phones is the battery life. As these phones lack the very advanced functionality of smartphones, they do not consume that much battery. So they tend to last a lot longer than other phones.
  • Dual SIM support: Jazz Digit 4G phones will allow you to use two different SIM cards in the same phone. This can be useful for you if you like to keep your personal and business contacts separate from each other.
  • Feature-Filled OS: The KaiOS that comes installed in a Jazz Digit 4G mobile is simplistic but still filled with useful apps. From WhatsApp to Facebook, you will find many different everyday apps that you recognize.

Popular Jazz Digit 4G Phones

These are some of the more popular feature phones that Jazz makes, along with the Jazz Digit 4G price at the moment.

Jazz Digit 4G Energy

Jazz Digit 4G Energy Price: Rs. 11,300/-

The first Jazz 4G Digit phone on our list has the name ‘Energy’. A great thing about this and the other Digit phones is that they all come with many of the connectivity functions from smartphones. This means that you will find WIFI connectivity, Bluetooth, and even hotspot functionality on this phone. This, of course, comes with a dual sim option for calls and data capability. There is also both a back and a front camera to take simple quality photos. The phone comes with all of the major social media apps pre-installed. These include WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and even TikTok. This means that you will be able to stay connected with your community even with these simplistic phones. An additional benefit of smartphone functionality bleeding into these feature phones is navigation. With all of the above features, you will be able to navigate with both the keypad and touch functionality.

Jazz Digit 4G Shine

Jazz Digit 4g Shine Price: Rs. 8,200/-

Another one of the more sober-looking options from the Jazz 4G Digit lineup is the ‘Shine’.

This phone, in addition to WIFI, Bluetooth and Hotspot functionality, comes with additional Google features. These include Google search, assistant, maps and GPS functionality. In terms of apps, in addition to Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube, there are also Jazz’s own apps. These include both Jazzcash and the Jazz World app, which helps you manage your mobile number, including balance, packages, and so on.

Jazz Digit 4G Star

Jazz Digit 4G Star Price: Rs. 5,999/-

In terms of Jazz Digit 4G price, this is the lowest that you will find at the moment. The ‘Star’ is the most affordable feature phone option that Jazz currently has available. But being cheap doesn’t mean it is lacking in features in any way. It contains all of the features listed above, including Bluetooth, Wifi and Hotspot functionality. It also has the option for a dual sim, so you can enjoy the benefits of multiple networks. All the major apps are available here, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. Both of Jazz’s own apps are included on the phone as well.

Jazz Digit 4G Phones at Leyjao

So, are you interested in getting a Jazz feature phone? You are in the right place! At leyjao.pk, you will find the best Jazz Digit 4G mobile price in Pakistan online. Our unique buy now, pay later facility allows you to get your favorite mobile phone on installment. So, you can afford whichever phone you desire, regardless of your budget. So, if you are interested in one of these phones, have a look at our catalog and buy today!


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