Apple Mobile Price in Pakistan

The Apple Mobile Price in Pakistan is known for being quite high. And yet, they have been one of the most popular kinds of phones for many, many years at this point.

Apple Mobile Price in Pakistan

Big Attractions of Apple Phones

  • User-Friendly OS: A big reason many people prefer to get an Apple mobile phone is that they are known for having an extremely user-friendly interface. 
  • Apple Ecosystem: Apple is known for having developed a, for the most part, unique ecosystem. They have a practically seamless integration of hardware, software, and services across their devices.
  • Build Quality: Apple iPhone’s new mobile phones are known for having some of the best build quality in the business. A large focus on both their design and the materials used makes them some of the most premium devices out there.
  • Camera Quality: Getting an Apple mobile phone means getting what is regularly thought to be the best phone camera in the industry. No matter if you shoot photos or videos, you will find nothing better than an iPhone camera.
  • Countless Apps: Apple iPhone new mobile phones have one of the most expensive app libraries available on a phone. A countless number of apps developed specifically for iPhones means that you will find something that will work great for any purpose.

Recent Lineup of Apple Phones

Apple mobile phones have been coming out on a yearly basis since 2007. We will thus only mention some of the more recent popular options. Here is the list of the recent popular Apple mobile with price mentioned as well.

iPhone X

iPhone X Price in Pakistan: Rs. 144,999/-

If you are looking to buy iPhone at a cheaper price point, we would not recommend going any lower than the iPhone X. The Apple mobile price in Pakistan is the lowest you will find on one of the modern phones. The flagship feature in this iPhone when it came out was a 5.8-inch ‘edge-to-edge’ display. It is less advanced than today, but still functions effectively. The phone itself is a stainless steel and glass construction, which also makes it an extremely durable phone overall. It also supported wireless charging for the first time in an iPhone. 

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Price in Pakistan: Rs. 207,799/-

The iPhone 11 Pro was the updated version of the base iPhone 11 that came out in 2019.  This phone comes with a three-camera system. The camera system contains an ultra-wide camera that allows you to capture the area four times as much as a normal camera. In addition, you can shoot 4k video in up to 60 frames per second. The new A13 bionic chip that comes in this phone also runs more efficiently than previous phones, with Apple claiming that you get up to five hours more battery than the previous models.

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Price in Pakistan: Rs. 220,899/-

The iPhone 12 Pro was one of the first flagship options to offer 5G capability as standard. This phone also comes with an OLED display that is great to look at and more durable than before. They are built with a "ceramic shield" that is apparently four times more drop-resistant, according to Apple. The camera system contained the option for 4 or 5x optical zoom, a night mode and lidar sensors. All of these features combine to make an overall great camera system for an overall great phone.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 279,899/-

The iPhone 13 is still one of the better options right now if you are looking to buy iPhone and get something comparable to the latest phone. This year was, and definitely felt like an incremental update. The screen is slightly brighter than previously. These phones have a slightly smaller notch compared to last year. The only major update that there was to talk about was the battery. Up to nearly 20% larger battery in these phones compared to the previous year. And those batteries are still great to this day.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max Price in Pakistan: Rs.499,999/-

When you look at the Apple new mobile price, there is not really that much of a difference compared to this phone. With that in mind, you might want to consider whether just spending the extra money is actually a better idea. The gap between the base model and the Pro options is larger here than it ever was before. The base models do not even get to have a new chip; only the Pro models do. The iPhone 14 Pro Max does finally get a always-on display on it, which makes it a better overall experience. The new A16 processor helps to make a faster and more efficient phone use experience.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max Price in Pakistan: Rs. 499,000/-

The Apple new mobile price, as you can see, has more or less gone out of the affordability of most people. Still, some people run to buy the latest iPhone model as soon as it comes out. The iPhone 15 Pro Max comes in a titanium design that allows for a slightly lighter construction on the phone. The Pro Max finally moves to USB-C for connectivity from Apple’s old proprietary cable. This means that you get both faster and more powerful connectivity. There is also a new action button similar to the one introduced in the Apple Watch Ultra. In a similar vein, it allows you to bind some sort of quick action like, say, your flashlight. Otherwise, most of the updates were minor, incremental changes.

Getting an iPhone from Leyjao

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is an iPhone worth buying?

Although these phones are expensive, they offer one of the most highly curated, premium smartphone experiences in the world. If you can afford the price, these phones are definitely worth buying.

Is an iPhone better than an Android phone?

IOS and Android phones both offer smartphone experiences that are comparable in some ways but also entirely different in others. It would be difficult to call either one objectively better, and that determination is usually based on personal preference.

How do I check the battery health of an iPhone?

To check the battery health, go to Settings > Battery, then tap the option that says ‘Battery Health and Charging’. This should tell you about your battery’s health and whether you need to do anything for its maintenance.

What is a good minimum battery health to have on an iPhone?

An iPhone that has a battery health above 80% is considered to be healthy. Anything less and you will find a noticeable reduction in the overall life of your battery.

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