Figs Anjeer انجیر price in Pakistan

Anjeer is one of the best and full of benefits dry fruit available in Pakistan. Figs are rich in minerals The Common Fig, or Anjeer is a delicious dried fruit in the Mulberry family. It is also often called Anjeer, which is its Arabic name. Anjeer is a delicious fruit because, unlike most dry fruits, its skin is soft and juicy and its seeds are hard and crunchy. Figs are usually eaten dried all over the world because drying brings out the full flavor of the fruit and makes the seeds crunchier. Anjeer price in Pakistan is different in dry and green areas because it is grown in rocky and dry areas.

Anjeer usually grows in dry, rocky, and uncultivated land, which helps give the fruit a unique and delicious taste. Figs are well known now for their amazing health benefits. They are full of nutrients, and when mixed with other tasty things, they taste even better. It is a well-known fact that dried Anjeer has more nutrients than fresh Anjeer. Anjeer, like many other nuts and dried fruits, can help treat a wide range of health problems and is full of important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. At, anjeer dry fruit is sold from Rs 2000/- to Rs 3000/- Rs.

Types of Anjeer in Pakistan

Now we are going to tell you about some most selling and delicious anjeer types available in Pakistan. We will tell you where they belong and their price in detail. Let’s begin.

Dried Afghani Figs price in Pakistan

Dried Afghani Anjeer is a rich source of protein and is best for vegetarians. Figs have an unusual flavor, but dried figs are simply divine! Afghanistan brings you fresh, high-quality figs from their farms that have been dried in the sun. Enjoy the goodness of this fruit, which is full of flavor and good for you. If we talk about their price, you can get them from for just Rs 1050/- per 500 grams and Rs 2000/- per kilogram. This platform always brings the best quality and fresh dry fruits at a reasonable price.

Local Organic Figs price in Pakistan

Local organic Anjeer is also full of protein and minerals. They are mostly cultivated in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Then these figs are dried and dehydrated. The price of these figs is lower than that of which came from Afghanistan. If we talk about their price in different cities of Pakistan, that is different and fluctuate because of the transport. The price of high-quality organic figs is Rs 2500/- per kg in Pakistan.

Hunza figs Price in Pakistan

The Hunza variety of figs is widely considered to be the most delicious and popular type of fig that can be bought in Pakistan. These figs are grown in Hunza, where they are then dried before being shipped to other towns in Pakistan. Because of the different costs of transportation, the price also differed from city to city. You may place your purchase for them at if you are currently residing in Pakistan. The cost of Hunza Anjeer per kilogram ranges from around Rs 2,850 to Rs 2,850 and more depending on the time of day and the city.

Benefits of Fig Dry Fruit

Figs can satisfy your sweet tooth and help you stay healthy at the same time. This is one reason why many websites that promote healthy eating feature products that contain figs. In fact, eating figs may be good for you even if you don't have a sweet tooth. When it comes to your health, eating figs can help you in a number of ways. Here are a few of them.

The growth of figs is similar to that of flowers when they are inverted and seen from the inside out. They require a climate that is hot, sunny, and dry, and may be found in regions such as the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Before sugar became popular, figs were used to add sweetness to food. Many people are going back to figs as a healthy alternative now that they are staying away from refined sugars.

Medical Benefits of Figs

High blood pressure, which is sometimes called hypertension, is a condition that can lead to heart disease and stroke, among other things. One thing that can lead to high blood pressure is not getting enough potassium. This can happen if you eat too much sodium and not enough potassium. Since figs are high in potassium, they can help make up for this imbalance. Figs, on the other hand, have a lot of fiber, which can help get rid of sodium that has built up in the body.

Problems with digestion can range from not going to the bathroom often enough to go a lot. Increasing the amount of fiber you eat can be helpful at both ends of the spectrum. In addition to the high fiber content they naturally have, figs help digestion in other ways as well. They are a great source of prebiotics, which are good for the overall health of the gut.

Figs are good for you because they are full of calcium and potassium. When these minerals are taken together, they might make bones denser, which can help protect against diseases many studies show that a diet high in potassium, in particular, can help keep bones healthy and slow down the rate at which bones break down. It has been shown that kids and teens with better bone mineral structures eat more calcium. Calcium is an important part of bone structure, and it has been shown to improve bone mineral structure.

How to Buy Figs Online in Pakistan If you came here to purchase figs online or with the intent to know the price, all of that is written in this piece of information and with the products as well. If you want to learn how to buy anjeer online in Pakistan, first you have to add the product to your cart or go with a direct purchase by tapping on Buy Now button. Here, you will be able to get figs online in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi

Last Words

Figs are considered to be the most popular and delicious fruit from ancient times. Now, these are cultivated in dozens of countries that have dry and rocky lands. Here, we have provided you the full information regarding figs including origin, prices, types, medical benefits, and other benefits.

If you are living in Pakistan, you can easily buy the best quality, fresh and clean figs from at reasonable rates. This platform offers so many facilities including discounts, and home delivery, and accepts online payments.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Are Dried Figs Good for You?

Dietary fiber and essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium are abundant in dried figs. Figs are an excellent source of dietary fiber.

Do Figs Burn Belly Fat?

The use of figs as a nutritious snack may improve weight reduction, especially the loss of belly fat. They include a significant quantity of dietary fiber, which aids in appetite suppression and prolongs fullness.

Do Dry Figs Increase Weight?

Foods like figs that are high in fiber may help you feel full between meals so you don't eat too much and gain weight. Dried fruit, in particular, may help people lose weight.

Is Dry Fig Good for Sperm?

Eating figs is an excellent method to naturally raise your levels of testosterone. Figs contain a significant amount of various anti-oxidants, in addition to critical nutrients and minerals. As a consequence of this, it has the potential to assist in enhancing the motility and count of sperm.

Which dry fruits for infertility?

The top 5 nuts for fertility are well-known for the many benefits that may be gained from eating them. Walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts are the five superstars that make up these teeny-tiny nuggets. These can be more effective when they are mixed

Do Dried Figs Increase Blood?

Additionally, dried figs contain chromogenic acid, a chemical that studies have shown to improve glucose metabolism in type 2 diabetics. A portion of dried figs can be consumed as part of a well-balanced meal without causing an abrupt increase in blood sugar.

How Many Figs Eat Daily?

2-3 figs per day is an adequate amount of raw fruit. Limit yourself to three dried figs and soak them overnight if you wish to consume them. Soaking dried fruits and nuts improves nutrient absorption and digestion in the human body.

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