Affordable Online Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

The lowest ceiling fan price in Pakistan with remote control starts from Rs. 4,299. Almost every household in Pakistan uses these fans in the summer. The fan technology is also evolving with other electrical devices. At leyjao, we offer the latest inverter fans at sale prices. You can get up to 23% off. Moreover, you can give a stylish look to your room with decorative fans.

Ceiling Fans Price in Pakistan

Affordable Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan

Buying affordable fans is the need of every household. If your house has more rooms, you will need ceiling fans for every room. The price of fans starts from Rs. 5375. These fans are conventional in design and technology. They consume more electricity than the latest inverter fans.

However, the ceiling fan price varies with the brand in Pakistan. For instance, Super Asia is a locally famous manufacturer of climate control appliances. It is durable. And it has cheap devices with high-quality manufacturing.

Leyjao offers the best Super Asia ceiling fan price in Pakistan. Moreover, Leyjao offers products from this brand at a reasonable discount. We also offer a wide range of Pedestal Fans and Exhaust Fans Online from this brand. You can buy the original and authentic products with huge discounts.

Best Online Store To Buy Energy-efficient Fans

Leyjao is the best online shopping website in pakistan. We provide elegant ceiling fans with stylish designs. We offer different types of fans for use at your home. Energy-efficient devices are trending in Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan encourages the use of green energy. Solar Fans use solar power. So they are Pakistan's most efficient climate devices. It is a 12 volt dc ceiling fan. It runs on solar energy. Moreover, these fans save you a lot of money in electricity bills.

Leyjao has the lowest 12 volt ceiling fan price in pakistan. We offer different models of fans for your rooms. Moreover, we have ceiling fans for big rooms as well. These fans can be controlled with a remote. We have the best remote control ceiling fan price in pakistan. For instance, we have one of the famous Khurshid fans in our listings.

These fans have 99.9% copper winding. These fans have BLDC motors. Moreover, these fans do not heat up after consistent use of hours. It is an ac dc ceiling fan. It has a super energy-efficient motor. Furthermore, it has a remote that can be controllable from 20 ft.

A 30 Watt Ceiling Fan Saves More Energy

Energy-efficient fans are a need of every household. A 30-watt ceiling fan is a popular climate control device in Pakistan. The ceiling fan's electricity consumption depends upon many factors. These factors include the motor of the fan and ceiling fan capacitor. Moreover, these fans give you the best backup on batteries after a power cut in Pakistan.

Leyjao offers all types of fans at a reasonable price. These fans include Decorative Fans and inverter ceiling fans of different brands. Pak ceiling fan is a famous renowned brand in Pakistan. It offers different kinds of fans in Pakistan.

Moreover, pak fan ceiling fan has various types of fan series. These fan series add elegance to your room. Pak fan’s 30 watt ceiling fan price in Pakistan is the most suitable option for saving energy. You can choose unique designs that can go perfectly with your home decor.

Fancy Ceiling Fans For A Stylish Look

Fans have an important role in the room decor. Fancy ceiling fans give an aesthetic look to your overall home decor. It offers functionality and form at the same time. Moreover, fans are one of the most unnoticed things in your space. Stylish fans can change the entire look of your room.

The appealing designs of ceiling fans in Pakistan give you positive vibes in your room. They are available in classic white, bold black, and all types of unique hues. So you can even match them with the paint at your home.

Moreover, these fans give you a stylish look with comfort. They are not just decorative pieces in your room. They give you comfort at low energy. Similarly, you can choose a bronze ceiling fan if you want a classic look at your home. However, if you want to buy a ceiling fan in Pakistan, here is a proper guide for you.

Size Of Your Room

Every room in your is not of the same size. If you will install a small fan in your room, it will be useless. Moreover, it will not circulate air in your room. The ceiling fans in Pakistan come with various customization options. However, you can choose the size of the blades according to the size of your room.

For instance, the size varies from 36’, 48’, and 56’. The standard room sizes in Pakistan are 12’x 14’. A 48’ fan is the best ceiling fan in pakistan. Its ample size circulates the air all over the room. Moreover, a 56’ fan size is suitable for big rooms.

Energy Consumption

Electricity usage is an important thing to consider before buying fans in Pakistan. Electricity is one of the most expensive commodities in Pakistan. Moreover, A wide range of options for ceiling fans has made it easier for consumers to buy fans according to their usage.

The maximum ceiling fan watts in pakistan are around 100-120. These are usually the 220v motor fans. These are the cheap ceiling fans online. The average price of these fans is under Rs. 6000. Similarly, the fans with low watt consumption are higher in price.

30-watt fans are trending products in this type of fan these days. They have a low impact on your electricity bill. Moreover, inverter fans are the best choice if you want to save money. They are a bit expensive. These are AC/DC fans. You can save a lot of money by installing these fans this summer.

Furthermore, you can also install DC fans. These fans use batteries and other sources like solar energy to operate. The dc ceiling fan price in pakistan starts from Rs. 5000. These fans are preferred by those who have installed a solar system.

Comfort With Style

Fans have become a way to give a unique style to your rooms. Wall Mount Fans are best for the outdoors. Moreover, you can install them in the corridor of your backyard. And Tower Fans give a stylish look to your living room.

Similarly, ceiling fans give an aesthetic look to your rooms. Pakistani art is famous for its unique designs. Leyjao offers the best pakistani ceiling fans with beautiful classic designs. So, you can stay cool by enjoying comfort with style.

Remote Control

Technology brings convenience to everyone. Remote access to ceiling fans offers convenience at night. Suppose that you start feeling cold at night. You have to get up and turn off the conventional fan manually. But with the latest technology, you can control the fan’s speed or turn it off without moving out of bed.

Stay Cool With Delivery At Your Doorstep

In Big cities like Lahore and Karachi, life is hectic. Leyjao makes it easier for you to buy anything from anywhere in Pakistan. Prices at leyjao are optimized according to the highest discounts. For example, Leyjao offers affordable ceiling fan prices in karachi. Moreover, you can get cash back by using the promo codes.

Furthermore, leyjao is headquartered in Lahore. So it offers exclusive discounts for buyers in Lahore. You can get the exclusive price of ceiling fan in lahore. Moreover, we have the lowest lahore ceiling fan price in pakistan. You can also get other types of fans such as Mist Fans at a discounted price from leyjao.

Beat The Heat With The Best Quality Fans At Leyjao

Pakistan faces a severe electricity crisis in the summer season. Electricity shutdown is common in this season. It becomes hard to survive the heat without electricity. Pakistanis use Rechargeable Fans and UPS systems to beat the heat in summer. They require fans that can run for a long time without electricity. Moreover, Leyjao offers fans that consume less electricity watts. These fans are manufactured with high quality. So, you can use them without worrying about failure. Leyjao is an e-commerce platform that provides household & appliances at discounted prices. You can buy all types of temperature control devices from leyjao with special discounts. Then what are waiting for? Go and order energy-efficient fans at a low price.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What Are AC/DC Ceiling Fans?

AC/DC ceiling fans are hybrid and can be used on batteries and electricity.

How Much Electricity Do BLDC Motor Fans Use?

They use 50% less energy than conventional ceiling fans.

What Is The Price Of An Inverter Ceiling Fan In Pakistan?

The inverter ceiling fan is available at Rs. 9500 at leyjao. You can save up to 23% on ceiling fans at leyjao.

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