Best Washing Machine Price in Pakistan 2024 Online

The average washing machine price in Pakistan starts from 29500=/ Pkr. Leyjao offers the best laundry machines for every home at a reasonable price of 9800=/ Pkr. You can get the best washing machine for your home with discounts from us. Moreover, we offer easy monthly installments without any markup fee. You can buy machines of all types of washing in installments of 3 to 18 months.

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Branded Washing Machine Price In Pakistan

Leyjao is the best e-commerce platform that provides affordable Home Appliances. You can get different types of products from us at a sale price. Similarly, leyjao has the cheapest automatic washing machine price in pakistan. Leyjao provides branded and local washing machines at discounted prices.

Leyjao offers an automatic and semi-automatic washing machine on EMI. Branded laundry machines are usually expensive. But Leyjao makes it convenient and easy for you to buy laundry machines online. You do not have to worry about cutting your monthly budget. And you can install a dawlance automatic washing machine at your home If you are looking for a cheap and efficient laundry option.

However, the top model from branded machines is haier washing machine Top Loading (HS150-B1978 S9) series. It is the perfect laundry machine for a big family. It can handle a load of 15kg. You can wash the clothes of your family in a single wash. It gives you a complete laundry experience by washing and drying clothes together. A fully automatic machine is the best addition to the laundry at your home.

Notable Features Of A Fully Automatic Washing Machine

An Automatic washing machine is an inevitable home appliance at your home. The prices vary from brand to brand. For instance, if you are looking for the best small automatic washing machine price in pakistan, leyjao has the best options for you. You can choose a kenwood washing machine with advanced features.

Women in Pakistan always want a washing machine that makes it easy to handle different fabric materials. They have to wash cotton, silk, and linen clothes. They cannot wash all these clothes together. It can spoil the texture of their expensive clothes. Kenwood smart technology gives the feature to choose a fabric type before starting the laundry.

However, it has other features I-Clean keeps your clothes free from germs. Whereas, the fuzzy logic feature automatically adjusts the water according to the size of your clothes. It is the best washing machine in pakistan. Pakistan is facing water scarcity issues. So it is the best option to save water during Laundry at home.

Similarly, a semi-automatic machine from a super asia washing machine is the perfect option to save water. It gives you the option to save water by manual control of water filling. Further, sohrab washing machine is also a notable brand of semi-automatic machines in Pakistan. It is widely used across Pakistan because it is energy-efficient and easy to move around.

Leyjao Has The Best Price Ranges Online

Leyjao gives the best washing machine sale price online. For instance, you can Compare prices of the DAWLANCE WASHING MACHINE DW-6550 C CLEAR LID(ADVANCO) model online. Leyjao is offering this machine at 36500=/ Pkr. Whereas, it is around 45000=/ Pkr on the official websites of Dawlances Home Appliances.

Similarly, leyjao is offering a Kenwood Washing Machine And Dryer 10 KG - 1012SA at an exclusive price of 40500=/ Pkr. However, if you look at the price of this machine online, the price is different. Moreover, if you are looking for a small washing machine, it is the best option. It is a mini washing machine that requires low space.

It saves a lot of your money on Washing Powder. You can add detergents according to the clothes in the machine. It is the best thing feature of the semi-automatic machines. For instance, you can add detergent and drain water from your royal washing machine according to your needs.

Get The Cheapest Washing Machine Price In Pakistan

Leyjao is the best online platform for buying Laundry & Household appliances. You can get exclusive sale prices on various branded products. We give you a wide range of products in Semi and automatic laundry machines. Branded laundry machines are available on sale. Such as you can buy LG washing machine at a discounted price from leyjao. Moreover, we give free shipping on various washing machine brands. The best thing about buying from leyjao is its easy monthly installment plan. If you are running low on a monthly budget, you can convert your payment into 18 monthly installments. So what are you waiting for, go and bring convenience to your laundry at home!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which Is The No. 1 Washing Machine In Pakistan?

Haier washing machine automatic 90-826s5 is the best washing machine in pakistan. You can get it at a discounted price of 73500=/ from leyjao.

Which Is The Cheapest Automatic Washing Machine In Pakistan?

Haier automatic washing machine - hwm85-826 is available at 68500=/ pkr on leyjao. You can save up to 9800=/ pkr on this model by shopping from leyjao.

What Is The Average Price Of A Washing Machine In Pakistan?

The average price of the washing machine is around 29500=/ pkr. Leyjao offers washing machines at as low as 9800=/ pkr.

Which Washing Machine Is Perfect For A Family Of 6 Members?

Dawlance DWT-1165 PL Automatic Washing Machine 11KG is the perfect washing for a family of 6 members.

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