Did you know womens fashion has its roots in ancient Egypt and Rome? It was the time when the bifurcation of style statements started in history. The rich and royal women wore colorful dresses, while poor women wore neutral colors. Women's fashion keeps evolving from decade to decade. Since then, different accessories, including cosmetics, handbags, clothing accessories, shoes, and more trending things become part of every women's wardrobe.

womens fashion


Everything in this globe has to suffer evolution, and the best part about it is that we see different new creations from mankind. The creativity inside humans is a never-ending thing. Interestingly, newspapers started publishing pictures in the 19th century. The newspaper was a common source of sharing news and trends till the arrival of radio in the 20th century. At the start of the 20th century, ladies fashion trends were rapidly evolving, with different waves of feminism emerging worldwide.


Starting from the 1800s, women used to wear heavy and bulky clothes that were difficult to put on and off. After the Industrial Revolution, when women were allowed into as workforce, ladies fashion wear changed utterly. Women were appointed to the post secretaries and other suitable posts, making them wear different fashion trends.

These fashion trends keep changing from time to time, and till the 1970s, women started expressing their femininity to the full extent. The heavy, bulky dresses transformed into short, sultry dresses, which remain exciting throughout history till now. Due to globalization, women's fashion has reached every nook and corner of the world. The latest trend in online shopping for women has made every fashion accessory accessible at your doorstep. You can buy anything from the convenience of your home online.

Online shopping has made it easier for women to purchase anything of their choice. Online shopping is rapidly growing in Pakistan, where every women's accessory, from cosmetics to shoes, is available online. However, online shopping for women in pakistan has been made easier by online marketplaces like Leyjao. Now we will discuss the different types of online products and accessories for women.


Cosmetic products also have a vast history dating back to 6000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians used to wear black eyeliners and white powder to enhance their beauty. Similarly, cosmetic products and women share a robust bond in today's world. It has become a necessary part of women’s life. It brings elegance, confidence, and beauty into the lives of women. Like everything, they love to buy cosmetic products from a cosmetics store, giving them a wide range of products under one shelf. Different makeup products have different roles in a woman’s life. Women buy cosmetic online in pakistan from a cosmetics shop online.


It is an established truth that beauty products are a way to show self-care and self-acclamation. Wearing makeup boosts their confidence to stand out everywhere they choose to go. Makeup has a more important role than just adding beauty to your face. It has become a crucial thing in a woman’s life. There are hundreds of reasons which can explain why makeup products are essential in a woman’s life.

A makeup kit has become an essential commodity for women in their everyday life. Whether it is a small makeup set or a vanity makeup box, every woman carries them without hesitation. The use of makeup has tons of benefits besides giving beautification to women. It protects their skin from dust and other relevant pollution particles like smog. It also protects your skin against the sun; although it cannot be regarded as a complete safety measure, it provides minimal protection to some extent.

Quality make-up products are also essential for women who want to enhance their beauty with them. Some Pakistani makeup brands provide quality products that do not harm your skin. You can conveniently buy best makeup products in pakistan with price affordable to your pocket from Leyjao. The details information on various makeup products is given below.


BB & CC Cream is used before applying foundation to your skin. Both types of creams have different makeup implications. A (BB) blemish balm cream is a mixture of various skincare products like moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, and many more. At the same time, a (CC) color corrector or complexion corrector is a cream used to correct pale color, dark spots, and red skin on your face. To buy the best quality bb & cc creams at a discounted price, you can visit leyjao.


A blusher is used to enhance the features on your face and give you a warm overall look. Choosing the right blush is a critical thing. You have to choose wisely according to your skin tone. For example, if you have a pale or fair complexion, you should wear pinkish blush that should not overpower your skin tone. Women usually carry a blush palette in their handbag when they go outside their homes just to keep giving a minimal touch to their skin.

Like different makeup accessories, a blush on kit with different shades helps you give an elegant finish to your face every day. When you need something on a daily basis, you tend to consume it more than usual, and a make-up product like blush stays with you every time. So, you need an adequately budgeted blush on it your bag. To check the most reasonable blush on price in pakistan you can visit Leyjao’s marketplace and get the best blush at a discounted price.


Bronzer is a makeup accessory applied to the cheekbones, forehead, and across the nose. The purpose of a bronzer is to give you a perfect flattering sun-kissed look. It adds more depth to your skin by making these parts of your face more prominent when the sun touches it. A common misunderstanding about Face Bronzer is that it often needs to be clarified with contour. On the other hand, a contour is applied on the jawlines, which aims to define and sculpt the natural features of your face.

You can buy every makeup accessor, including liquid bronzer, online. The bronzer price in pakistan differs from brand to brand. To purchase affordable cheap bronzer online, you can check the listed products at Leyjao.


Applying makeup is an art. And an artist only works well if she has the right tool. Buying the exact accessory can groom your entire make look. Notably, both brushes and blenders have their finish when it comes to applying makeup. The brush's quality, softness, and density help you apply the makeup precisely. The quality of the brush also determines how evenly the product will be applied to your skin. To buy a soft makeup brush kit, you can go to leyjao’s website.

However, the blender is the product of the 21st century. As its definition suggests, it is a product that blends liquid makeup. The shape and design of the beauty blender allow you to reach every specific area on your face while contouring. It is undoubtedly the best product to blend makeup. Due to a lot of competition for makeup products, you can get the best price for brushes. You can get the best makeup brushes price in pakistan at leyjao.


A concealer is one of the most underrated makeup items. The makeup concealer is generally thicker and helps hide fine lines, dark circles, age spots, and blemishes by blending these face problems into your skin. It is always recommended to apply concealer on top of your foundation so you can get a smooth and flattering finish. You can contour your face with the help of concealer in a perfect way. Just choose a concealer two shades darker than your skin to find the best contouring results on your skin.

A concealer also helps in hiding the dark spots on your skin. It makes it a must-have item in your makeup kit. You can get the best concealer price in pakistan at a reasonable price at an online marketplace like Leyjao.


Different kinds of eye lashes make your eyes vivid and visible. These eyelashes contain mink eyelashes made with natural hair and blend perfectly with your eyelashes. This type of eyelash is popular among celebrities due to its smooth finish. Similarly to that, faux mink eyelashes are synthetic and have low cost. These eyelashes are popular among women because they do not bend when wet. If you want to achieve a celebrity-like look with low investment, this is your type of eyelash.

Whereas quality mascara products are usually used to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes. It makes your eyelashes more prominent by making them longer, darker, and presentable to define your eyes. Applying the best mascara on your eyelashes is inevitable because eye makeup plays a vital role in your whole makeup. Like other makeup accessories, mascara is an important staple in every women’s bag.

The Online eye lashes price in pakistan is minimal compared to the physical stores. There are different branded eyelashes are available at leyjao, which are exclusively made with quality materials.


Eyeliner is a liquid or creamy cosmetic item that allows you to highlight and help your eye color pop up. Eyeliner helps you look optimistically around your eyes according to your outfit. It is recommended that you should avoid using too much eyeliner regularly. The branded eyeliner pencil is relatively high compared to other cosmetic items.

On the other hand, an eyebrow shaper is made of solid material and helps you shape your eyebrows accordingly. It is a makeup option that can give a thick outline to your eyebrows. An eyebrow pencil is used after plucking and shaping your eyebrow.

This question is often asked if the eyebrow pencil can be used as an eyeliner. The answer is obviously yes, and it is convenient for some women because, like liquid eyeliner, it does spoil the look around your eyes. Moreover, solid pencils are easier to handle than liquid eyeliners. You can get the latest eyeliner price in pakistan from leyjao, where branded products like miss rose eyebrow pencil are available at a discounted price to physical markets.


An eye shadow kit is the makeup accessory women mostly use when they want their eyes to look more attractive and presentable. Eyeshadow makes your eyelids attractive and appealing to look charming at parties or events. Models wear glitter eyeshadow with different designer dresses and collections to look pretty. The eye shadow is not merely a piece of the palette but a complete look groomer. Traditionally, women use eyeshadow to highlight lighter to darker shades on their eyelids.

Anyhow, various makeup artists also use the eyeshadow palette as an eyeliner. It depends upon you how you want to use the make option. Different liquid eyeshadow palette shades are available online, which professional makeup artists use to give your eyes a stunning look. You can also get a fantastic eyeshadow palette price in pakistan with exciting colors from leyjao.


There are several makeup woes that you face as a woman when you are applying makeup. Either it only stays on your skin for a short time, or it spoils your whole look. A makeup primer has many applications. It can be used underneath your eyeshadow, foundation, mascara, and tinted moisturizer to give you a smooth look. Women who have skin problems, like their skin is too much oily or dry for the makeup to last longer effectively, can apply primer makeup before wearing any makeup option on their skin.

There are a lot of benefits that come with using primer makeup. For instance, it has certain chemicals like glycerin and hyaluronic acid that protects your skin from damage by keeping it hydrated. The Best purpose of the primer is to pop up your makeup to give you a refined look. You can purchase the best miss rose primer price in pakistan from online marketplaces like leyjao, which gives quality and authentic products to their customers.


The foundation makeup is a must-have staple for beginners and pros alike. As evident from its name, it is used as groundwork or foundation for your makeup. It covers the blemishes on your skin and creates smooth, flattering skin by correcting your skin tone and blurring apparent imperfections on your skin. Generally, there are 5 different types of makeup foundations. Such as:

  1. Liquid Foundation
  2. Cream Foundation
  3. Serum Foundation
  4. Powder Foundation
  5. Water-based Foundation

Every makeup foundation has a different formula that can be used according to your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, the best makeup foundation for your skin is Powder Foundation which can give you a matt finish like a liquid foundation. Buy the best foundation brand from leyjao with exclusive discounts and offers.


A makeup highlighter is an accessory that reflects light and makes some areas prominent on your face, like your cheekbones. It can also be applied to the temple, brow bones, bridge of your nose, and cupid’s bone. It is critical to know that women often wonder how they can wear highlighter makeup if they already wear blush. You can wear both at the same time because both of them have different functions.

When applied to the prominent features of your face, it gives you a perfect look when light reflects on that part of your face. It makes your skin look younger and plumps up your lips. Other benefits of using make highlighters are it makes your forehead look polished, reduce dark circles and even give you a fake face uplift. The best highlighter in pakistan can be bought online through the marketplace of leyjao.


Lipstick is the most essential makeup accessory for women of every age. Lipstick is the most prominent makeup accessory in your whole makeup. There are two different types of makeup accessories for your lip. The first is lipstick, and the other is lip gloss for your lips. The lip glosses are mainly meant to give a glossy look to your lips. The lip glosses reflect light, giving you the super shiny look you want for your lips. On the other hand, lipstick shades work differently from lip glosses. They absorb light and give you a matt finish that makes your lips look more prominent.

The significant difference between these lip accessories is that lipsticks last longer than the lip glosses. However, the right choice depends upon what you want for yourself. If you plan a date, you can wear dark red lipstick to look attractive. Whereas, if you want a glossy look all day, you can wear lip gloss. Similarly, a lip liner is mandatory if you have uneven areas around your lips. The lipliners are essential before applying lipstick and lip glossers if you want the perfect shape of your lips.

Getting all these products at a discounted price is critical because, as a woman, these are your most common staple. You can get the miss rose lipstick price in pakistan from leyjao with all minor details about the product.


Undeniably, little makeup accessories are essential to give your makeup an entirely flattering look. The use of cosmetic accessories may sound irrelevant, but they play an essential role in making you look perfect all day. Like a vanity mirror, it may look like a tiny piece of accessory, but it is the most helpful thing when you want to touch up your face and you do not have a mirror in your surroundings. It is minimal and only occupies a little space in your bag.

Similarly, makeup fixing spray is used to increase the lifespan of your makeup throughout the day. If you have a long day at work and attend several meetings, you can use this as a pro hack to avoid smudging and fading your makeup. Or you want to change your entire look by removing makeup and changing your formal look into casual. Carry a cheap and affordable makeup remover with you. To buy the best makeup setting spray in pakistan, you can check the makeup accessories at leyjao.


There are a bunch of nail art tools, that give a refined finish to your nails. Like makeup artists, nail art has also proved to be a separate category where women love applying nail polish in different creative ways. Different nail arts are made with the help of tools like nail stamps tool, nail cutters, and nail buffers to give an aesthetic look to your overall appearance. Gone are the days when women only used to apply nail paints on their nails and attend ceremonies. Now they use techniques like acrylic nails to have the best nail art without damaging their original nails.

Before using fake nails with glue, women grew their nails big naturally. And they have to take a lot of care about their nails getting damaged. Fake nails allow them to experiment with different nail art without any hazards.

In acrylic Nail work, they use nail filler to give the edges a perfect shape. You can buy the best nail filler online from leyjao at a discounted price. Similarly, a pedicure manicure kit is essential for maintaining the beauty of your hands and feet. You will get the cheapest manicure pedicure kit price in pakistan at leyjao. They provide exclusive products at a reasonable price.


Women who buy makeup and cosmetic products know the importance of these products. That's why they need a proper vanity box to keep all these expensive makeup items safe. This vanity box includes all beauty and makeup products like different shades of makeup Palettes and face powder with brushes, blenders, and eye makeup accessories.

The compact powder eliminates excessive sweating and oily skin on summer days. Similarly, there are a lot of items in the vanity box for women that need to be handled with care. The best vanity box price in pakistan is given by leyjao’s marketplace, with other women's accessories like clutches, handbags, belts, watches, and jewelry items.


ladies fashion

Online marketplaces like leyjao have listed various women's accessories on their websites for the convenience of valued customers. It is very accurate that a woman’s heart never fills with more and more accessories in her wardrobe. They want to fill their wardrobes with ladies accessories and clothes.

Sometimes, women do online shopping to kill time. And they end up buying a lot of fashion accessories like ladies' belts. Ladies belts are designed differently, as they have a different set of brooches and logos on their belts, which are merely used to tighten the waist but are used as a fashion accessory. Different fashion accessories that are important staples in every woman’s wardrobe will be discussed below.


Women love to dress casually when going to a sports event or tracking on the lush fields. They wear a pair of ladies sunglasses with a ladies cap to add a style statement to their look. Women can wear ladies glasses with a bobble hat. This specific type of hat looks best with all types of frames, whether big sunny glasses or a classic square retro style.

Women love to wear different hats in different situations. When they go to the beaches, they style elegantly with a beach hat and women durags with stylish womens glasses to enjoy the summer holidays.


Bags are like a first love for some women. They want to have a wardrobe full of ladies bags to carry on every single occasion with them. Sometimes they prefer to carry a ladies clutch instead of a handbag. Clutches typically look good at formal events and wedding ceremonies where women love showing embellishment with stylish ornaments. If you belong to a desi family from South Asia, you must have seen brides carrying a beautiful and stylish fancy clutch purse with them.

However, exclusive leather bags with stylish designs are loved by women worldwide. The latest travel bag collection at the leyjao is available at a discounted price. The branded hand bag price in Pakistan is relatively higher, whereas leyjao gives exclusive offers on double straps and cross-body handbags.


Women like surprised, and if you are buying a gift for a woman, the best thing is a ladies watch with stones and embellishments. A gift is a way of showing affection and care for someone you love. There are many women's gifts sets available in the market that include cute stuff like printed cups and diaries with the name of the woman. However, you can also gift women depending on their needs and interest. For example, your wife wants to order a pair of women gloves to look perfect with her simple and formal dress to shine like a queen. You can surprise her by giving her a gift just before she goes to buy.

Similarly, a female wristwatch can be the best gift if it has various stones and embellishments. There are watches for girls that have finished jewelry embedded in the watch. And it also contains some other jewelry pieces like bangles and bracelets if you want a perfect gift set for her. Watches have many multiple purposes besides keeping track of time, and they can serve as a perfect piece of jewelry on your hand.

However, choosing the best wristwatch with your party dress is the critical thing. Women like to grab everyone’s attention with everything they are wearing. They like to be praised for their outfit and jewelry. If they only wear a diamond-studded ladies watch on their hand, it signals that they want to keep their jewelry minimal and want everyone to notice it. The diamond-studded watches are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. To buy the cheapest watches for girls with price under your range, you can visit leyjao to get exclusive wrist watches for women on sale. You can also buy wristwatches and different types of stitched and unstitched clothes as a gift for your woman.


You often hear women saying they have nothing to wear in their closets for tonight's party. Well, that is a truth that can not be neglected. They want to look at a new version of themselves whenever invited to grace a party or function. To be specific, clothes for womens are like their lifeline. They live without food at a party but not without the same dress they wore a few days ago. So it becomes necessary for clothing brands for women to keep creating stylish new fashion dresses for women.


Women's clothing is not similar to that of men. First of all, there is a vast category of ladies innerwear that is mandatory for them to buy. There is a list of women undergarments that are worn daily and on specific occasions. It is an essential item in the women's Wardrobe. Her day starts with choosing the right and most comfortable pair of panties and bras.

Starting from the ladies bra, they are the most vital piece of cloth in a woman’s life. When she enters adulthood, it becomes part of their wardrobe for a lifetime. They have to put it on every single day. Different types of bras are suitable for different body types. Women's bra in Pakistan is generally made of breathable cotton because the weather is hot and humid most of the year.

Matching bra sets, commonly known as lingerie, is another popular undergarment category for women. Similarly, Sexy lingerie is vital for women who are married or in a relationship. It keeps the romantic life intriguing and spicy for your partner. Simply put, what hot lingerie can do in your life, no other thing can do specifically.

Just like bras, womens panties hold importance in a woman’s life. It is equally important as bras, as it gives them the confidence to walk freely throughout the day. Women carry period panties with them during their period days as an extra layer to avoid blood stains on their clothes. It is also helpful in your sensual life. You can wear sexy panties to excite your special person if your relationship is suffering from boredom. Every women's undergarment has its importance in a woman’s life.


A modern-day body shaper holds imperative importance in a woman’s life. It helps them remove their insecurities and boost their confidence to stand out everywhere. Besides boosting your confidence, body shapewear enhances your overall appearance by removing fat bulges from your body. The best thing about it is that it gives you an instant slimming effect that makes you look 2-3 inches smaller than your actual size.

There are several benefits of women's shapewear with respect to the different seasons. Women wear shapewear in every season according to their interests. In summer, body shapers are used to enhance your appearance and are made with breathable materials like bamboo or cotton. Whereas in winter womens shapewear is used as an extra layer of clothing to keep yourself warm in cold weather. Similarly, girls tank tops are also used to give shape to the body, and they are equally comfortable to use in your everyday routine.

Every women's accessory is important in enhancing their overall appearance. For example, women socks are the most common casual wear for women every season. You will see a woman wearing tights with her t-shirt and casual dress. The role of other accessories like ladies socks is also crucial in completing your overall look. The best part about the female socks is that they come with different lace designs and embroideries. Women stocking are one of them, which are worn to give a sensual look to your legs.


An outfit looks complete when you are looking perfect from top to bottom. Specifically, ladies pant is worn in a daily routine which normally includes ladies jeans, trouser pants, and casual trousers. Different types of trousers and leggings go perfectly with all types of casual shirts and female kurta design for women. Simple leggings for women are also popular, but some like to wear printed leggings with different animal and floral prints.

Similarly, different trousers for women go well with other seasonal wear. Casual pants look perfect with sweaters for womens during the winter season. At the same time, girls sweatshirts come out fashion trendy with skinny jeans for women. Women love their apparel from every season. For example, a ladies jacket with leather pants is the best combination for a casual gathering in winter.

The winter season gives women many choices to choose their outfits. They can wear women hoodies with tights to get a cozy look. In the Western world, women prefer to wear female overcoats with knee-high socks or sheer tights to give themselves a flattering and sensual look. The weather condition is mostly colder in European countries, creating an opportunity to dress in different outfits. If we see at the context of Pakistan, the weather conditions are almost identical in northern areas of the country. They wear womens ponchos with stylish leggings in the winter to stay warm.

Tracksuits are one of the trending items in winter these days. The womens tracksuits are worn by women during workouts and going walks in the morning. There are different designs in tracksuits for women with exciting prints like names printed on the shirts. Twinning with your partner is also a trending thing in couples.


The best way to discover the latest t-shirt designs and tops is to visit an online marketplace like leyjao. It has premium quality t shirts for women with the latest designs like shoulder cuts, short body, and printed crew neck shirts. Girls embroidered sexy tops for women with high-quality fabrics like silk and chiffon are available online at leyjao. There is a variety of tops like polka Frocks, denim tops, and silk crop tops that look perfect with ladies' jeans.

Popular among young girls, they like to wear crop tops with tights when they plan hangouts with their friends. An online marketplace like leyjao has all the latest and exclusive designs trending these days. You just have to click on add to cart, and the stylish shirts from leyjao will be delivered to your doorstep.


Like all categories, women's night wears rapidly growing in Pakistan. Tired of wearing fitted dresses all day, women want to feel cozy and relaxed at night. This is essential for making a perfect night's sleep. The basic purpose of night dresses is to give you a comfortable and quality sleep at night so that you can perform work efficiently the next day. One of the famous categories in sleepwear is sexy nightwear for women. Married couples having a hard time in their relationships can try these sexy night wears to bring back the romance in their lives.

As we know, Pakistan is a modest society where women cannot wear sexy women night wear without hesitation in the house. Most families live together, so they need to maintain modesty while staying in a joint family system. However, they can wear a nightgown conveniently while staying at home. The kaftan night dresses are familiar with Pakistani night dresses, and Pakistani women can wear kaftan night dresses without any hesitation.

In contrast, a married couple who live in a separate house can try different nighty dresses that are revealing and sensual in appearance. A best night dresses is made with silk fabric which is premium quality material, and it not only gives a flirtatious look but also provides the utmost comfort at night. Women can make their husbands fall in love with them again by wearing a nighty set with a robe, top, and bottom. By removing layers from his favorite part of your body, make him realize that you are the most sensual woman for him.

Nightwear with comfort gives you a stress-free sleep which regulates your whole body for the next day. From sensual to formal night dresses, the main purpose of a night dress for girls is to give them a perfect sleep. Similarly, every dress has its importance in our lives. Some people prefer to buy stitched clothes, while others like to get them stitched by themselves.


Women like to follow the latest fashion trends, so they must keep upgrading their wardrobe with a collection of Pakistani ladies dress popular online. Pakistan is a modest society, and fancy dresses for ladies are designed in the context of the cultural values of the society. However, Stitched dresses are loved by women of all ages in Pakistan, from adults to aged women; they love to buy online stitched dresses in pakistan at discounted prices. These stitched suits include ethnic dresses like Abayas, Shalwar kameez, kurtas, and lehengas. Western dresses like skirts, maxis, and frocks are also bought online.


Talking about ethnic dresses, most of the women wear a Pakistani abaya over their outfits. It is a loose-fitted dress that covers the body. As almost 96% of the population in Pakistan is Muslim, the religion abides them to cover their body and face while going outside of their home. However, most of the women hijabs in pakistan cover an entire face. While there are several other types of abayas and hijabs all over the world that are worn differently. In Pakistan, most women take shawls for women before leaving their homes. A shawl typically differs from a stole because it covers the upper body. The fabric of shawls and womens dupattas varies according to season.

Like Abayas, the shalwar kameez is the most popular ethnic dress in Pakistan. You will be amazed to know that shalwar kameez design ladies wear are both cheap and expensive depending on the brand and quality of the dress. Being the national dress of Pakistan, you will find almost every woman wearing best ladies salwar kameez design at home, outside, and on different occasions.

Kurtas are mainly famous among young girls because they can experiment with different designer kurta ladies designs with jeans and tight. Short embroidered kurtis with varying embellishments like lace, beads, and stones are available at an affordable price online. However, stylish kurtas for ladies have different types of floral prints which girls adorn. Similarly, pakistani lehengas designs are famous around the globe. Women love wearing this attire at festivals and wedding occasions across South Asia. Mostly worn by brides in Pakistan, bridal lehenga with price affordable to your pocket is readily available at marketplaces like leyjao.


Maxi is traditionally a Western dress with an altered shape in Pakistani Society. There are different types of maxi dresses for formal, casual, and party wear. A pakistani maxi is usually worn on wedding occasions with heavy embroidery and embellishments. However, casual maxi suits with different floral prints are also popular among teenage girls. Most of the girls in Pakistan wear fully covered modest dresses, but some of them belonging to the elite class wear girls long skirts at parties and social events.

Skirts are primarily not a part of Pakistani culture. Even long skirts for women are worn only by models and fashion celebrities nationwide. Housewives nationwide prefer to buy unstitched ladies suits made with lawn, cotton, linen, chiffon, and other fabric materials. Many unstitched dresses are available at leyjao for festivals like Eid. The branded exclusive Eid collection is live these days at Leyjao.


Last but not least, an outfit is incomplete without proper footwear. Like clothes, women have a separate closet to keep their girls shoes for every occasion. Like dresses, shoes are also worn according to your whole outfit. For instance, if you are dressing for a casual meeting with your friend, you might need a pair of casual shoes for girls that complete your daily outfit. The women casual shoes are like your daily partner because they are comfortable and easy to wear.

Just like casual shoes, flat shoes are also good with simple dresses. Most women prefer ladies flat shoes during wedding ceremonies and parties because they find it difficult to walk in heels. In comparison, heels shoes are worn by women when they are wearing a party outfit. Your high heels are not bounded to be worn at parties, and you can wear them with your denim jeans, t-shirts, midi skirts, and various other trending outfits.

Similarly, formal shoes for women and ladies sandals are worn at formal and official meetings with officials or delegates. Basically, women fashion sandals are suitable for both casual and formal occasions because it gives you the option to switch your foot according to your convenience.

A wide range of women sports shoes is available at leyjao with exclusive discounts and offers. If you are looking to go to the gym and want running shoes for women at a reasonable price, go and check out the latest collection of sports shoes at leyjao. And, after a hectic day at the gym, you want to relax your feet with slippers for girls to let your feet breathe. Slippers are the comfiest footwear anyone could have; it allows you to walk with freedom.


Women’s fashion is an art that is continuously evolving every day. To be specific, online ladies shopping in pakistan is changing, and women love to explore new fashion sensations with just one click. A women’s outfit starts with cosmetics and ends with footwear. However, women online shopping in pakistan has changed minds at the mass level, and now they are buying every fashion accessory from leyjao.

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How is quality ensured in the latest Pakistani women's fashion collection?

Leyjao is committed to providing the best quality ladies fashion wear to customers. We work with trusted suppliers and manufacturers who use high-quality materials and follow strict quality control measures. We conduct regular checks and inspections to ensure that our products meet our quality standards before making them available in our women's fashion store.

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At Leyjao, we believe that building brand trust is essential to creating long-term relationships with our customers. We achieve this by delivering high-quality products and services, providing excellent customer support, and being transparent and honest in all our interactions. We also offer easy returns and refund policies to satisfy our customers.

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How will I be satisfied with the latest Pakistani ladies fashion online?

The customer reviews at leyjao will satisfy that you buy high-quality stuff from this marketplace. And, you can easily shop for the best quality products from leyjao at the most affordable price in the market.

What are the best Pakistani makeup brands available in the market?

There are several excellent Pakistani makeup brands to choose from. Some of the best brands like Rivaj are available at leyjao with exclusive discounts.

Where can I find makeup products in Pakistan with prices?

You can find makeup products in Pakistan at online shopping websites like leyjao. These websites display prices along with their products.

Where can I purchase makeup brushes online in Pakistan?

Several online shopping websites sell makeup brushes in Pakistan. You can also check out the premium quality make brushes from leyjao.

How much does an eyeshadow palette cost in Pakistan?

The price of an eyeshadow palette in Pakistan depends on the brand, quality, and number of shades in the palette. However, some high-end brands may charge more, the most affordable eyeshadow palettes are available at Leyjao. Shop now!

What are the latest accessories fashion trends in Pakistan?

The latest accessories and fashion trends in Pakistan include statement jewellery, oversized sunglasses, and bold scarves. These trends can help you elevate your outfit and make a statement.

Where can I find branded clutches in Pakistan?

You can find branded clutches in Pakistan at online marketplaces like leyjao. We have listed the latest collection from various brands on our digital shelf

What is the average handbag price in Pakistan?

The price of a handbag in Pakistan depends on the brand, size, and material. On average, a good-quality handbag can cost high price. However, you can get the cheapest and quality hands from leyjao.

What is the best wristwatch for ladies in Pakistan?

There are several excellent wristwatches for ladies in Pakistan, like Geneva, Which are available at the lowest price. These watches offer style, durability, and functionality, making them suitable for various occasions. You can buy a stylish timepiece from leyjao at a discounted price.

How much do ladies' watches cost in Pakistan?

The cost of ladies' watches in Pakistan varies depending on the brand and quality. A good-quality watch is relatively high on average. However, some high-end brands may charge more.

Where can I find stylish suits for ladies in Pakistan?

You can find stylish suits for ladies in Pakistan at with special discounts and offers. High-quality brands like bint-el- bilad have listed their products on leyjao.

What types of Pakistani dresses are available for ladies?

There are various types of Pakistani dresses available for ladies, including shalwar kameez, kurtas, sarees, lehenga choli, and frocks. These dresses come in different designs, colours, and materials, making it easy for ladies to choose according to their preferences.

Where can I find plain maxi dresses online in Pakistan?

Leyjao has the best variety of plain maxi dresses with high-quality fabric material. You can also check out their latest printed maxi collection which is available at a reasonable price.

What are some popular types of stitched dresses for women in Pakistan?

Some popular types of stitched dresses for women in Pakistan include shalwar kameez, kurtas, frocks, and sarees.

What are some popular types of ladies shoes in Pakistan?

Some popular types of ladies shoes in Pakistan include flats, heels, sandals, pumps, and sneakers. These shoes come in various designs, colours, and materials, making it easy for ladies to choose according to their preferences.

When do the heels sales usually occur in Pakistan?

Heel sales in Pakistan usually occur during the end-of-season sales or on special occasions such as Eid or Black Friday. Some retail stores and online shopping websites like leyjao also offer regular discounts and deals on heels.

Where can I find a variety of ladies sandals in Pakistan?

Leyjao has the best variety of ladies sandals on their marketplace with exciting discounts. You can get high-quality women's sandals at a reasonable price.

What are some popular types of formal shoes for women in Pakistan?

Some popular types of formal shoes for women in Pakistan include pumps, loafers, oxfords, and wedges.

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